Kaala Teeka 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Gauri is home and worried. Vishwa comes and asks what happened? She says yug is not picking the call and no one is telling me whats happening in this house. Kali got a call and went somewhere and then tai ji went too. Vishwa says where can kali go? Gauri says she called Yug while leaving. Vishwa wonders if kali knows about kundli.

Manjiri says yes Kala teeka. First day of her life, she was rolled in a black cloth. She tells him everything. Yug says do you still consider yourself kala teeka? Kali says no. Manjiri smiles. Kali says but still I have to stay with Gauri to protect her from everything. she is my sister and friend. Gauri is liable. Kalyani canj ahrm her any time. Manjiri says that means everything worsen after I left? She holds kali’s hand and Kala teeka written

on her arm. Yug says how can someone be so cruel. Manjiri says when I was there, I couldn’t save her. It had to happen after I left. Kali says it happened just after you left. But as I grew up I realized I should never forget what you taught. Your love made me survive. You know everyone is under kalyani’s control.

Kalyani is in jungle, she says the game is over. She will tell vishwa everything. He will kill me. Let me call Prohit and ask him. She calls prohit. Prohit says where are you? She says how is everything in house? He says what has to happen here? Manjiri tells him everything. Prohit is shocked. He says keep hidden. When Kali comes home she will vishwa everything.
Kali tells Manjiri everything. she says Kalyani used to make me wear chains so I don’t go out of house. Yug is dazed. Kali says when after 14 years bady papa returned I wanted to tell him everything. I lost the letter you wrote. Manjiri says how can he even think that you can kill me. He did all this so he could keep you in that house as kaala teeka. Yug says first time I am seeing a man with such blind trust. Manjiri says I couldn’t change all that and after losing my memory the home I went also had blond trust but raghu and yug were always against it. But kali you were alone in that house. Yug says how can he do all this.. Kali is not his property.. Kali says he did that for his daughter. Yug says for his daughter he ruined your life.

Kali says one day everything will be okay. He says you cant see all this blackness he filled in your life. Kali says manjiri ma will come home with me and she will tell bady papa everything. Her husband.. Manjiri says he is not my husband and both of us have nothing to do with him now. Kali says don’t say that. He is your husband. Manjiri says he has no relation with me. He never even tried to solve all this.For him his blind trust is everything. He did so much wrong. Enough. I will go there once and tell him all the mistakes he made. Kali says you can’t change him now. What will happen to sharmila and gauri. Manjiri says my relation with that house broke when he broke his promise and didn’t give you right of a daughter. I will never got to that house and nor will let you. Kali says but i have to go because he is still my bady papa. Manjiri says is he more important than me? Kali says I wont need to choose one. I will go home and tell him why you don’t wanna come. He will come to take you home. You have to give me once chance.

Prohit comes to vishwa and says kalyani called. Her bua is not well so she has to go banaras. Vishwa says did she say something about kali? Prohit says no she didn’t. Ramu said kali went after her. Vishwa says I think she went to leela to talk about kundli.
Prohit says I checked Gauri’s kundli. There is some trouble.

Precap-Manjiri and yug drop kali home. Yug says don’t worry pishimaa Kali isn’t alone anymore. I will be with her in this fight.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Wow finally Yug got to know about Kaali’s truth I think there is more chance of KaYu now 🙂

  2. Wow !! I think i am first . Hope everything falls in place . Is this show going to end??? As vishkanya going to start at 4:30 pm.

    1. Not this serial.It is Satrangi Sasural will going off air next week.

    2. I thought also that if this show is going to finish but think about it…they show precap that mean there is more in Monday….vishkanya starting march 28….that mean think show will end soon….

