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Scene 1
Kalyani says where is kali? Kali comes there. Kalyani says come in. Kali comes forward and crosses the fire. Kalyani is daze.d She upropes Manjiri. Kali says now see what happens with you. Kalyani is scared. She runs. Kali faints. Manjiri says are you okay? Manjiri says please take care of my daughter God. Manjiri picks her up. Kali opens her eyes. Kali opens her eyes. SHe says this is working. Ram ji is with us. And he was there too. Kali recalls when Kalyani shoved her oof the cliff, she got stuck in a tree. She jumps from the tree and is safe.
Kali came to home and tells manjiri that the rope in her neck was stuck in tree and she came home.
Manjiri asked her where is kalayni? Kali says there is a jagrata in house. Manjiri says we have to do something. You will come there

as devi. Manjiri told all this to dahi bundi.

Manjiri says how you got to know I am here? Kali says when tai ji was bringing you here I saw it so I came after you. Manjiri says you shouldn’t have risked your life. You walked in the fire. Kali says my clothes were wet. God helps when you are right. We have to go home before morning, this is for gauri.

Gauri says papa bring kali here I will be okay. Vishwa says I will, you should sleep. He asks dahi to stay with Gauri. He says I am going to do a deed for Gauri. How long will it take? Swami says some time. That is why I asked Kalyani to stay home. You and MAd should be there. Vishwa says yes. Vishwa says to bundi take care of Manjiri. Swami says klayni will handle it. Vishwa says where is she? Swami says come.
Kalyani comes running to her room. She recalls everything.
Swami and vishwa come downstairs. Vishwa says where were you? She says I was in temple. Vishwa sys I swami mad and neelu are going to pray for GAuri. Please take care of gauri and manjiri. Kalyani says everyone is going? She says swami please stay. He says how can I stay only I know where that temple is. Kalyani says make hikm a map. Please stay. I wont live here alone. Swami says dahi budi are here too. Swami says we are getting late.

Dahi tells manjiri that everyone has left. Kali asks where is Kalyani? dahi says she is hidden in her room. Manjiri says go and sit with Gauri. i can’t risk you. Bundi says let us know, we are with you. Manjiri says I know. Kali says everything will be okay.

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  1. I think kalyani will tell the truth wat she did to gauri n kali

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