Kaala Teeka 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manjiri brings Leela home. Manjiri says doctor is coming. Leela says your daughter Gauri needs a daughter, what daughter have you given birth to Vishwa. She has no dignity. I hope Yug comes out of all this. Where is he? Chulbuli says he has gone out. Leela says Gauri? Bijli says she has gone out too. Leela says I hope she is not going another drama. Manjiri says in heart once Kali has proofs against Gauri then I will tell her.
Kali comes to lab with other part. Doctor says now we might now. Kali says please don’t says might its about my husband’s dignity. Please help me God.
Gauri is sitting on backseat of Yug’s car. Yug stops the car. Gauri comes in front and hugs him. She says I was dead in your ;ove. Yug shoves her and says stay away from me. What happened

between us was a mistake and I repent for it. Stop embrassing me for it over and over again.
Chulbuli says Yug’s phone is out of reach.

Yug comes in and shoves Gauri in the house. He says don’t ever do this again. Gauri says don’t do this with me. Don’t ruin my life. Leela says what she did? Yug says what happened to you? Leela says it was a small accident. Manjiri says gauri why are you doing this? Gauri says I am in love with the person I have been so close to. I can’t imagine my life without one. I love him. Two bodies one life. I felt it. Yug is my everything my husband my life partner. Kali comes in and slaps Gauri. Gauri says how dare you? Kali says I dared because it was important to show you your worth. Gauri says your husband raped me and I still came to save you from sacrificing. Kali says it was all your game. Gauri says you can’t blame me like this. Kali says I am accusing which is all true. Kali shows her the cup. Kali says does it remind you the truth? Tell everyone about your game. Gauri says there is nothing like that. Kali says your memory is weak. Don’t worry I will remind you. Truth is that you used Yug not him. You weren’t raped but you did that yourself. Kali says its not crap this is the truth. You mixed sedatives in this mug and then clicked those photos. What happened you don’t have answer? Gauri says you are making stories to save your husband. Gauri says this is not a story. Why you went there? Gauri says dadi was taking you to sacrifice you. I thought Yug might help. She hears to Yug. But yug had other plans. Kali says don’t life God sees everything. Your sins are over now. God won’t give you more space now. Gauri says I didn’t do anything. I beg you. Trust me. Kali says enough. Kali takes her hand and shoves her out of the house. Kali says we won’t bear you anymore here. Kali locks the door on her face.

Gauri says on call in front of cops I am going to kill my police. Cop says we have to stop her. they run after her and save her from jumping. Gauri says I don’t wanna live. Leave me.I wanna jump. Police says tell us what is wrong. Gauri says even God can’t help me. Gauri tells them a story in tears. Gauri tells them Yug raped her.

Manjiri says Gauri is out of her mind what would she do now? Kali says but this is not Yug’s mistake we can fight this. Bell rings. Chulbuli opens the door. Gauri comes in with cops. Everyone is scared and dazed. Gauri says inspector I asked you not to bring me here. Inspector says we will handle don’t worry. Leela says don’t enter this house. Inspector says can you stop yourself from going to jail? She tried to kill herself. There is commitment of suicide case Mr. yug. Manjiri says you can’t arrest him. Kali says do you have warrant? He shows her the warrant. He says proceedings are quick in rape cases. Kali says you can’t.. Inspector says say everything in court tomorrow. He arrests yug.
Kali says you should wait for tomorrow Gauri because after that your life will be too dark.

Precap-Gauri says I was in love with him but I didn’t know he would take advantage of it. I tried to stop him but he did what he shouldn’t have. Judge says do you wanna say anything yug? Yug says no. Judge says that means your crime is evident. Court decides to send Yug to jail for 30 days.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh god what is this? This is so disgusting. Where is kali?

  2. Disgusting! Gauri is like her mother…end of story! Isn’t Vishwa ashamed of his tramp daughter, gloryfing her presumed rape….crap. Get real, writers

    1. I wish vishwaveer put poison in the food and kill his beloved princess…. She doesn’t deserve to live…


    Ohhh god; plz kill that gauri!!!!

    I hope kali saves yug in tym without any delay and without any scarifice… and prove him innocent like Kareena did for akshay by saving him from false acquisition put by priyanka in film Aitraz..


      And hope Sharmila realizes that she is doing wrong with neelkhant and family and he is good guy who loves her..

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