      1. I don’t think that this show will end now because if yug and kaali get united gauri will become villain
        Still lot more is there since manjima didn’t come to home
        And Leela ma won’t accept kaali as their bahu, but if she comes to know about kundli is kaali’s then there is chance

        Vishkanya will be aired by 6:30 so nothing to be worried about kaala teeka

  3. I think this is not the precap

    1. Yeah the scene written in precap was included in the episode.

  4. Exciting episodes….love kaliyug…:*:*:*

  5. Now things are going to be set right as Yug said that Kali is not alone in this fight.
    One thing I don’t get right is that even after going through all that Kali is still adamant In winning vishwas trust.
    I hope this incident brings Yug and Kali together. Nothing to worry as Manjiri is there.

  6. God! Finally everything is clear. Gauri is so childish af. Hopefully we will get to see lovely KaYu scenes

  7. Yahh just loved it when yug said he is with kali but u got a point Ammy why is kali still adamant?

    1. Yh twinkle after all that she has gone through she can’t get it that vishwa is selfish on his own reasons

  8. hey this is half.. d precap wasnt that.. it was that what happened after d break.. and then kali goes 2 her home n her bady papa asks her where did u go, y r u looking so dirty.. he also said u must have gone to yug’s house to tell Leela about d kundli.. kali says no i did not. but then she says to her bary papa that u’ve told leela everything then y should i go.. ? Then she realises n says u didn’t say anything right? she gets a negative reply.. n he says i will not say them anything bcz they will ask 4 gauri’s real kundali n i will not let any problem face my daughter’s life.. I saw the half of the precap which was — kali was diong puja n saying to Ram ji that she will fight 4 d truth n tell bady papa everything n bring back manjhi maa home.. then i did not see

    1. Y is this happening……
      If someone misses show for some reasons then they won’t get to know what truly happened.By da way thanks shyaren

    2. Thanks 4 da update
      This happened yesterday too don’t know what’s wrong
      For meh I didn’t watch the show

      1. Yes.. u’re welcome..

    3. Thanks shyaren. Dunno wats happening. Sterday too was half update and mentioning last watched portion as precap. Will be good if there is correct written episodes as we depend more on tellyupdate than watching the show.

      Atleast can mention as update incomplete, rather than mentioning as precap.

      1. my pleasure verti.. n its good i visited this.. i jz wntd 2 know d full precap n saw this is half

  9. This is not the precap but a last part of the episode sorry to say but please post correctly and precap is some what Kali is in temple and praying to lord and say that he has chosen him to tell the truth to Vishwa and then goes towards vishwa

  10. Sorry again if my words hurted u atibaji

  11. Guys making an assessment there is a lot that has happened.
    Kalyani took gauri’s khundli to leela’s house
    Manjiri regaining her senses
    Yug knowing da truth
    Prohit knowing da truth about Manjiri and even cheating about kalyani’s unexistence
    Vishwa thinking that Kali has known da truth

    I think when Kali reaches home prohit might be up to something……
    There is a lot yet to happen .
    What do u think guys?

  12. You are right Ammy a lot is happening dont know what prohit is going to do lets see what happens!

  13. Okay.. how many of u guys r goin 2 watch Vishkanya ??

    1. I am not going to watch
      Because I think its like ghost story and I don’t like such stories
      And thank you for the complete updates

      1. all right then.. u’r welcome

  14. The best and fantastic solution will be Yug marrying kaali,( while kaali is drugged as she will never agree to marry Yug because of her blind love for gauri n evil badke papa vishvaveer,,,,,,to teach visvaweer and gauri a lesson…. while sharmila tell the truth that that kaali saved her from neelkanth ja…….

    1. I totally agree with u….for that kaali has to realize that Viswa and Guri are using her..

  15. Whoz daughter is Gauri? Manjiri’s ?

    1. No, Gauri is daughter of vishwa’s 2nd wife Madhuri.

  16. I don’t get one thing this that Kaali can remember manjari face..how come Gauri couldn’t recognize…they both same age back then..well kaali is maybe 1day older then gauri…this is something I don’t buy it….uh, I just hope leela come know b4 the wedding happen…its irritating me every time gauri scene come.

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