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Scene 1
Jethi comes to kitchen. She says to ama I am so mad at my fate. that manjiri keeps an eye on kaala teeka. And Kaala teeka protects Gauri. Gauri has taken all the things that should have been for my neel. Amma says you have play it carefully. Jethi says yes its Neel’s birthday tomorrow. I have to do something. that Manjiri will do anything to protect that Kaala teeka. Vishwa says on call, I will come in an hour. The project is after my daughter’s name so It will be successful.
Jethi says he is going to do a big thing, lit the candle. Kaali comes downstairs and runs to get the diya.
Jethi makes her trip the diya falls from Kaali’s hands on the papers. The papers burn. Jethi says what have you done. Vishwa comes and says these were so important papers. Kaali

says I didn’t do it. Jethi says who else did it? What were you doing with diya? And then you lie. she is about to slap her. Manjiri holds her hand. She says she is a child. Vishwa says see whats she has done. All the papers are now ashes. Manjiri says I am seeing what has happened but who has done it? Vishwa says can’t you see who has done it. Kaali says I didn’t do it. I tripped when I was taking the dia. Jethi says why are you staring me? Manjiri says who know she tripped or someone made her trip. Jethi says why would I do this? Manjiri says I am looking for the reason as well. ANd I wont let kaali be the fuel of your fire. She takes Kaali’s hand. VIshwa says manjiri. enough. This is out of my tolerance now. If you want better then leave her hand. Jethyi says whenever I try to tell kaali anything your wife comes in between. Vishwa says she wont come in between. You have all the right. Jethi says from now she is my daughter.
kaali says you are not my mummy, Manjiri is. Vishwa says you are not allowed to speak nor do you have right to think. Got it? He leaves.

At night, Jethi goes out. She sees two clowns and gets scared. Then she says why you scared me. This is a good way to enter the party. You know what to do? They say yes. Jethi gives them the money. And says kidnap kaali. They say okay we will.

Manjiri says to Kaali do you consider me your mom? Kaali nods. Kaali says then change that paper please. Write your name instead of Jethi. Manjiri sees the paper, in which Kaali has made a child and her mom. Kaali says I don’t want to be Jethi’s daughter. She locked me in the door. Manjiri says whenever she locks I will come in. Ram ji will come and kill all the evils.
Jethi comes in and says Manjiri only Vishwa will tell you. She takes Kaali with her. Manjiri says I came here myself please don’t punish her. Jethi says go out and I don’t even want you there again.

In the feast, Vishwa is going downstairs. Manjiri says I wanted to ask something. He says yes. she says you told me that a king always has mercy. If that child makes a mistake you have to forgive her because you are the king in my heart. i don’t want you to lose your spot. He says okay. But ask her to be in limits. Manjiri says I will.
Two clowns enter the party. Jethi says so you have come.

Precap-Manjiri says to Kaali I have got permission for you. Instead of Kaali the kidnappers abduct Gauri.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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