Kaala Teeka 27th December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kali pulls the pulley Devri keeps drawing. Suddenly Kali slip and the pulley falls from her hands. Naina’s bucket goes near the water. Kali screams and runs towards the well. She pulls it back up. Devri says I know you won’t give up kali.
Prohit tells manjiri kali isn’t home. Manjiri syas lets go find her. Manjiri checks her phone. She listens to Kali’s voice message.
Devri puts black paint on canvas. Kali’s feet are bleeding. Kali says I won’t let anything happen to naina. She is my daughter. This pain makes me stronger. Devri’s painting burns, he feels a shock. He saves it. Devri says you can’t bet me kali. The rope is almost broken. kali is crying. Drvri picks a knife. Kali ties the rope. It breaks and the bucket goes towards

water Kali hooks the rope and pulls it up.
Manjiri and prohit come there too. They bring naina out of water. Kali hugs naina.

Scene 2
Kali brings naina home. Naina says mama let me dress your wounds. She applies ointment on Kali’s wound. Kali says how wrong you were devri, a mother’s relation with he r child is by soul not by womb. Nandu comes and hugs naina. He says manji ma told me what happened. How did you go there naina? Naina says I don’t know. Nandu says thank God you are fine. I will donate 1000 coconuts for you. Devri says you should. but nothing would happen to naian. She has her mother. Nandu takes naina to her room. Kali says you said right in front of nandu even if you were lying. Devri says time will tell. Kali says if you think naina’s is your blood then why do you want to kill her? Devri shows her a black mark on his shoulder. He says your badky papa gave me so many of these scars so I become a devil. I had to answer between your and my next challenge. Its blood. Imagine what I am gonna do. I will do it in front of everyone.

At night, Kali sings Naina and Pavitra lullaby. Kali recalls what devri said. she sees shadow of a snake. Kali is scared. Kali says I am sure devi sent it here. The snake comes close to naina. Kali tries to wake naina up. Kali tries to hit the snake. Kali sees her locket from temple. She throws it towards snake. It disappears. Kali says you gave me Naina God and I will always take care of her. No one can harm her till I am alive.

Precap-Naina and Pavitra are on rides. Suddenly it starts rotating very fast. They all run to save them but naina and Pavitra fall from the ride.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. leisa s morris

    So i guess now devri wants to show naina whom kali wud save whether its her or her own blood pavitra. Even a mother of two child born to her wud have a hard time decided which to save, in most instances it wud b d one in more danger.

  2. Wat nonsense again

  3. Comments will now be censored before publication (or withdrawal). Does this mean that a comment highlighting the lack of skill and imagination of the script writers will be witheld? The show is becoming increasingly boring so who could/should remedy this? In fact ALL the shows on the small screen are ending up the same which is a pity as viewers are disappearing since they seek entertainment as opposed to boredom.

  4. leslie-ann daniel

    why is this show going in circles again,,first it was kali and now naina,,come on this is going on far too long now with this devi and his black magic,bring some peace in Kali and Nandu life now,,get rid of Devi and his devil friend….

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