Kaala Teeka 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manjali says i forgot to lit the candle in temple. She goes to temple. Kaali is coughing. Manjali says no coconut here? Let me bring from store.
JT wakes up says let me take her out before manjali is up.
Manjali sees Kaali in store around spices. Her body is itching. Manjali cleans her body. JT comes and says what are you doing here kaali? Manjali says leave her. she was sleeping on spices. Jt says does she sleep in sleep? You should have told me. Madhuri says I was sleeping. Vishwa says what is going on? MAnjali says she was sleeping on spices She was JT’s responsibility. JT says I accepted her as a daughter but your wife keeps taunting me. Vishwa says let her mom take her. JT says bondi take her to bathroom. Vishwa says she is no one’s daughter. She is in this

house for gauri. Dont ever forget that. And JT bhabhi kaali is protector of my daughter. JT says i know. Vishwa says I wont bear any irresponsibility with her.

JT says to kaali come i will comb your hair. You have to look beautiful. For that you have to bear. Don’t call me JT maa, just call me maa. Kaali runs. JT grasps her by hair. JT says don’t run around. SHe gives her a straightener and says have you seen mad using it? Let it warm then straighten your hair. Kaali’s hair burn.

Manjalu is with Gauri. Manjali says where is kaali? Gauri says i haven’t see her either. Manjali asks jt where is kaali? JT says she is here. Kaali is on sofa. Manjali wakes kaali up. Kaai says why are you so late? Manjali says why are you so scared? Didn’t you take bath? She sees burn in kaali’s head. Manjali says what is this? She says I was trying to make my hair with mad chachi’s warm straightner. Manjali says who gave it to you? Kaali says JT.
Kaali shows the burn to Gauri. Gauri says it burns mad mom’s hair to sometimes.
Manjali comes to Jt and says why are you doing this to her? Jt says you mean i did this all this? Better be back in your senses. She was using it. I made her sleep. And now I am giving you justifications as well. Manjali says how she got it? JT says you better not give me instructions.
JT says go from here now. Manjali says every time my daughter needs protection my hands will be there.

Precap-JT is about to slap kaali, Manjali stops her. Kaali says you are not my mummy. My mummy is manji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate that stupid woman Jt. She is just disgusting. I do not like her and I do not like this show . Child abusing monsters

  2. Why is it that every single show that revolves around children in Zee are kids being abused!?!?!??! Shaurya, Darpan, Survi, now Kaali!?!??! Too sickening!

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