Kaala Teeka 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa says to JT my daughter Gauri will have right in everything I have. She is my daughter. She will have it all. JT swipes her tears.
JT goes to kitchen and mixes something. Amma stops her and says why are you doing this? This will burn your hand. She says this family has ruined my fate already. they keep giving me wounds after wounds. Amma says don’t worry. Calm down. JT says they don’t know who can I pay them back for all these bruises. I have so much patience. Vishwa wants to deprive Nel off his rights. I will see how he does this. And he made that kaala teeka my daughter. Now see how i use her.

gauri says I am going to sleep. Kaali says I will sleep with Manjali. Neel says but you are my sister. Kaali says I can’t sleep without manji. She goes

to hug Manjali. Jt stops her and says where are you going? I am your mom now. You will live with me now. She takes kaali upstairs with her. JT says why are you not sleeping Kaali? Kaali says I am trying to sleep. She says in heart if I do something to her Manjali will not leave me. Now i will do this with a plan. JT says please. You will do the pooja in temple tomorrow. And you will eat the prasad.

Manjali is standing in balcony. Vishwa comes and says your tears are my insult. You forced me so I gave kaali a house. I allowed her to live here. But now her mom is JT bhabhi. Manjali says her mom could be Manjali too. If that was so, she wont have asked for anything and so wont I. Vishwa says you have my name associated with you. I told you before that dont be emotionally attached to Kaali. She is gauri’s kala teeka. Mahduri says come here. He says to manjali keep that in mind.
Manjali says in heart JT will never give her love. I don’t know if she is okay or not.

Manjali is asleep in corridor. JT takes kaai out of room while she is asleep.
JT places Kaali over some spices and starts doing some magic. Manjali wakes up and checks JT’s room. JT comes in and says this is not a place to come and check all the time. I went to temple. And my kids are asleep. Can i sleep now If you are done? Manjali says yes and leaves.
manjalu says why I feel like something wrong is happening. Kaali is asleep on spices and she coughs. Manjali is restless. She says maybe I am just missing kaali. Kaali is coughing.

Precap-JT says to kaali curl your hair with it like madhuri does. Let it heat up first.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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