Kaala Teeka 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
yug and sattu come. Yug gives kali rope and says try to come back. kali falls, Snakes are coming towards her. Yug goes down in ditch and pushes her up. he then pushes pari up. Sattu pulls them all. Satty says we have to go back. Yug picks up Kali. Kali says I should be punished. I am that stupid. SAttu says pari why you came here. Pari says I had to save kali. This was all gauri’s trick to separate Kali. Kali says no gauri can never try to kill me. Sattu says how do you know? Kali says my heart says. She was my sister. Kali says gauri can’t do this. Pari says you are so innocent Kali. Even if you are right why Gauri sent you here? yug says I will talk to gauri. I will ask her why she did. Kali says you won’t do that. I tried to expose but did you trust me?no. how you can

you investigate her now. Kali tries to walk.. Yug picks her up.

Gauri says on call he is doing dance practice with sattu. Tonight is kali’s last night. She sees yug coming in with kali. Yug takes Kali to her room. He applies medicine on her sprain. Yug says why are you crying now? Should I call doctor? Kali says I don’t care about it. pain is when you are near me still far away. Yug says I wish I could hate you. It would have been easy. Every time I trust you I am wronged. Kali says I know your situation. When brain can’t decide we should listen to heart.
Sattu says to pari are you okay? Pari says I will take care of everything you have said. Maa sabb says you did such a good deed by saving kali but next time tell us if you go anywhere. She caresses her.

Scene 2
Sharmila gives neel arti. He says we should go somewhere. Sharmila says sure. Manjiri says sharmila I found your anklet.It was in temple. Sharmila says i forgot it there I guess.Manjiri says maa ji gave you? Sharmila says yes. Manjiri says you should keep it safe. It is your family’s. Sharmila says okay. I will be careful.
Roop says to gauri you know who is coming for party? Shamita shetty. gauri says wow. Gauri says my husband and yours were saving kali and pari in jungle. Roop says pari did all that. Now see what I do with her today.
Roop says now see what I planned.

Sharmila comes in a room, manjiri coming there as well. Sharmila places a jewelry box in the closet and runs out. Sharmila hides behind a sofa. Manjiri is coming there. She drops her keys, sharmila runs. Manjiri gets a call.
The party starts. Shweta shetty dances.
Everyone enjoys her dances. pari is suddenly not feeling well. She feels like fainting. Roop smiles.

Next part in meri saasu maa’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. wow so speedy update!TQ so muchhh atiba ji. 🙂 🙂

  2. I too confuse … R they going reaveal the truth or they going drag this again….

    Gauri, I’m so mad at her??..how can she think about killing Kali…. This stupid really stupid… So, Now what Kali going to loose again….

    No justice for goods????? Does evil always has to win..I hate this.. I don’t know how Kali will prove with so may villain in show.

    1. I mean I’m too confuse….


    To much dragging without any ambition to end in this as dragging is only fvt work of zee tv writers

  4. Hi guys there is no improvement in the story.there is no use of mahasamgam. I hate this story guys.yug again didn’t trust kali.disgusting

  5. Guyz… heard dat diz serial wil b 2 seasons length so kaali wont prove her innocent until then i guess… as we all know so many devil characters r playing roles.smemore yug bohat kamzoor in trusting kaali… 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. H ndndnfbfbvv

      Where did u

  6. I agree with all u guys this Maha episode serving no purpose and it’s zee specialty now to show evil overpowering good and they love dragging a nonsense storyline….it’s a pity this is the only Indian channel I’m getting in my country

  7. Really this magasangam is useless… On the spoiler said watch the high voltage drama and bla bla bla… Only good people r still suffering and evil r laughing and enjoying the partying…really it’s boring to watch this… I thought Kali will win Yug trust… Seem like it’s not going happen…and I get sooooo irratating with gauri yaar….

  8. please director don’t show gauri face close cos I see only her pimple cover on her face…. She can’t even give any reaction on her face…gosh get rid of gauri I can’t stand watch her…????????????????? she is bi**h

  9. Come on everyone don’t you even know what this mahasangam is about we have all seen how Pari and Sattu found the truth of Bandavgarh so I bet that evil will lose and the truth will win have some faith in Kali and Pari evil can’t win forever.?

    1. I hope ur right?

  10. I’m sure last day mahasangam they going show us that gauri win again like b4 in Kali… And show this their twists… Really it’s bullshit?

  11. Uh! gauri is irritating me….I don’t why kali left gauri besides yug watch after him because of her yug fell sick…stupid b(*&h gauri.

  12. I think this writer didn’t unite kayu at the end of the story. I hate writer of this story. Pls writer Atleast yug know the truth plsssssssssssssss:'(:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  13. yug such a stupid.. and big one is kali..kuch bhi ho gauri asa nehi karcakti..o mera behen hea..ideat girl oh ab teri sautan hea..jho asa karsakti hea..problem bach ea hea tannu(KB) ki tara gauri bhi akele kuch nehi karsakti..2 are useless.. ur ea yug pyar kartahu but trust nehi karta..dhoka dia ..bla bla..Are akbar saj janneki koshis toh karo..sab kuch kali pe chor dia..ea jante hue bhi ki gauri kitni stupid hea..Akbar me hi pakri jaegi..

    1. Translate plz…. 🙂 😉

  14. Is this writer is out of his mind or what??? cos past two days kali is acting like old emotional kaali….I didn’t see her brave side and most of time she is crying. Gauri B***h trying emotionally fooling her. Come on writer you created so many villian but atleast keep kali brave and smart to face all the problem….All I can see clearly that truth is not come out anytime soon.

  15. Hey guys I saw the promo that gauri says to kali that u never xpose me in front of yug that u r the wife of yug not me but yug hear gauri statement.Are u guyss excited to watch this in end of mahasangam.

    1. oh my gosh really????

  16. Omg that I can’t wait for

  17. kali and yug scenes are too good.very much impressed by pari for being helping kali to punish gauri.luv u pari,luv u soooooooooooo much kayug. i really luv kali and yug pair really look like ramsita.

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