Kaala Teeka 28th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Leela is buying jewelry. The jeweler tells her that sharmila came to her shop and wanted to sell her wedding jeweler. She asked me not to tell you. Leela says you better told me. You can leave.
Manjiri says on call to kali, you have to win this war. Kali says gauri can do anything. I never thought she would try to kill me. It risked yug’s life. Manjiri says nothing will happen to him. Your sindur will take care of him, You have to fight it. That is faith. Leela comes in and says who are you teaching all this? Manjiri hangs up. Leela asks sharmila how are you? She says I am good. Leela says dont worry ever we are always here for you. Leela says this is jewelry for our daughter. VIshwa says it wasn’t needed. Leela says it was needed you are super clever. Vishwa says you can’t

blame us. We really respect you. leela says then why did you send sharmila to jeweler to sell her jewelry. Sharmila says it is not their mistake. I just went to get them polished. Leela says don’t be scared of anyone. Sharmila says don’t do this please I beg you. This is my home now. This is my fate. Don’t trouble it more for me. Neel says sharmila don’t say that. You have tolerated enough.
Vishwa says leela tell her that sharmila is fine here. Neel says dadi you are worried for right. Vishwa and manjiri are dazed. Vishwa says what are you saying. Neel says I promise you. No one can harm or trouble sharmila here in this house anymore.

Yug is sitting he recalls old times and says I wish time could stop right there. Life would have been so easy. Sattu asks how are you now? Yug says very well. Sattu says thank you for helping me saving pari. Pari told me about you and Kali. If you love her then why don’t you trust her. Yug says every time I trusted her i was proved wrong. I feel like maybe gauri and others are right. Kali wants another chance.
Kali asks pari how will I reach there? Pari says be at resort’s backside. They will take you. Don’t ruin this chance. You have to prove yug. She sees gauri coming. Pari says they correct kundlis. Gauri leaves. Kali and Pari smile. Kali says I hope everything works out for you. What if yug doesn’t come.
sattu says I feel like whenever your heart and mind are at war, listen to your heart. Give Kali one more chance. She deserves it.

Scene 2
Gauri says to the villagers I am the chosen one. They give her and injection. Gauri says what you did. She faints.
Maa saab says the wait is over today. Sattu stay with shivpal and I will stay with doctor. Shivpal shouldn’t see the doctor. Dadi says what to do of this roop. Pari says I will keep her busy. sattu says I wont like it if she is rude to you. Today is the last evening. you won’t have to tolerate anymore. Maa saab says this engagement won’t happen at any cost. Don’t worry. Sattu will say no for engagement. Pari says stay around him.

Roop says to shivpal i am here for my work. If i don’t get 10 lac or I wont engage and expose you as well. And see.. you know my nature. I don’t threat. Shivpal says I will arrange.
Sattu calls shivpal and asks where are you? Function is about to start. He says I will be there in 2 hours. Sattu calls doctor and asks when wil you reach? He says i will reach on time don’t worry.

Kali calls yug and says I wanna show you proof of my innocence. Be at the back of the resort.
Gauri is being hung by the villagers. They do her arti. Gauri says what are you people doing? Bring me down. You said you will take me to yogi. The woman says we sacrifice the one who does sin on this night. That creature comes to us and says God has chosen her. And we sacrifice them. Like you said. Gauri says bring me down. I am gauri jha. If anything happens to me you will all be killed. Please let me go. The man says our God sent you here. Gauri says let me go. The man says you have to confess your sins. If you try to lie then you will drowned in water.
yug is locked in a room. His phone is dead as well. Gauri says I didn’t do anything.
Kali says where is yyug. yug comes out. Yug breaks the door and starts driving. There is a tree on the way.

Next part in Meri saasu maa’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. anu

    There is no use of mahasamgam. Kali never Prove herself guys.it’s so disgusting story. I think again gouri win because of Leela.I never watch this serial. I hate writer of this story. Good bye kaala teeka

    • Linsa

      don’t leave this serial guys…. kaala teeka will be on right track bcz yug and kali were loving each other extremly and I didn’t like this mahasamgam but love yug and kali

  2. I hate the KT writer

    This is ridiculous… So when Kali prove that she innocent… That stupid loud speaker leela spoiled everything… Really what’s wrong with writer.

  3. anu

    Hey guys kayu never unite.dear writer I think you don’t know one thing all viewers are want to win good always but in this serial evil always win over good. It’s so disgusting. No one are help to kaali. Iam so sad kali. Iam sorry

    • masz

      Really ah anu… now i also feel like dun wana de epi… pity kaali… after so much things she had done stil being defeated by all villains… so sad…

    • Linsa

      don’t say so…. manjari is helping kali in her mission and I’m sure KaYu will unite

  4. 846

    That promo is useless.. Please stop giving fake hope to viewrs writer…this mahasangam is bullshit.

