Kaala Teeka 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Gauri comes in the room. Yug says just come back. GAuri says I have right on that love and respect. I went out you came to my room Kali. Trying to rope in my husband. Yug says this is my room. Nothing is your here. Not even me. You are here because you gave birth to Niana. Kali was my wife, she is and will always be, Kali says no. Our marriage wasn’t based on lies, then how it shook with someone else’ lies. You don’t have an answer right? Fate has decided for us and we better stick to it. Kali leaves.

Nandu says to Devri he hit me and throttled me. Why are you not saying anything. The comes and says to Nandu what are you thinking you got the answer right? Devri says go get water then I will think.
Devri says to the kid that was power of good that shoved.

It was with Kali.
Devri says I will force her so much that she won’t have any other option but marry nandu. Then I will plant my seed in her womb. then she will give birth to a powerful devil.
Kali sees her photo with Yug. She recalls Devri saying what is your relation with him? He is not even your husband. kali sees Naina’s is not in her room. She looks everywhere and calls everyone. Kali hears Naina crying. She looks everywhere to know where the voice is coming from. Kali says Naina where are you? The whole house is dark. Kali sees naina on the floor and a show that is about to stab naina. Kali screams.. She wakes up from her sleep. Kali realizes it was her dream. she hugs naina.

Kali asks Raj guru how did VIshwa’s Kala teeka looked like. He says it is difficult I never met him. only Prohit and Jha were allowed. Manjiri anything that can tell it was him. He says there was a metal bangle in his feet always. Kali says Devri wears a bangle in his foot. Manjiri says but that doesn’t show anything. Kali says then how will we know who he was. Manjiri says we will find a way out. Kali says if devri wears a bangle this means he is not a good human and he prays evil powers.

Devri reads a mantra and leela slips from the stairs. Devri says mataji how you fell. Stand up. He makes her sit on the sofa. Devri says you have sprained. This is not a good sign. These evil powers are attacking everyone in this house now. Leela says what should we do? He says we have to change our points. I need to know what sin happened in this house that invited all these evil powers. Leela says after Kaali married to Yug I got Gauri married to Yug. Devri says this is sin. Leela says what should I do? Get kali married to Yug again? Devri says no don’t do that. Those powers will be more powerful. Yug is not giving Gauri status of wife and is running after Kali. His wish will become reason of trouble for everyone. Leela says what are you saying. Devri says there is only one solution. Leela says I will do as you say. Devri says Kali’s second marriage. Kali comes and says that is never going to happen. Kali says who gave you right to decide about my life? My role is to take care of Naina. He says even God doesn’t know you identity. You are not a married woman nor a widow. Do you what society calls a woman like you?
Manjiri says shut up. How dare you say that about my kali. Devri says society is talking that. Manjiri says I don’t listen to society. My kali has right to decide for herself. Without pressure. If you ever dare saying a word about my kali it won’t be good. Leela says she won’t agree. Please think of another solution.
Manjiri sees water boiling in a bucket in her washroom. She is scared. A man come there of smoke.

Precap-Something shoves Manjiri in her room, she screams. Kali runs to save her but the door closes. Devri is controlling manjiri with his powers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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