Kaala Teeka 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Gauri throws stuff in her room in anger. She says everything is okay with kali. She throws away the oil pot. Leela picks and smells it. Leela says when I was your age I was just like you outspoken. Used to do whatever I want. But later on realized. You eat warm things slowly. The balance of power requires you to keep the balance straight. Gauri says what are you saying. Leela says you immature yet. Wanna marry yug? Gauri nods. Leela says then do as I ask. In this game I am your captain and good player listens to the captain.

Leela comes home and says Kali doesn’t know me. I can do anything for our family name. She looks at her husband’s picture and says I promise no one can defame you. She blows all the candles..
Kali comes to her room and sees Kali Yug written

on the wall. She turns back all her pictures with yug are there. Their childhood photo too.Kali smiles in tears and hugs that picture. She recalls when he confessed. Yug calls kali.
Leela says don’t worry. She will never be part of this house. I want her kundli in my yug’s life but she wont become part of this house.I will blow her candles.
Yug says to Kali dadi will love you like bady papa does now. Everything is okay now.

Scene 2
Next morning, its Kali’s bridal shower. Neel and Vishwa bring her in. Manjiri cleans her feet. Yug is watching from behind the curtain. A woman says to gauri come. Kali sees yug and smiles. Kali is taken near well. Gauri sees the rope in her feet. She is about to stop her but then recalls yug confessing and kali slapping her. Kali says in heart always take care of Yug God. Gauri jumps in the well and pretend like she has slipped. She hangs with the bucket. Kali screams gauri. Don’t leave it.
Everyone runs to save her. Yug comes in as well. They pull her up.
Kali says couldn’t you see? Were you taking a selfie? She hugs her. Vishwa says she is all right. No one will talk about it. Kali’s love will always save her.

Chulbul tells leela about what happened. Leela says she is so stupid.
Mehndi starts. Yug sees kali coming and says you look so good. She sits with him.
The girl is about to write yug’s nam. Gauri says stop. Write in hindi and English both. i am bringing paper. Cover kali’s eyes. She shouldn’t know where is yug’s name. She will help him. Gauri writes Aryan in english. Leela says write in hindi first.
On the side, Leela slaps Gauri. Gauri says what the hell. Leela says this is not your game. Only one son I have. What if he marries her, don’t mess my game up. better understand. Gauri says otherwise what? leela says then rot with her. I will cross any limit to break this marriage. You and I want the same thing.

Precap-Leela says on call yes whats the news? Is it done? Gauri is doing her work too. She says their relation’s countdown has started.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Fatarajo

    KaYu scenes are just awesome love KaYu I can’t wait for KaYu to get married love this show a lot if Gauri marries Yug no one is gonna watch this show no KaYu no Kaala Teeka. And as I said Leela and Gauri’s contradicting thoughts will eventually lead to KaYu marriage hopefully πŸ™‚

    • kashika

      yeah..bt leela said aryan babu…may be the bride dosent bt the groom changes…n at the last moment yug comes as ram n saves his sita….new montage 2-7 may marriage so that is why they were cutting short everything…one week they will show us wedding drama…

      i have started feling tht if the show wants its success then kayu is what we will se..n they will gt married…u r kind of right … we all luv kayu n thts also true..so kaala teeka wud be a no…
      n i think they r not dragging marriage much n giving us cute scenes bcuz maybe they want to focus after marriag cuz we cant deny the fact tht its abt superstitions n the future track comes forward like yug n kali struggle to fight with leela superstition n getting a place in her heart n tht time we might see dirty trics….bt leela said she wants her good kundli so in tht case somewhere i feel kayu will only gt married

  2. ?

    Please writer please I’m begging u please unite Yug and Kali….. Don’t let that evil old bi**h leela win…for Kali has to enter their as daughter in law…..please writer don’t dissapoint us??????????????????????? really I can’t enjoy watching Kali wedding cos it’s frustrating and thinking who will marry yug…..please writer I’m begging u again?

  3. Fatarajo

    I don’t know what to watch at 7pm Kaala Teeka or Thapki Pyaar ki both the shows had awesome episode today and both also have shocking precap luckily I was free today both KaYu and thahaan love these pairs a lot

    • Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

      Akka I found that this show production house is ek miththi aasmaan only.. So they knew about trp fall of EMA I hope they won’t spoil this show.with that gauri and yug marry.. Guys montage clearly says that yug and kaali will get married becoz in thapki show they did not show dhruv and thapki montage. And swaragini Swara and laksh also.. So k hope this show trp also increase.