  5. K...

    Please writer end this show… If evil is always win no use of it… I hate u writer… Poor Kali, I feel really bad for Kali . I don’t know how u going to prove ur self????????????????

  6. Li

    SO, FROM NOW ON KALI ONLY HAVE DREAM..???????????SO SAD… DONT GET ONE THIS SO IF THERE R TOO MANY VILLIAN. HOW WILL KALI WIN?????this is disgusting. I think this writer is out of his mind… Maybe he/she got fight with his wife/husband… So he/she showing anger threw story….

  7. ????

    Don’t show us any mahasangam please.. I was so frustrated watching this…. Just how I thought it end today… Same as on Kali’s wedding day…please stop ur twists it enough?.. This is stupid why can’t they reveal the truth first…. I’m so dissapointed today.. Really not worth…

  8. anu

    Hi guys. I tell one thing guys kali will start a new life without yug.because yug told I love kali but I didn’t trust her.guys one thing love between any two people they must trust each other. Yug know everything about kali.if her marriage is done with aryan why she is trying to prove her innocent. Yug didn’t get this point at the end of the show. This is not his mistake this is writer mistake. This writer has no heart and mind.

  9. mia

    nooi guya kayu will be united…becz gauri will tell the truth..did anybdy read the new spoiler of kaala teeka..plz keep patience


    It was waste mahasangam….
    Truth will never be out as they were showing..
    Zee tv as always will show evil wining and good losing…. they have ruined every show ….

  11. Celina

    Wil Kaali prove her innocence any day..?fedup with ths serial..i think i should stop seeing it.yuk is proving again&again that he is a BUDDU first he ws searchng who sang ramji song even though he had many clues around hm now who is hs real wife..??

  12. Samish

    And the bs continues…..I bet Leela will convince Yug otherwise and we’ll be back to square one….and this blo*dy sharmila and Neel situation CVS that storyline is of no use Leela and gauri is enough to deal with why every serial must have a a overwhelming amount of evil is it really like that in India or the writers and producers have really messed up and twisted lives

  13. lorna

    read the meru saasy ma update guari confessed and yug heard everthing and he and kaali reunited

  14. pilo

    Can anyone tell me what is the precap of kaala teeka..and is it yug trust kaali or jot.cause he lister gauri accept her mistake right.

    • 345

      Precap viswa asked leela what happen to gauri… Leela told him ask Kali and that plan which I don’t get….in close up Yug face kind confuse… I don’t know if he really meant sorry to Kali… It’s all confusing..,

  15. Falaqnoon

    Blood is boiling….don’t u have ideas of your own don’t torture…stop that mess of mahasangam…

  16. I hate it

    Masangam had started till Aug don’t trust Kali wah bhai trust paane ke lite aur kitna logon ko torture karoge trip me liye….ufffff

  17. 121

    please writer don’t mess up show anymore atleast let yug believe kali completely and tried find prove show everyone that kali is his wife…..how will kali manage in too manu villian?…please don’t show us again yug believe to old hack leela….

    precap looked worse I’m so afraid and confuse…im so afraid that kali going suffer if yug believe her then its fine cos he is with her..if not …god know how this writer going drag this track…

  18. Shivanie

    I think that you as the writer of this show needs to make Kali say the truth to Yug before next week but, otherwise you are doing a great job just please take my advice.?

  19. 911

    I know Yug said sorry Kali but is this true… For this time he believe or not?….even in the wedding day first he said he believe Kali… After he saw video he change his mind….so I’m so confuse yaar.

  20. masz

    Hey guyz! Plz dun give up… we give yug n kaali some chances to proof their power of love… in real life also there r many good things hve been manipulated by bad one. I captured next week New Promo : Gauri blames Kaali having affair with Yug infront of Vishwa,Kaali is shocked to hear her #KaalaTeeka

      • masz

        I duno yar… im also scared leela dadi n gauri wil twist n turn de things again coz de master mind is leela dadi yar. Pity kaali is alone… only her manjima is around.

  21. anu

    Guys I think definitely yug didn’t believe kali because of his grandma Leela.no one are help to kali. Pls kali come out of that house.and start new life that is better for u. I so upset for this episode. That stupid Leela again telling a one beautiful story yug definitely believe her grandma Leela. Again kali fail.manji ma also can’t do any help to kali.yug is buddu in this serial. He won’t try to find the truth. What is the use of this hero in this story. Writer this story has no heart and feelings

    • masz

      Hi anu… I saw simran pareenja @kaali retweeted de new promo in her twitter acc… but i totally agree with u anu! Let kaali out of de house so yug n de rest realize what it wil be without kaali.. anyway kaali is kaala teeka rite…gauri with her horrible kundli… does she bring any benefits… even yug cant with in de house.

