Kaala Teeka 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Devri says I was just returning the favor. He reads a mantra. Kali wakes up in her room and covers Naina with a sheet. Devri is trying to call Lord of food. Kali comes out in garden, she sees it starts raining on him. Kali is dazed. Devri’s shawal falls and Kali can see his back. She sees all the scars.
Kali recalls when guru ji told him that the kala teeka’s back scratched from a blade. Kali says this means he is badky papa’s kala teeka. Devri feels like someone is there. He turns back Kali runs in.
Kali comes to Manjiri and tells her everything. Kali says Devri was badky papa’s kala teeka.

Kali and Manjiri come to Guru ji. Kali says did you never see him? He says I just saw his back. Kali says did you see his scars? He says yes. Kali says

please make those scars on paper so I can tell if devri had same scars. Guru ji makes scars. Kali says these are the same I saw on Devri’s back. Guru ji says are you sure? Then Vishwa’s kala teeka is the same guy. Your search is over. Its him. Someone comes there in a shawl steals something and runs.Guru ji says who is there? They try to run after the person. Manjiri and Kali catch him. Its Porhit. Kali says you.. guru says there is no reason to doubt now. He knows everything about that kaala teeka. Tell us. He says I dont’ know anything. Manjrii says don’t dare lying. I wouldn’t think a moment before getting you arrested. He says don’t do this. I did so bad with you and I am being punished for that. I lost a leg. I want to repent my sin by helping you. Kali says then tell us who is devri? Prohit tells them everything. Kali asks why was he detained? Prohit says because Vishwa wanted to takeover evil forces so his kala teeka couldn’t meet people outside. Manjiri says why? He says because of attachment we have with our family. it makes us human. Vishwa wanted him to be inhumane.

Scene 2
Everyone prepares. Leela asks Yug all the preps are done? He says yes. Leela says you look so good. Kali says its Naina’s time to eat. Manjiri says give her to me and bring her milk. Kali gives naian to leela. A black cat come and runs over rangooli near Naian. Kali comes and says is Naina okay? Leela says nothing is okay. Kali says its just a rangooli. Manjiri says since Vishwa has left from my life nothing is right. Vishwa wasn’t doing all that. Those evil forces were making him do that. I will go to temple and do that pooja there. Kali says what is wrong with you? Vishwa’s death has affected your mind. Manjiri slaps Kali. Kali says you are my mother you can slap me but I won’t let superstition on my daughter.

Later Kali says to manjiri what happened today would have fooled devri. Manjiiri says the last step is left.

Manjiri says to nandu relation between your mom and brother is not okay. You should try to make it better. Nandu says ama make brother eat with your hands like childhood. Jamna says childhood is over. Time changes everything.
manjiri says to Jamna a mother’s relation with her baby can never be broke no matter how many changes come in. They are lucky to have a mother like you. Nandu says when brother left the house ama used to cry all night. Her eyes would swell. Her geeta still has your and my picture.

Kali says to its Depavli today. We pray and do pooja today. We say that lakshmi God gives us peace and light. We have to pray today.

recap-Devri says now I will show how I will celebrate devali. A firecraker shoots in front of naina. Kali saves her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. this is awsome is getting soo intresting

      1. abishiek williams

        i know but we are still waiting for manjima and jug to get together

  1. Pls post the rest update….

  2. This drama is getting worse day by day as I can only read written updates as due to the political situations b/w pak and india and chanels are banned here in Pakistan-.-

  3. Now kali n manji know who he is they should lay a trap to catch him n make everyone see

  4. Can anyone tell me who is devri and his intentions

    1. devri is,”vishwas” (kaali and guris father) kaala teeka.
      and he is a devil worshiper who wants to defeat and become as strong as god.
      He wants to now kill naina so he can take control of the fire, earth,land,water and air.
      but know thigs have changed and he wants to make kaali have his child so she can give birth to a devil (both of them are kaala teekas)

  5. if he devri comes to know that kali cannot give birth
    then he will change the thought towards to majiri or what

    1. Don’t waste time thinking too much as writers don’t write logically and anything can happen in the serial without any logic as the writers think viewers are idiots and forget all the details you mention.

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