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Scene 1
Kali says when will Gauri come. Mad comes in car with gauri and neel. Gauri says you came even before me. Manjiri says we had to walk so we left early. Mad says go to school Gauri don’t be late. And good luck for test. Manjiri says all three of you give a good exam. All the best. All kids hug her and go in.
Mad says we will see today. Gauri will be first for sure. She is Vishwa’s daughter and I am her mom. And that kaala teeka no one knows whose daughter she is. This little test will prove who’s the best. Manjiri says sometimes these smalls tests teach you truth. Mad sits in car and leaves.

Teacher says to kali stay out of the class. Gauri says I will tell papa you wont letting her come in. Kali says no gauri I will stay out and give the test here.

teachers gives question papers to everyone.
Kali is sitting on the door and taking the exam. Teacher says its off.
Teacher sees Kali’s paper. She recalls Mad calling calling her that Kali shouldn’t get more than Gauri. Give her zero. I will send you the gold locket.
She throws kali’s paper in bin.

Mad says where is gauri. Vishwa says this is first exam of my daughter. He asks dahi bundi to order sweets. Gauri comes in running. Kali and Neel come in as well. Vishwa says my princess is here. He picks her up. Mad says teacher made her wear tiara. Vishwa says I told you my princess would be first. My daughter is my pride.
Gauri says papa this is not my tiara. Everyone is dazed. Vishwa says then? Mad says what nonsense. you are wearing it. Gauri says I just made drums on the paper. Vishwa says whose tiara is it? Gauri says teacher dropped Kali’s paper. I gave it to her and she thought that was mine so she made me wear this. This is kali’s and she will wear this.

Mad says fly as much you want. You will never go ahead Gauri. Vishwa says mad she has right to be happy. Everyone comes with their fate. But you dont get disappointed with small things. He makes Kali wear the tiara. Vishwa says my daughter gauri’s fate is written with God’s hands.
Manjiri says but our both daughters can succeed. Vishwa says success is not a desert that everyone can go into. Only few people can get in. No one can have better fate than my daughter.
Gauri you will prepare for tomorrow’s test and I will teach you for it. He goes in with Gauri.

Mad says he is right manjiri didi. You can bet on it if you want. Gauri will be ahead of kali. Manjiri says why would I bet. Mad says because gauri is not your daughter. truth is that you have no daughter. If you had would vishwa marry me.
In tomorrow’s painting competition gauri will beat your rented daughter. Manjiri says i will be happy for both. They are both my daughters.

Precap-Vishwa comes to school for prize distribution ceremony. Vishwa says gauri will win for sure. Mad says yes she will be first. Principle announces the first prize.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg y r they treating kali so bad she is just a child n for sure kali will win

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