Kaala Teeka 25th May 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Sharmila says i know what to do maa.. Neel comes in. Sharmila says don’t worry for me. i have learned how to compromise. Neel comes and says are you crying? She says pishimaa said I want to break this house. Did I lock myself in the trunk? She hugs him. Sharmila says I don’t care what anyone thinks as long as you are with me. Neel says I promise you will get the respect you deserve. Sharmila says thank you so much. Sit I will bring you tea.
Neel says to Manjiri you said sharmila wants to break this house. You are a woman too can’t you see her pain? Manjiri says what are you saying? I just said her that after so long happiness is back in this house. Neel says don’t change the topic. Vishwa comes and says neel mind your tongue and apologize her. Neel says otherwise?

You will hit me? Thats what you always do. For your own daughter you used me. And sharmila’s life was ruined. Enough of this. What happened to shamrila yesterday won’t happen again. Neel leaves. Vishwa says he thinks I did that yesterday..

Scene 2
Roop comes to pari and shows her warmala(garland) She says see everyone this newly divorcee. But she can’t live without a husband. That is why she is still trying to trap her ex husband.So i thought why not.. get her married too. You can thank me later. You will be happy to see these six handsome grooms. There are six men there. Roop says are you excited? Choose whoever you want. Just leave sattu. Pari says no one can take his place in my life. Roop says why did he divorce you then? Kali says only a fool can divorce a girl like pari. They are choosing this disgusting girl over pari. Roop says you called me disgusting.
Maa saab says enough. Pari leaves.
Kali says to pari I am sorry. Pari says you shouldn’t apologize. Truth is sattu doesn’t want to leave me.Kali says then what is all this? She tells her everything. Kali says I hope you all find the truth. And Gauri accepts her truth as well. Pari says I have an idea for Gauri.

Roop sits on stage. Everyone’s dancing. Gauri receives a text, come to resorts back. There is a message for you on a tree there. Gauri comes in the garden and sees a paper on a tree. She tries to climb the tree and get the paper.
Gauri reads the paper. She reads, I could text but I brought you here. Now think how will you get down. She reads more, I am seeing you. If you are ready to accept truth nod and I will send yug to take you donw. Gauri nods. Pari and kali are watching. Kali says thank you pari.
Sattu comes to maa saab. Maa saab says what happened? Why are you in tears? PAri says what.. Sattu says my maa saab’s heart was taken out and given to prohit. My mom’s heart was sold.

waiter says to yug you are called in garden. yug comes and sees gauri on tree. He says what are you doing there? He helps her in coming down. He says what were you doing there? Gauri says a bird was stuck in tree I was saving her. She says yug.. I am tired. Its too hot.Kali texts her you can’t save yourself with lies. I want your bangle. gauri says you go I am coming. Yug says you aren’t coming? She says I am coming in a while.
gauri says who is blackmailing me. Prohit asks what happened? Gauri says aren’t you blackmailing me? he says I brought you up why would I blackmail you. What has happened? I could help you and you know I have solutions. She shows him text. She says now he is asking for my bangles.

yug says to kali this is not right. You have to prove yourself. Kali texts gauri again. She says I should give it. I will tell dadi its miplaced.
Kali says I am going to hide behind resort she will come there with bangle. Gauri comes to yug and says someone has been texting me see. Yug says in heart she should take the bangle there why is she telling me about the texts.
Gauri and Yug come to the back of the resort.
Gauri says who are you come here. i will show you my husband is with me.. Yug says no one would come I am leaving.
gauri comes to kali your game is ruined. See. don’t play these plots with me. Kali says everyone will know truth eventually. You will be ruined. Keep that in mind. Gauri says yeah lets see.

Amma says my son is an evil.I will kill him. Maa saab says bhavna was my sister and I will get her justice. Shivpal has to pay for what he has done. Someone knocks at the door. Ma saab says who is this? She says roop. Sattu hides beneath the bed.

Gauri says to prohit whats the plan next.He says calm down. Everything is prepared.
yug says to kali I regret why I was with you in this plan. Garui says i can’t see kali with yug. Prohit says everything will work out.
Kali says okay don’t be with me. but lies will be exposed. Yug leaves.
Manjiri says what God has decided will happen. You have to give tests on the right path. Stay steadfast. Know your mission. Are you getting? Kali says yes.
Maa saab stops roop and says what are you doing here? She says I am looking for sattu ji. Pari says he is not here. Roop says of course why would he be here. Well its sangeet tonight get ready. And if you find sattu ask him to get ready. She leaves. Sattu comes out. Maa saab she said one thing right. Sattu you have to go to sangeet or shivpal will doubt us.

Next part in Meri saasu maa’s update.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg….wait for full written updates.

  2. Rimjhim


    1. Tq so much for the fast update.anyway today’s epi so nice.but one thing ts regret me .yug not believe kaali..that gauri make kaali to lose..

  3. I’m so disappointed that kali plan didn’t work and Yug gone back to being an idiot not believing her….also sharmilla is getting Neel to go against Vishwa so easily I hope they solve that soon can’t handle so much negativity all at once on one serial…..anyways thnx Rimjhim for fast update today

  4. Today episode is so disappointing guys.again kali lost yug trust.but tomorrow episode is some interesting point is there

  5. I hate that stupid gauri..she is such a b***h… I don’t how kali going prove that she is married yug……come on writer atleast let yug believe kali pleaseeeeee

  6. First I hate sharmila only… but now I hate neel also… how he talk this to manjimaa?…..:-[


    1. Same here I hate neel and sharmila….need caring like girl.he has to act like man… He is such an idiot.


    Toooo much evil brain are uses by gauri, purohit, roop and shivpal….
    Now due to all this Yug again do not believe kali, this much exam was not even given by sita that much kali is giving…

    Sometime i get confused should i like the show or not

    1. seriously!! thes how is getting too much if k=gauri cn say tht kali phtoshoped kali couldnt prove tht? cant she record gauri confession n show to yug atleast…..n cn she ask aryan to tell truth by giving him money n tht oandit oto


        If lead will do so, how will public watch all thise idiot things…
        Infact they show leads with brainless but i do not get at tym of serious secne like death or final truth, how come god help, when he do not help from start…

  9. I have questions writer.. Is Kali will prove his innocent or not???? Please don’t drag this this story… I can watch this gauri witch..?????????

  10. I meant is Kali will prove her innocent or not???

  11. I’m little dissapoint with today’s episode.. Kali plan didn’t work out and Yug stop believe her….I’m mad Yug too.. He has have some patience too…if Kali plan didn’t work ou than than he yell at Kali…?… I just wish Kali prove to him as soon as possible.

  12. Well I’m not interested in any part of sharmilla’s evil plan!
    love this show a lot can’t wait for the truth to come out!


      I do not get that sharmila is not villian of the show, why they are making her villian?? Can’t she see what is right and wrong as i consider her with little brain in compare to her mayeka….

  13. I dun think so de truth wil be revealed so soon.if ive not mistaken diz serial wil be 2 seasons length.now writerz giving chances for all villains to show out their actual devils… then only KaYu wil be united happilY everafter… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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