  4. Kashi

    I think vishwa is with gauri n leela…i feel at the end either gauri will end up marrying yug ie i think abt 40% n else at the very last moment kali will come n yug n kali will be married as bhavna said lots of twists n turns….n then maybe vishwa or mad or gauri or leela sends them to vanvaas if they r genunely portraying ram n sita as yug n kali…
    I wonder how those pics came

  5. Samish

    I’m not to happy about today’s episode mainly because of the mehndi part and every other part with dumb and dumber….but what i want to know is who leela was talking too in the precap….I’ll be so disappointed if vishwa is acting just to destroy kali..then there will be 3 villians come on cvs prove us wrong once dont go down ema road look how long that stay on air after you all married pakhi/raghav

  6. Shraddha Sharma

    So cute kali and yug secenes…. but now i am 99% sure that kali and yug marriage will not happen… gauri will marry yug after seeing today’s episode… due to following points I am sure-
    1. Leela and Gauri are one side for ploting against kali.
    2. All the rituals are started so easily.
    3. Leela agreed easily.
    4. Kali and Yug secens are shown so lovely..
    5. Zee writers are always seprate love birds..
    and if this happens i will stop watching this show…

    • Fan

      Me too I will stop watching this show… If Yug marry gauri and I’m pretty sure most fan of KT will stop watch this….then this show will flop….really KaYu r awesome….

  7. T...

    What does leela mean by she want Kali kundali but she doesn’t want Kali marry Yug….how can a human change the fate… Is this some kind of joke….. Poor Kali I can’t watch this show if leela and gauri win in this..

  8. Fatarajo

    I have a gut feeling that Kaali-Yug will get married today show is Kaala Teeka and who is Kaala Teeka here Kaali right? If Gauri marries Yug then Kaali will follow Gauri nothing new in that but if Kaali marries Yug it will be interesting to see what happens next, makers please understand fans are interested in KaYu not in GaYu at all

  9. KT fan but not anymore

    Guys read the spoiler that aryan join hand with leela to distroy Kali an Yug marriage…. Hhis writer for sure going to spoil this show by changing the groom… Really I hate this show now… I’m pretty sure if that happen it’s going to flop??????what’s wrong this writer man….as I don’t want to see Kali and Yug get United… This is stupid really?????

  10. 67

    Remember guys when kalyani go jail…she said looked Kali and said she will take revenge which she will never forget her life. I’m so afraid…look there r making little different from ema is that instead of gauri marry Yug..in this they making Kali marry to aryan….wah writer what different

  11. Fatarajo

    What may also happen:
    On KaYu’s wedding day, Kaali and Yug are in the mandap, Gauri manages to kidnap Kaali so Kaali doesn’t reach the mandap, Yug is waiting for Kaali but due to misunderstanding Aryan comes and kidnaps Yug, Gauri’s face is covered with veil she thinks groom is Yug , Aryan face is covered with Sehra she thinks bride is Kaali, so everyone this KaYu got married actually GaYan get maried Hahahahaha that would be best Gayan and Lela’s face will be worth seeing

    • harshi

      haa n maybe then we will see some luv as kayu wont be married or maybe it happens like in tei? bt now i have a gut feeling tht yug n kali will only marry….. +bhavna said ||twists n turn||..so it is going to give us butterflies bt i think infact quite sure tht its only kayu who r getting married n not gayu or kayaan…bt there is going to be little romance n more drama in upcoming episode thts for sure…bt i really wanted kayu to go on a long drive or u know confess luv to each other properly specially kali
      n there is one mre thing if the show writers show it as destiny n things have happened by the wish of god n the kundli is so gud so i think this is one mre pt to say kayu will only gt married…bt till 99.99%(approx) we will se tht kayu r nt getting married bt at very last moment kayu will be together

      • harshi

        bt one thing makes me sick is tht they r so bad tht they have planned aryan again to destroy kali life??
        thts enough

    • Shraddha Sharma

      If this happens than it will be so fun to watch leela and gauri more…..
      Fingers crossed…

  12. fevvds

    bt i m thinking one mre thing if they corelate ram n sita then leela saying tht kali wont stay n her kundli will be added to their house or whateva makes sense…cuz in real ramayan actually after them getting married ram n sita were not together for much of the time….so..makes sense naa??
    bt to contradict if kayu marry then story will revolve around kali t gauri is also main lead naa?

  13. lifna naVaz

    wOoow Nyz Concept… Fatarajo……
    itz very intrsting…. yaaar…
    w8ng kaliyug…. mrg….

    • Yes currently this is my fav show in zee tv, but they were dragging a little but now it’s fine I Just hope at the end of the day KaYu gets married not GaYu or kayan at all

  14. kavi

    Maybe it was gauri mom leela was speaking to on the phone!we haven’t seen her awhile in a few episodes

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