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Scene 1
Kali says in temple you are here and that devil has harmed my family. Why God? Kali says you have to answer. I will keep standing here till that devri loses. She stands on one foot. Manjiri says kali pavitra is better she got blood. Manjiri says and naina? Manjiri says come with me to hospital. Kali says today I wanna see what is stronger a mother’s love a devil. You go I will stand here. God has to answer me. Doctor says to devri you can’t give her blood. Devri is dazed. Nandu says but why? Doctor says did you drink last night? Devri says he is lying. Nandu says no my brother doesn’t drink. Devri says I have never touched it. He says in blood sample report there is alcohol and we can’t give her your blood. DEvri says there surely is some mistake. Test my blood

again. Doctor says okay. Devri says I have never touched alcohol. Devri says how is this possible. Devri starts blowing winds in temple.
A chunri falls on Kali. Yug and Gauri come to hospital. leela says donate blood asap. They both give blood to Naina. Manjiri comes to temple and tells Kali everything.
Nurse comes to devri and tells him the blood has already been given to naian. Yug came. Devri is mad. Kali comes running back. Her head hurts, and she faints.
Kali sits next to Naina and Pavitra. Manjiri gives her juice. Kali says my daughters are my strength. God listened to me. Devri comes in and says congratulations. Manjiir says Kali has won. Devri says how? Her father gave her blood. How Kali won? Manjiri says she saved naina from getting a devil’s blood. She didn’t let her motherhood down. Kali says go and see if the candle is lit. He says we will see.

Scene 2
The dias lit. Kali smiles. Devri is dazed. Manjiri says Kali might win with a 4-1. Devri leaves. Pavitra sees naina and says mama didi is conscious now. naina says you are not my mom. Go away from me. Kali says what are you saying? Naina says I heard everything is hospital. Naina says you didn’t want me to get blood because you don’t like me? I am not your daughter? Kali says you don’t understand Naina. Naina says I don’t wanna listen anything. Go from here. Kali says please naina listen to me. Naina says you are not my mom. Go from here. Nandu says please for now go. Her head hurts. Nandu sits next to naina. Kali cries in her room. Devri pours water on her. He says I heard everything. You lost anyway. The real loss is Niana’s distance from you. How you will stop her from thinking that? Kali says my motherhood will. Devri says you are not her mother. It is not a word.

Kali knocks and says naina open the door. Talk to me. Naina says you are not my mother. Go from here. Pavitra says didi don’t say that pplease oopen the door. Kali says don’t react pavitra let me explain please. Pavitra opens the door. Naina stops her. Naina says if you open the door I will never talk to you again. Kali sits there crying.
Manjiri comes and consoles her. Kali says I lost manji ma and he won. He parted naina from me. Manjiri says don’t give up. Your motherhood is stronger. He knows your weakness. Kali says you are right.

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Update Credit to: Atiba

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