    • 654

      kali also win challenge too cos remember Kali challenge with in 3 week she will win her love back and she did expose gauri to yug….. I just hope yug believe her and help her get into that house…

  22. anu

    Hey masz
    In zee tv all serials are lying in sad version. Evil wins over good. Iam so sad. Why these writer thinking hurtful things?

  23. anu

    Hey masz I saw new promo of kaala teeka. Truth is not revealed. Now fight between Manjiri and Leela. They are challenge each other. June 4th is deadline not for truth. One pooja conducted by yug with wife. That wife is kali or gouri. That is nextweek all episode

    • masz

      Ooohhh noooo.diz all bcoz stupid sharmeela n neel.but all characters play very well actually… de villains make us feel really annoying.anu… we wil see next week epi how it goes… I saw rohan gandotra @yug telling they are all working long hours even today on sunday.give them some chance yar ok… 🙂

  24. kajol

    I agree wid u masz…may be the writers r thinking that after uniting kayu may be the trp ratings of the show will decrease as it happened to one of their own chanel s show
    quboool hai…

    • masz

      Yupp kajol… i think diz kaala teeka serial would learn from other serial mistakes.maybe de writer doesnt want diz gud serial to end very soon.datz y he has to think of many expected n unexpected scenes every single dayz.Yup anu itz horrible but come juz let give them our support.I duno hindi yar but i love to watch kaala teeka so muchhh.simran pareenja @ kaali alwayz say in every her interview keep watching kaala teeka bcoz she really work hard on it n do her very best… 🙂 🙂

  25. mia

    dear friends
    can anybody do me a favor plz and inform the zee or kaala teeka directors to change the repeat time that is 8:30am to 8:00am
    becz of my studies i cant watch KT evrdy at 7:00pm…so plzzzz inform them…but dont change the repeat at 10:30pm

  26. mia

    dear friends
    can anybody do me a favor plz ..can anybdy inform the zee or kaala teeka directors to change the repeat time that is 8:30am to 8:00am
    becz of my studies i cant watch KT evrdy at 7:00pm…so plzzzz inform them…but dont change the repeat at 10:30pm

    • masz

      My dear mia… no worries yar… Im also working during de real time show n even on de repeat slot… no other option i juz watch online everytime.u juz focus on ur studies n when u free u juz watch it online.seriously u will never miss even one epi. 🙂 🙂

  27. 911

    GUYS I SAW NEW PROMO IN ZEE TV … Majari and leela r challenging about savathiri pooja… That maharani challenging that Kaali is Yug wife she will do that pooja and leela challenging that gauri is Yug wife she will do the pooja…. Let’s wait and watch who will win that challege MANJARI or KAALI. Let wait and watch

  28. anu

    Hi masz. Every actor in this serial are doing very well. But In this serial always villans won what is this?

    • masz

      Itz ok anu.i think de writer also wil hve a look at the fans feedback.like for diz update now we r having already 60 ++ comments.wooww! 😉 🙂 i juz think dat diz kaala teeka wil bring some different.Im usually dun follow any zee serial from beginning til de end.but for diz kaala teeka ive never missed even once.

  29. Lily

    Do we have watch this stupid gauri again??? Please get rid of gauri out of yug’s life. If Kali throw out of the house I can’t watch this show anymore… It’s disgusting that ram stil with surpanaka.

    • masz

      Itz ok lily.once yug knew kaali is de real wife of him i think he knows want to do next….itz juz dat he shud know de big master mind is his own leela dadi!

    • masz

      Hi anu.i did watch TEI but only at de beginning of it… then after dat on and off. Y anu???

  30. anu

    It’s very horrible serial upto26may the serial is superb now that serial. Become so tragedy because hero is dead.but hero is replaced with new person because hero of that serial going to another project

    • masz

      U mean kunj is going to be replaced by someone else…hmmm wil not be de same i guess… our cute twinkle will be acting wth smeone else after diz… i hope de serial wil be more interesting than before.

  31. 77

    What Yug promise to Kali that she is his wife forever. I hope he doesn’t back up from that and not believe in her.

  32. 77

    Guys don’t expext anything good today cos… Old b***h minipulate Yug… Yug didn’t trust Kali yet. Really Yug is such dumb a*s

  33. ?

    This show getting worse and worse….I hate Yug..doesn’t even have own brain to think.. He also like neel listen to dadi and now he has doubt Kali might be wrong…. Really Kali has leave Yug ??

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