Kaala Teeka 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Pavitra and Naina get ready to go out. They go to rides. Kali sees devri there disguised as santa. He gives Naina and Pavitra gifts. Kali stops niana from opening it. She throws it away. Nandu says why you threw it away? Kali says I thought yug is not here. Who is santa then? Nandu says is devri. Naina says thank you for the gifts. Devri says there are more presents. Let’s play. All the kids play with Devri. Naina says I wanna sit on marry go round. Devri says okay come. Kali says I will take her there. Kali takes naina and pavitra towards the rides. Leela says tightly grasps the handle. The speed increases. Kali says slow it down. The speed keeps increasing. Naina and Pavitra are crying. Nandu and Kali try to get them off the rides. Devri is moving a ball with which the ride

is moving. Naina falls from the ride and so does pavitra their heads bleed. kali and everyone is dazed. Devri says how it happened. They rush them towards hospital.

Scene 2
In hospital, Devri says nandu don’t worry nothing will happen to them. Doctor says both have suffered major blood loss. Kali says get it from blood bank. Doctor says it is closed. You can donate, it will match because you are parents. Devri says I am Pavitra’s father I will give blood. Manjiri says Kali call Gauri and Yug. Kali says their phones are off. Nandu says Devri can donate naina blood. Devri says sure why not. Devri says we have to save their lives. I hope no one has issues. Nandu says no why would.. Kali says I have an issue. Kali says I know why you are doing all this. What your mission is. You won’t give Naina blood. Kali does inside ICU. Kali says Naina open your eyes naian talk to me. I am so worried for you. Kali says sees Pavitra and says you are my brave daughter open your eyes please. Nandu says why are you doing this? Are you a mother or not? Devri gave her blood before. Kali says no naina won’t get his blood. I will wait til Yug comes. Nandu says okay if that’s your decision then listen to mine as well, I will leave from here. He leaves.

Kali says their phones are off. Nandu says why don’t you listen to me. Kali says I won’t listen to anything. Nandu says Yug isn’t coming. You can take Devri’s help. Nurse comes and says nandu come and give pavitra blood. Nandu says Naina would get blood too. Kali says go and give pavitra blood. Nandu says they will both get blood together. Devri says I have no issues. Nandu says don’t be stubborn. Kali says I won’t let this happen. Devri is donating his blood. Kali comes there. Devri shows her his blood. Devri says after all your tries history is changing itself. I will give Naina blood, this is blood challenge. i told you. I will make her follower of devil. Naina will become like me. He laughs. Kali throws water on his face. Kali says I won’t let this happen. Devri says I will show you my evil power.

Precap-Kali says I will keep standing here in temple until that Devri loses.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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