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Scene 1
Manjiri comes to leela. Leela says now I know who ruined my yug’s mentality. We gave you a life and what you became? We should have left you on road to die. Would have been in a dancing hotel now. Manjiri says enough. I have heard all this from years. I have Brahmin. But birth doesn’t make you that. your mentality does. Mentality makes kali a brahmin too. You have seen her kundli. She is seeta. And kali and yug love each other. Love crosses all the limits. There is no society or rule. If you wanna save your family say yes for this relation.

Kali says if something happens to Gauri this family will break. Take care of her God.
VIshwa comes in with gauri. Kali gives her parsad. Gauri says ask her to leave. Vishwa says don’t say that. Vishwa says Kali go in your

room. Gauri is not well. Gauri says I am in my senses. Nothing will fix. You are my kala teeka. I considered you a sister and what you returned me with? You think it will all be like you want? I am Gauri jha. Kali leaves. Leela comes in and says gauri is right. Kali you think everything will be like you want? No one even knows your parents. And now want to be yug’s wife. Even if Ram says I will never make her my daughter in law. But you were raised in Jha’s house and kundli is something that I can’t say no to. Manjiri says you are saying yes? Leela says there is no reason to say no. To save my yug’s life. She says come in. Chulbul comes in with shagun. Leela says its yes form my side. Gauri says I really love yug he is only mine. What is she saying. She goes crying to her room. Kali touches Leela’s feet.
Leela says there will be a havan and kali will prepare for it. Let start rituals from tomorrow.

Yug comes to Kali’s room and smiles. Kali says what are you doing here. Someone will see you.He says you are my wife to be. I told you dadi will agree. She says I am not your wife. What if bady papa sees. He pulls her and says he will say come damaad ji.Kali says he will hit you. Yug says pishima will handle. Someone knocks the door.
its Manjiri. Kali I was busy in work. Manjiri says your bady papa has done so much shopping. Vishwa says hope you will like it. You have so many favors on us. I never gave you anything.
Manjiri shows her all the dresses. Vishwa says red for the wedding. Vishwa says I haveto prepare for the havan.
Kali opens closet yug is still there. Manjiri sees him.

Gauri recalls what yug said. She cries and sees Kali and her picture. Kali gives a pot to servant and says fill it with oil.
The havan starts. Kali comes dressed in orange. Yug smiles at her. Kali puts oil in fire. It blows. Pandit says this is wrong. What has happened. Gauri says there is more to happen. She took my happiness. Vishwa says its nothing. Fire it again. Gauri says to leela even can’t you see? Yug says gauri enough. Leela says gauri is right. But that doesn’t make Kali bad. Someone put water instead of oil. Its not kali’s mistake. Gauri leaves in anger. Gauri goes to her room and throws away pot in anger.

Precap-Leela says to gauri wanna marry yug? Do as I ask. I am your captain in this game.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh my gauri and leela team up!that’s trouble for sure!?

  2. I hate the precap…cant they married first n then only trouble come, everytime the marriage will get ruin. pffttt

  3. awhhh I m started liking this serial after leap,yug kali makes a good pair.

    this gauri & leela…….to hell with them

    luvv u yug & kali

  4. Ek Muttai Assam has started .A love triangle.Hope with so many crys and too many life will end the same.Now Rughav is Yug, Kalpana is Kali, Pakhi is Gauri

    1. and leela is raghav mother who helped pakhi to marry him….lol nothing original in these shows

    2. I agree with u 100%…. I think this writer didn’t have any other story…

  5. Whatever Happens Yug will not Leave Kali and will stand against Gauri and Leela………….

  6. I felt smethng fishy frm the beginning.. nd yea leela and gauri duo team up.. lets see upto wat extent they go.. Sme how yug n kaali wedding will happen.. bt i dn knw how.. and guys shall we all be frnds?

  7. Please writer don’t disappoint us…..how come your supporting this stupid gauri and leena????….I hate this….don’t show another EMA pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee…..please don’t let gauri and leela win…….ok guy I cant watch this show anymore…..bye bye…..I can tell this stupid writer going give favor to gauri jha bi**h.

  8. please we don’t want see same story line…..Please unite kali and yug…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. I hope someone find about leela plan b4 she something stupid…really I’m bye by to this show if gauri marry Yug…… Come on Kali sacrifice a lot for jha family….let Yug marry Kali then give trouble u want?????????????????

    1. Hope whatever happens yug will not marry gouri whoever made anthing that is for sure?since oly leela n gouri is der wat theyl do??and also sharmila’s mum also against gouri and this kalyani too so if they made something wrong also theyl not allow to do this???

