Kaala Teeka 28th December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
watchman doesnt allow Kali to go inside school as she is late, he goes from there, Kali thinks to go in stealthily, she goes in school and thinks to study hard.
Kali comes in class, teacher ask where is going? Kali says to sit in class, teacher says you thought you are walking in garden? go out of class, all laugh at her, Gauri ask them to not laugh on Kali, Kali stands outside class, teacher ask Kali to not come in class, she starts writing on board, Kali tries to look at board from outside class but cant, Gauri sees her sad, Gauri sleeps in class.
Kali is crying in home, Manjri comes and ask why she is crying? Kali says i will not go to school tomorrow, tomorrow is test, i didnt write anything today so i will get failed, Manjri ask why she didnt write anything? Manjri

says i went to school quickly but teacher kept me outside class, i couldnt see anything on board, i will be failed if i give test and bade papa will feel bad, veiled servant comes there and says seems like Gauri is clever than her and this girl is not intelligent, Mad says my Gauri is very intelligent, she cant be compared with this Kali, Kali leaves, Manjri says you cannot put down any kid, you should encourage her, Mad says this Kali doesnt have good blood so she cant study, Kali can never go ahead of Gauri nor she can study more, Vishwa comes and says i will not do it, i have promised to complete her studies so i will allow her to study but she can never compete with Gauri as she is borned to be behind Gauri but i will allow her to run in this race, Manjri says to Vishwa that if we support Kaali then she will stand beside Gauri and will be successful like her, Vishwa says its impossible as its about blood, Gauri has blood of us and Kaali can nave come to her place, Gauri has blood to stand out while Kaali is just ordinary girl, she just can be shadow of Gauri and nothing else, Manjri says no i am sure my Kali will be successful like other kids, Vishwa says you cant challenge fate but you can try and i will not stop you, he ask her to prepare for Pooja, she nods.
Manjri is preparing for pooja, Vishwa says this Pooja is very nice, it brings peace and if anything wrong has happened, it is washed off too like Jethi bhabhi did with us, he ask to bring rice and says do work with clean hands otherwise it will be bad omen, i want to make this pooja best for this house, he ask Mad to bring some woods and oil for pooja, the veiled servant brings it, Vishwa gets angry and says to Mad that i told you that only you and Manjri can touch pooja things, do you know about this servant? who is she, from where it has come and all? he ask her to throw things which that servant brought and ask Manjri to bring others, a dead crow falls there, Prohit says this is very bad omen, a dead bird has fallen over pooja place, veiled servant has thrown it from terrace, Prohit smirks at her and says to Vishwa that this is not good, Vishwa ask him to shut up and says one crow can bring bad omen to Vishwa? i know to cut all bad omens, no problem can reach me, i break all bad omens, i will end this bad omen, he throws away dead crow and says its gone now.

PRECAP- Vishwa says to Prohit that i have written mantra, make one lac copies of it and send it to mandir, no bad shadow should fall on it eles everything will be destroyed, veiled servant comes there, her shadow falls on Mantra page.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. Good all the bad omen should fall on him n y r they treating kali like dat

  3. this whole serial is a lot of shit it portrays too much jealousy for children no love but pure hate not a good message at all remember most people around the world are watching even kids and this is not good not acceptable at all

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