Kaala Teeka 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manjri falls on the floor with some force. Kali hears her scream and runs out. The door of kitchen bolts. Kali tries to open it but it doesn’t, Devri is doing tap and using his forces to do all this.
Manjiri falls on the floor. Her hands and feet are not in her control. Her sari gets off from her front. kali says please help me God Manji ma is in trouble. Devri is doing his tap in front of fire. Suddenly manjiri grabs the black thread from temple. Devri’s fire blows with wind he is dazed. Kali’s door opens. She runs towards Manjiri’s room. Kali comes to manjiri’s room, manjiri is scared and dazed. Kali says what happened. Manjiri says it was some evil power which was trying to abuse me.
Devri says what happened. Who is stopping me. The child

says your own weakness. The power stopping you is powerful. Devri says I will collect all my powers and try again.
Kali hugs Manjiri and says calm down. Kali says I am getting down to a decision. Behind all this is devri. He is prostrating to evil. Recalls when all this started? Since he came to his house.

Devri sits in his room. he says who is that? Who has dared to stop devri. The child says you are forgetting devri that Kali is equally strong. Devri says are you saying i am weaker than that kali? The child says you are not focusing on Kali completely. Keep manjiri away from kali and then think about the target. Devri says you are right. Manjiri is distracting me. I will have to do something.

Kali does arti in hall. Yug reads newspaper. He reads it has a headline that Manjiri is Vishwa’s murderer. Kali sees the paper and is dazed. Kali says this is all lie, they publish rubbish things. Yug says but this is too much how can they? Without proofs? I will show them the reports of postmortem. They will have to publish an apology. Leela says what will it do? It happened. She stabbed Vishwa. kali says he didn’t die because of that stab. My manji ma is innocent. Leela says you were born as her lawyer. Manjiri says I want to go to temple for pooja. Kali says I will come with you. Yug says we all should go.

manjiri says in temple and says God you know everything. Pardon me a woman comes an stumbles with manjiri the plat falls. Pandiit ji says oh God this is sin. you are the same woman who killed her husband right? Don’t you feel ashamed being widow and playing with colors. You murderer. There is no shame on your face. A woman says why would she have any shame. Kali says everything happened in front of everyone. Kali says it all happened in temple. Maybe this is God’s sign that manji’s life should have colors too. Pandit says there is only one color for a widow that is white. Kali says who are you to decide? Society’s chief. Because of you women were burnt with their husband’s funeral.
DEvri comes and says do you know where are you standing? In temple of Mata rani. A woman. And you are hitting a woman. She picked up the trishun to save her daughter a little baby and never stabbed him. He fell and died because of the bruise on his head. Pandit says how can you say that? He says look at this postmortem report. Pandit says how can she wear colored clothes? Devri says why can’t she? She can. Show me where it is written. Manjiri says thanks to devri.
Kali says in heart I know devri did this to impress manji.


Precap-Kali says to Manjiri I want you to add colors to your life. you won’t wear white anymore. Yug says please manji ma. Kali is about to make her wear a colored sari, Leela comes and stops her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I can’t help but comment.. Stop this serial please.. In public interest..

    1. FRIENDLY request

      if u dont like it then dont watch it..some of us love it OKK!!!!

      1. FRIENDLY request

        ugg sorry for that comment i agree with you

  2. Disgusting*_*

    1. I totally agree.There is a difference between entertainment and what we are watching.Please bring this serial to an end.

      1. Unfortunately Rina the writers and producers are unable to bring the serial to an end as they are all deaf and dumb as they have yet to respond to all our collective feedback and requests todate

  3. I can’t understand why leela is still behaving the with kali i think manji maa should wear color n shut them up

  4. Have the writers run out of ideas. Turning this to a rubbish story. Please get back to basics of entertaining not crap shit storylines that are utter nonsense in this age & time. Agree with Xuni that it is DISGUSTING!!!!

  5. Seriously rubbish things are showing when they are going to focus on kayu.

  6. When they are going to reunite kayu I hate that devri

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