Kaala Teeka 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Yug asks kali what are you doing here? Again some manat of your bady papa? Do arti of moon or something? Why are you looking at me like that? She says there is no moon. He says it might appear for your bady papa. She says don’t say that about him. Kali tries to stop bus. She says how will I go to Patna? He says I am going there as well. I will drop you. Are you scared of me? We help each other. He says I am yug. She says kali. He says is that a nickname? Enough for me. Lets go. She sits in the car.

Yug sings the same song on the way. Kali complete the song. He says how you know about this song? She says I heard it on radio some days ago. Some guy was singing it. Yug recalls. He says how boring. She says this way doesn’t go to patna. He says you know where this goes?

Lanka. I will kidnap you and ask your bady papa for money. She is scared. She says I have to go to patna. He says I am not ravan relax. I have some work there or I will drop you there before your bus reaches there. I just have to kidnap someone from here. It benefits people sometimes. He says just kidding. someone needs my help.

They come to a place. Another car comes and stopes behind them. They have kidnapped a bride. kali sees them. They drag her out. Kali says in heart is yug here to save this girl? She says please help yug God. Yug comes in as a guest. He peeks in. Yug is hidden under table. Kali comes there as well. He says only ram can help us. Do something that can save us. Will you be my partner in crime? Help her getting out of here. He extends hand, kali shakes it. she says how will we go in?

Manjiri calls Yug. sharmila says in heart what if they get to know that yug has went to save my friend. they will kill me. dadi says inquire where he is. Manjiri says he is not picking up. She says to raghu what kind of dad are you? Go look for him. Manjiri says where can he go.
Yug and kali dress as guests. He looks at her and smiles. He says colors suit you. If I didn’t love that voice I would have proposed you. Don’t wear black all the time. She says black is my identity. He says we have to take the bride and reach the bus stand.
Gauri reaches patna and says where is kali? She says where is kali? People says who? A man says she went out. Gauri says she went out to bring water. She says what kind of conductor are you? How can you be so careless? She comes out and says if I go back I wont be able to register. I can’t. I will find kali. She is not a child.
Yug tucks a strand of hair behind kali’s ear. She says what happened? He says nothing. I recalled something from childhood. I met a girl in child, she wore the same colors. Next target is to get in the house. You have to go where the bride is and then we run from here. Kali looks in the mirror. Yug says what are you looking at? She says kala teeka. He says oh you look so good you need a kala teeka. He marks one on her cheek. he says happy now? Kali says in heart I am kala teeka myself.

vishwa is leaving himself. Kalyani says don’t go. You have to stop her calmly. Prohit says she is right. Kalyani says Kali is making her do this. Slowly we will get her back and kick kali out. We have to be calm. For now send neelu don’t go yourself. Vishwa says I will break that kala teeka. once my daughter gets married to yug. i will remove kali’s existence.

Yug says lets go to stage and make everyone dance. They start dancing on the stage. Kali falls, he holds her. He says go to bride’s room. i will come there. Kali slips in the room yug catches her.

Precap-Yug says if you were gauri jha i would have held your forever. Then he slips and kali holds her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kaali you look beautiful in colours aas yug said. Yuka awesome ?

  2. Too much of slipping in the epi,BTW kayu rocks

  3. Loved it…..well I am preparing for my boards ..and cant watch anymore on television..thank you for written updates….I am a great fan of kalyug…..love them..I would die to see yug’s smileee…

  4. Very nice..

  5. Snikdha Sheikh

    what a romantic epi! superbzz!

  6. It was really gud

  7. I really love yug and kayu also it was d best episode till now

  8. kali looks cute in colur dress

  9. kaali and yug love them both…..awesome episode…..

  10. I wish if vishwas could see them n let gauri burns

  11. Love Kali yug superb episode ?? hope yug finds about kali’s truth and their love story begins
    Kali looked so pretty in colours ?

  12. Nice episode yug is searching for gauri bt he really loves kali only
    And kali looks pretty good in that colour dress.

  13. My God
    Kaali was looking awesome in colorful dresss
    Just love Kalyug

  14. plz dont bring love triangle.the pair superb hai..

    1. u r rite even i dont want it

  15. I agree with you Aalia

  16. i dont want yug and gauri to unite..i want the truth is out before their marriage.
    if they drag it down like alll others show it will be hrrible
    well the episode is so funny n romantic .:YUG says anything amavasya ki raat ka chaand tona todka..lol

    1. until kalyani is there yug and gauri marriage wont happen
      and he will try to seperate kali and gauri too which is also a plus point to yugka

      im just waiting for the reaction of yug when he comes to know that the voice he is searching for is kalis
      already yug has some feelings towards kali lets wait and see wat happens

      1. That is a plus point though..bt if yug n kaali unite the show will end ..the show cn stretch i a bettr way yug n kaali don’t unite in lovers way first n yug completes the mai concept of this show

  17. i think the track shud get more faster becoz he shud find gauri soon. before their marriage yug shud cmon to know the truth abt kaali

  18. kunal madhiwalas entry as yugs best friend aman in kaala teeka. anyone have any idea abt dis

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