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Scene 1
Manjiri says if that doesn’t happen, you will come back to me and we both will go far away from here. this world of blind beliefs. Yug says what will you do? Kali says bady papa wants to keep me with gauri always. You will take Gauri somewhere tomorrow and I will not be with her.

Next morning, Kali does pooja and says you have to bless this house God. Manji maa has to come back Kaka comes and says there is a parcel fr you. Kali says let me check. She opens it, its a phone. Yug has written a little friendship gift to help you in the mission you are on. Cant send messages through letters these days.

Vishwa says to neel you have to go to shrmila’s house He says but why? Vishwa says don’t be so scared I am not sending you to battlefield. Why do you look down

Yug calls Gauri. Vishwa asks did you fight with yug? He says know. Vishwa says picks the call. Yug says gauri giive me one chance I will make up for it. Lets catch up and please come alone. Don’t bring Kali. Gauri says all right.
He texts Kali, done. She is coming to meet me. Kali says all the best. He says to you too. He says I am used to of meeting you with gauri. I will miss you. Kali says it was a bad habit. Should be gone soon.
Manjiri comes. He says gauri has agreed to come. I hope it works and everything will be fine soon. Manjiri says do you have same spot for kali in your heart? Yug says she is my best friend. I am marrying gauri and that is what she wants.
Manjiri says in heart Yug loves Kali so much and he is doing this for her. Please help both of my children.

Yug says Gauri before marriage girls are liable. You shouldn’t go alone. She says but yug will be with me. He says take kali with you. She says I can’t take her everywhere. I have so privacy too. He says okay you can go but wear suraksha kawach. Gauri say fine. He says I am getting one.
Kali texts yug everything is going as planned.
Vishwa reads mantra. Gauri says yug is waiting. He says take care.

Chulbul and leela check some jewelry. She says wow this is so good can I take it.
Yug takes her to house. Gauri says we were going on a date? He says yes but dadi had to choose jewelry for you. Leela says welcome. You are so beautiful. If you wear desi you will look more good. These jewelry will suit you. gauri says they are so old fashioned, Who wears all this. Leela says our daughter in laws wear these. Gauri says sorry I said what I felt like.
Manjiri sees Gauri and recalls her childhood. She is in tears. Gauri sees her.

Precap-GAuri says to yug I told pammi aunty to use branded make up for my make up. A man comes with the thread. Vishwa says you are coming now? Then who was the one who brought it before? He says I ont now prohit sent me. Vishwa says this means gauri is in danger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. manji maa found the love between yug and kali… that’s a great news… keep moving… cheers

  2. yr update soon

  3. The love between Kaali and yug is so interesting, I just wish that Kaali too realize the love she have for yug

  4. Kali and Yug …rocks!….please writer unite them

  5. but in the precap when Gauri is talking Yug was seeing Kalis picture and it is not mentioned in this precap.But fast written update thankyou.

  6. sorry to between talking and yug to has to come.

  7. In precap while Gauri was speaking bla bla abt her make-up then Yug was seeing Kaalis pic in his mobile with more love and care in his eyes and
    moreovr Kaali says to herself that she wantedly changd the thread so that i can remove ur blind beliefss
    i thnk its r8 guyss

  8. Today’s episode is an indication that Manji Ma will be the one who can unite KaYu, and it will b great if that Gauri understands KaYu’s love and backs up from the marriage

    1. I don’t think that our Kayu will unite soon.
      Even Yug will realise his feeling to Kali,Kali will never accept him.She will sacrifice her love to get her badke papa love.?

  9. Shraddha Sharma

    Starting ka 5 min ka missing hai update me…

    Isme phele kali ghar aati hai or bare papa ask her ki kahan gyi thi. Tb kali kehti hai ki apne ab tk guari ki sahi kundli ka raaz chipa rakha hai or jab tak aap sach nhi kehte tab tak hm try krte rehnge. After that bade papa says ki gauri ke liye thik lagega hm vo sab krenge.. fir kali thinks to do something.
    She says to herself ki manji maa kash aap yahan hote to yeh nhi hota. Fir vo manji maa ko phone krne jaati hai but wahan bade papa hote hai to she says ki un se mil kr aati hun, but jb vo yug ke ghr puchti hai to sochti hai ki dadi ne dekh liya to kya hoga? Please Ram ji help tb manji maa and yug see her and come down.
    Kali says that you were right manji maa wahan sab andhvishwas me hai. After that they make plan…

    This much was mising in starting…

    1. Ya sharadha Sharma starting 5 mins written updates is missing
      And thank you for updating

      1. Shraddha Sharma


  10. Gauri was looking at manjiri as if she is seeing her for the first time..??
    Anyways..who cares about gauri ???

    1. I feel sorry for gouri too…since she is good for nothing now..due to kalyani ? and did to her stupid mom and also because of her dad..since Kali studied and had learn everything due to kalyani’s plan .. and now getting yug too..
      I hope Kali and manjari shud teach her a lesson that she shud take her decision frm now onwards..

  11. I think manji helps in uniting kaliyug
    I love them
    Guys can anyone say me how to upload pic in this

  12. wow manjiri found out the love btwn KAYU hope they uniye soon

  13. Waiting for your comment Ammy

  14. Pearley hobaichan

    Luv kaali and yug who care for that brat gauri

  15. Can’t they realize they love each other, yug is marrying the princess of the family for her

  16. Alast manji maa remember n she will unite kali n yug screw gauri

  17. I don’t get one thing is that Kaali remembers manjari face..how come Gauri couldn’t recognize her face…they both same age back then…it’s not like she is baby and kaali is 6 years…they both same age. I doesn’t make any sense. uhhhh….I just hope leela come to know b4 wedding Gauri wedding happen….its irritating me.

    1. Bcz kaali had a hand made photo of manjima & she always remembered her in every problem during the 14 yrs,but gauri didn’t remember her anytime.

  18. Looks like to story is going to be a cloning of Ek Mukti Asmaan

    1. feel the same it is really going to be Ek Mukti Asmaan.WHAT A GREAT GUESS.superya

  19. I have a doubt guys
    In last before episode Kalyani dropped gauri’s kundli in Leela ma house right
    Y there is no response from Leela ma till now?????

    1. I was wondering same thing shobana….she put that on that sofa…. no body even get see that?..hmmm

      1. Ya if they keep somewhere else also we can say its difficult to see
        But Kalyani has keept in sofa it can be easily visible by all

  20. Hai i’m Arsha from kerala i’m big fan of kaala teeka shall i join with you 🙂

    1. Off course u can
      U r most welcome arsha

  21. Thank you shobana 🙂

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