Kaala Teeka 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
The child asks Devri you won’t get a better chance than this to know if fire is under your power now or not? Devri holds his hands up. He looks at the woods and says fire please burn these woods. Gods of fire.. The woods lit. The child smiles. Devri laughs. He says see fire is under my power now. Suddenly the fire blows. The child says how did it blow. Devri says this is impossible. Manjiri applies ointment on Kali’s burns. Manjiri says I am thinking about what happened today. Why wasn’t Naina okay before pooja and okay after pooja? Kali says she had fixed six doses of medicines. She has sixth after pooja.
Child says devri Kali’s motherhood is so powerful. That baby got powers instead of you. Should we try on Kali instead of the baby this time? Devri says

but its Naina’s kundli.
Manjri says why didn’t you tell everyone? Kali says because I want to find out what devri is upto. He would think everything is going as he planned. He would take his next step and we will know what he is upto.
The child says baby is not even one year old yet, her mother’s kundli is saving her. DEvri says I will target her. We have to seed Kali’s womb. That baby will get us our powers. The child says Kali won’t cross limits. Devri says she will have to. I will force her. She pretends to be so pure, she will give birth to a sin. Devri’s seed will be in her womb, it will have all the evil powers I have always longed for.

Manjiri says what does this Devri want from my family.
Devri says I have control Kali. I will do it anyhow. He looks at Manjiri in the garden praying. devri says control devri I have to rope in Kali not her. He looks at Manjiri again. Devri comes near her. He holds her hand and comes close to Manjiri. Devri hugs her from behind. Kalib comes and says Mannji ma.. devri was imagining all this. suddenly devri falls down. Kali says to Manjiri why are you here at this time? Manjrii says I wasn’t sleepy. So I came here to talk to ramji. Kali says don’t worry ram ji will make everything all right. Sleep. Its late. Kali feels like someone is behind the plants. She looks there.

Scene 2
Yug falls down. Kali stands in front of Yug. Devri says why are you protecting him? who is he? He is not even your husband. Why don’t wear his mangalsutra on sindur. Why you care for him? He says lets go Nandu.
Later, Kali dresses yug’s wound. Yug holds her hand he says come back kali. I promise I won’t hurt you again. I will give you love and respect a wife deserves. i have done so many mistakes. I want to fix them. gauri comes in.

Devri is doing his tap. The child says why you went after Manjiri? Your target is Kali. Devri says you are right. I have to harvest my seed in her womb. That manjiri.. her beauty. It awakens the animal inside me, and attract towards her. some power shoved me back. Child says what power? Devri says I dont know but this power is enough to fight me.

Precap-Devri says to nandu you want to marry Kali? he says she is my bride already. Devri says no I will get you married to her for real but on a condition. Devri says after marriage you will give your bride to your brother for one day. Devri says yes I will.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh for heaven’s sake!! It’s going from bad to worse. Wth are they showing? Devri and Manjari? Devri and Kali? Just when we think it can’t get worse than this, they prove us wrong again.
    What is wrong with these writers? They need to be admitted in a mental hospital

    1. Exactly -.-

    2. I so agree with you….what on earth. Is happening!!!!!!

    3. B̤̈Ä̤D̤̈ B̤̈Ö̤Ÿ̤ ??

      ??հվվ ԵհɑԵ’Տ Տօ ҽɾօԵíϲ օʍց
      í աօմӀժ Ӏօѵҽ ƒօɾ ԵհɑԵ Եօ հɑԹԹҽղ.. Ӏʍɑօ ʍɑղյí ä̤n̤̈d̤̈ ẗ̤ḧ̤ä̤ẗ̤ ÿ̤ṳ̈g̤̈
      D̤̈Ë̤L̤̈Ï̤S̤̈Ï̤Ö̤Ṳ̈S̤̈ Ÿ̤M̤̈M̤̈M̤̈ ????

      1. Manjima and yug that’s not a bad combo

  2. Pls update full story

  3. Saasha123

    so much suspense i luv it……

  4. Han next episode-.-devri just f**k off-.-kali plz come back to yug and plz make everything right…gauri should pay for her sins and reunite kali and yug..N make devri good and make him marry with manjhimaa??

    1. Eww. Yuck what are u saying
      We want kaali and devri to get married
      And we want yug to marry manjima, who know… she probably turns the animal inside him as well..
      And then guri with nadu

  5. OMG this is starting to get real sick! Nandu marries Kali and his brother gets to basically rape her because we all know that Kali won’t sleep with him willingly. This show is starting to tick me off! Thanks writers for turning me off of the show!

    1. ????? I cacam here so angry but after reading your comments I I must say u are a very funny person lol

  6. What’s wrong with the writers just hate them ? please bring back that cute kayu movements stop showing this nonsense ??

  7. The story writer has gone mad.This episode is full of shit.

  8. Just to drag the elipodes they are writing nonsense shit stories.

    1. You now realise that? Don’t even read update anymore, I prefer to read the viewers interesting and frustrating comments, it’s amazing how there are so many comments even though the serial has become crap with icing on top.

  9. Pls reunite yug & kali ??

    1. Hello viewer, the charm has died with this couple, maybe you didn’t realize.

  10. i think manjari should set a trap for him n see Wat he does

  11. Angelk1

    Honestly the writers could have made the show better if he would have made Nandu better and marry Kali. Cause Nandu is a good boy. But no, they have to bring a brother who seeks evil seriously. Please give Nandu some importants and stop this crazy crap.

  12. indera sanichara

    All I say is psychopath Writers bad to worse, you guys lost your brain and mind.

  13. Bring back kali and yug together instead of showing rubbish things

  14. Plez reunite kayu

  15. I think now kayu will reunite and yug become kali saviour.

  16. It will be interesting if kayu reunite and yug save kali from that devri

  17. Sam

    Oh. The show is such a crap, now they are showing devri is after kali , in this show every male is after kali first yug,then nandu and now devri, they are showing such a nonsense

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