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Scene 1
Jethi says to Manjri what will i answer him, i wanted to sit on throne of this house, how can i return home as criminal? i will go to some Asharam and i hide my face, peace is not written in my fate, if it was then my husband wouldnt have left me, she says to Kaali that you leave too, you may have a happy life and forgive me, Kaali says Jethi maa you come with this, Manjri says no sometimes it better to be away from filth, she starts leaving with Kaali, Jethi says to Manjri that keep Kaali happy, dont punish her for my deeds, Manjri leaves with Kaali, Jethis looks at lake, she wipes her tears and stands in lake, she prays and drowns in water to do suicide.
Kaali comes back home, Gauri is happy to see her and says i was looking for you, i didnt eat anything, Kaali says even i didnt

eat anything without you, Manjri comes to Vishwa and touches his feet, he says its good that you camebeack i was worried for you, Manjri says Kaali has God’s Hand on her head thats why she cameback safe, Neel comes and looks in car, he ask Manjri where is his mother? Manrji gets tensed, Manjri says your mother has gone to live in ashram but she will return soon, Vishwa says to him that she has goen for good work and it will benefit you too so dont be sad, go inside and eat chocolates, he leaves, Vishwa says to Manjri that i want Jethi to return home, Vishwa says i could have thrown her out of city, there is no place for her in this house, Manjri says we can forgive family member, there is difference between court and house, she is our family member, Vishwa says if she had something like that with some outside person then whole family would have backed her but she has cheated her family and cant be forgiven, he leaves, Manjri goes behind her, Raj says to Mad that Vishwa is ready, Jethi feels that if we accept Kaali as daughter then Gauri will not get anything, you are understanding what i am saying? Jethi thinks its her responsibility, go and make Vishwa understand.
Neel comes to Kaali and ask what maa has done? no one is telling me but i know she must have done something, she is like this only, when she sees someone laughing, she thinks how to make them cry, Kaali recalls how Manjri said to her that dont tell anything to Neel as he will be embarrassed and may stop talking her too, Kaali says to Neel that nothing like that, Jethi maa is very good, Manjri comes and listens this, Kaali says to Neel that innocents never get punished, i love you and Jethi maa alot, Manjri thinks that Kaali is innocent, we are at mistake that kids are bearing, dont know why our family is not coming out of problem.
some servant comes to Vishwa and has veil on her face, she gives tea to Vishwa, he ask who is she? Mad says she came and was crying for work so i have appointed her as new servant, Vishwa ask did you ask Manjri? Mad says cant i appoint a servant on my will? isnt this my house? Vishwa says its not your house but five star hotel for you, Mad ask servant to leave and says she has no right to appoint a servant, Jethi has gone, now i will do all household work, Vishwa ask her to be silent, he calls Manjri and says Mad has appointed servant so check her payment and all, Manjri says i will, he ask Mad is she is fine now? she nods and starts leaving, Vishwa ask Manjri if she took medicines? Manjri smiles and says you asked me about it so now i am fine with it only, Mad fumes in anger listening all this, Vishwa says to Manjri that if thats the case then i should close hospital and should start calling patients, they will get fine listening my voice, he holds Manjri’s hands and says you sit with me in pooja tomorrow as when you sit with me then i feel everything will be right, Mad thinks how Vishwa changed so much? he doesnt love me anymore.
Neel is not ready for school, that veiled servant comes and ask Neel to eat food, Manjri comes and ask servant to leave, she leaves, Manjri says to Neel that Jethi may not be here but dont you take me as mother? she makes Neel smiles by tickling him, Gauri says to Mad that we made Neel smile as he was sad, Mad says you are my cutie pie while all other kids are lesser than you(taunting Kaali), Manjri feels bad, Manjri ask Neel to get ready for school, Gauri promotes Sindbad show, Manjri says to Gauri that maybe seeing you three kids caring for other, people of this house start caring for each other too, she sadly looks at Mad, she ask kids to go to school.
Kids arrive at school, Kaali is not with them, mad thinks that Kaali will not come, Gauri and Neel wait for kaali, Kaali comes there but watchman stops her as she is late, Mad ask Gauri and neel to go in, they reluctantly go in without Kaali, Mad smirks seeing Kaali not entering school, she leaves, Kaali prays to Lord to show her way to go in class, i will come early from tomorrow but let me enter today.

PRECAP- Manjri says to Vishwa that if we support Kaali then she will stand beside Gauri and will be successful like her, Vishwa says its impossible as its about blood, Gauri has blood of us and Kaali can nave come to her place, Gauri has blood to stand out while Kaali is just ordinary girl, Manjri says i will support Kaali and i am sure she will become great.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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