Kaala Teeka 26th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Kalyani points a gun at Kali. Suddenly somethings hits her hand, the gun slips and she falls down as well. Her hand is bleeding. Kali goes from there.
Swami says the pooja is done. He says vishwa everything went well. He says everything will be okay. Nell says I think the same. Gauri says but I will okay when kali comes back. I can never be okay without her. Swami says yes, you need her. But not because she is your kala teeka but because she is your kala teeka. And there is not greater power than love. Right vishwa? Vishwa says right. Everything is incomplete without love. Pandit ji gives parsad to vishwa. Vishwa gives parsad to manjiri as well. He fills her hairline.

Gauri says to nell kali will come back. Like she did before. Neel says how you know? Gauri says I know.

Neel says will she run from jail? Gauri says yes. Kalyani says in heart there is something wrong. I feel like Kali is in the house. SHe is not dead. and Manjiri is pretending. Kalyani is in kitchen. She recalls seeing Kali. She spills all the turmeric. Kalyani says my mind is working now.
Kalyani is in her room. Kali comes near her and says I am here. Till when will you be safe from.

Swami is looking for kalyani. Kalyani says i know its you kali. Kalyani had thrown turmeric on the floor. she sees kali’s footsteps in them but kali has mixed them all up. Kalyani comes downstairs and says I wont leave her today. She grasps Garui’s hand and says come her.e Gauri screams. Vishwa comes and says what are you doing bhabhi. Kalyani says I was doing nothing. I was sleep walking. I took tranquilzer. I don’t know what I was doing. Swami says why you work so much that tiresome causes all this. She says you know I like doing everything on my own. He says but take care of yourself too. I don’t want you to fall sick like manjiri. She says I made a mistake. Vishwa says gauri you should be asleep at this hour. Gauri says I was following Kali. I saw kali and she went in tai ji’s room. but when I went there no one was ther ewhen I was coming back tai ji stopped me, Kalyani says in heart so it was gauri. Swami says your daughter really misses kali think about it. vishwa sys yes, he leaves. Swami says to kalyani go and rest. I have to stay in temple. Kalyani says yes I am going in room.

Vishwa makes gauri asleep. Gauri says trust me. No one trusts me. Kali is in this house. and I feel better now. This is happening because kali is in this house. Vishwa says okay if you say so. Gauri says i cant live without kali. I will not live in this house without her. Vishwa hugs her and says I will do something. You should sleep now. Vishwa says in heart gauri shouldn’t rely on kali like this. Does this indicate that kali will steal gauri’s future. I have to find a solution.
Kalyani says where did this gauri come in between? Was it gauri or kali?
kalyani faints and kidnaps Manjiri.

Manjiri is roped with the tree. She gains consciousness and says where am I? Kalyani sings chanda mama. Manjiri is scared to see her. Kalyani has a dagger in hand. Kalyani says so you were mad? So you have waken up. Manjiri says where is kali? Kalyani says shut up. My head is hurt. Don’t take her name or I will kill you. Kalyani says you are heavy. My back hurt taking you here. And I am thinking that you have kali’s weigt on your shoulders too. so I wanted to lessen your burden. I am right? I wanna see how that nano devi helps you. She starts pouring petrol around Manjiri. Manjiri says what are you doing? She brings matchstick and says so are you ready? She surrounds Manjiri with fire. Kalyani says where is your devi ma now? She laughs. Kali says manji maa. Kayani says kali.. Kali comes in her direction.

Precap-Kali says if you try to harm my manjiri maa I will kill you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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