  10. I knew it very well….i think tht gauri will marry yug bt since yug=ramji so there is still hope tht even if it is at the last moment gauri will be busted n kali n yug wil for once n for ever end up together….
    Bt bhavna vyas says twists n turns in marriage…
    So i feel at the last moment kali will come or there will be some confusion

    1. That what I don’t get it…why they r portraying Yug as ram…ram married and love only one women….

  11. What the hell this yea still gouri is in shock they r going to made kali’s marriage again like kkb story ? aliya?? what is this manjari always think about kali not about gouri?(like vishwa they made to realize his mistake (pls make gouri to realize her mistake don’t made her aginst kali to take revenge)also kali made gouri to love her father because of kalyani’s truth)till now they all told her gouri as princess and suddenly it changed to kali gouri got cured just now they made this marriage suddenly to hurt gouri? what this nonsense yea oh pls manjari and yug shud realize gouri and gouri shud make kali to marry yug pls again don’t want a same old story like ema ya kkb??
    pls pls pls don’t make this sisters to dushman?? Anyway so many villians are there kalyani,purohit,leela ??
    Don’t want these sisters to hate each other.
    plss writers don’t put the same story of kkb it show is going on till now how can u steal the same story??that to from same ztv?

  12. When did stupid gauri treated as her sister… Go to hell gauri.. Even u u will not have place in hell.

  13. Please someone tell me who is it that Yug going to marry????????? I’m frustrating I cansre gauri marrying Yug..

    1. I mean I can’t see gauri marrying Yug..

  14. Yug will always love kali..I like that


    Please writer don’t fool us….

  16. I think on the day of marriage kali will be kidnaped and gauri will come in marriage instead pf kali and marry yug by cheat . I dont know exactly but i think so

    1. That’s we r saying another EMA

  17. What’s this leela problem???? She was so into stupid supertitions believe and say her husband die and don’t want any mistake happen….now she is making mistake by against Kali marriage…. What is Yug marry gauri and Yug die…….what she will do after that???? I hate leela and gauri…. Those two of the r irratating….uh????

  18. Shraddha Sharma

    So nice episode….
    It was so good….
    And i was 100% sure that leela will brainwash gauri and during marrige gauri will do something with help of leela that gauri will marry yug by wish of kali….

  19. I hope leela and gauri plan don’t work and how come the all believed her that fast????i wish manjari find about their plan. Please writer Kali suffer so much. Don’t do this please…unite Kali any yug please….

  20. Why is this stupid writer gave hope a kali and now try to change that? poor kali i hope she marry to yug. really i want to kill this two b***hes.

  21. I hate you gauri! ! ! ??????????????????????????????

  22. I just want to see kayu .they look so cute and perfect couple

  23. The second half of this epi sucks?

  24. Now gauri n leela will unite to destroy yug n kali

  25. Just as I thought I knew gauri and that old hag leela would team up. And now it’s time for the conspiracy

  26. Please end this stupid drama… I didn’t sit watch this shit to see gauri marry yug?????????????????

    1. Sorry guys..i meant that I sit and watch this show not to watch gauri’s wedding. ….im really disappoint in this show.

  27. Yes rightly said Kaala Teeka is the duplicate copy of Ek Mutthi Aasman just that it’s 2015 version EMA is 2014 version, KaYu make a great pair can’t imagine the show without them really this Leela is more irritating than Gauri, at least Gauri appreciated Kaali in times when she saved her unlike Leela who screamed on her in her annoying voice
    And looks like zee is in mood to seperate pairs no wonder why this channel never comes first I think besides vishkanya all are in seperation mood

    1. Bt still i think we can hope.kkb abhi n pragya r nw moving towards meeting… atleast will watch the show till kayu r together

      1. Hmmmm that’s also true and I have not watched KKB for days everytime it’s the same story tanu fooling Abhi and pragya failing badly

  28. Kali and yug will definitely Marry, from childhood yug is shown as ram and kali as sita. So for sure this ram sita Jodi will unite. Just waiting to see dramas of gauri jha and leela.

  29. When I think about yug marrying gauri… I feel like vomiting. Disgusting show…..Kali and yug will love each other from childhood. And gauri come and snatch away… That’s it is this value Of love writer show all viewers?????stupid

  30. nice episode and as far as gauri leela team up is concerned there is nothing to worry as long as manji Maya is there alongside yug yugli can’t marry like this they need to go for some tests
    its necessary to I’ve some compliments

  31. see instead of bashing writers we cn request them to show kayu only…n maybe they do we cannot be 100% sure tht gauri will marry yug…its 50-50

  32. Please Kali suffer enough. give her a happiness and don’t show again she as kaala teeka please break that and unite kali and yug. if you let leela and gauri win that mean you r allowing this stupid supertitions believers is right. Please dont make that happen…u have to break that.

  33. What will happen:
    As u all know Leela n Gauri team up . But due to different mind sets they won’t share everything about their plan with each other. On wedding day, KaYu goes to the temple to get married , Gauri and Leela starts their plan, Gauri hugs Kaali and then later she says she wants to talk to her in alone. Later Gauri will tell Kaali to wait , Kaali will do so. And Gauri will sit in mandap instead of Kaali and her veil will be covered. Leela assumes Gauri to be Kaali and she will kidnap her somehow. Kaali is still waiting for Gauri, she sees Gauri’s face she thinks Gauri left just to wish her luck, Kaali goes back to the mandap, finally Leela gets to know she kidnapped Gauri, Leela and Gauri reach the temple too late because KaYu is married done.
    Man that will be the best if this really happens 😛

    1. Yeah wish they take your idea .This is going to be interesting……………………………

      nice guess……………….

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