Kaala Teeka 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Yug goes upstairs in his room. Manjiri says to Leela Yug has suffered a lot. He will be okay in some time. Leela says no matter how long it takes, I will bear.
Kali says in heart it is something else that is bothering Yug but what? Yug is sitting in the room. He checks his phone. Kali looks at him and asks what is it? He says just some pending office work. Kali says I know it is difficult for me. Lets go somewhere we couldn’t go for honeymoon either. He says thats not possible. There is a lot of work in office. I am leaving. Kali says in heart there is something you are not telling me but what?

Gauri is in the jail. She says I am gauri jha take me out of here. Officer says shut up or we will beat you. Gauri says I am born to beat others I am Gauri Jha. The lady officer

asks constable to take him out. Gauri says I am Gauri Kha you can’t lock me up. I forgive you but don’t repeat that mistake again. She twists Gauri’s arm and says what were you saying? She looks Gauri is a different cell. Gauri says open this please, I am sorry. I don’t wanna live here. Officer says stay there, you will know who you are. Gauri says I am Gauri Jha, Vishwa Jha’s daughter. Ministers come to our place. I will see you all.
Gauri says every moment, I will seek revenge for it Kali. I will ruin your life. She sees a shadow of someone. Its Bijli. Bijli says what happened? They were not even letting me in, I gave Rs. 100. Gauri says I didn’t expose you so you can help you. Bijli says I am trying to get you out here. Gauri says you are not doing anything. Gauri says I will be out before 6.

Scene 2
Kali says on call Yug is not that way because of dadi. I don’t know what it is. Manjiri says he will tell you himself, don’t ask so many times that he reacts. Kali says Yug never behaved that way before. You have to tell me. This is killing me inside. Leela calls Kali and says you and Yug will do arti today. Chulbuli says congratulations you will do arti like a couple. Leela says congratulations too and laughs. Yug says I am leaving I have some work.
Kali says you are doing this why? We are one after so long. Yug says you are overreacting. Kali says you are not happy after everything is okay? Yug says everything is worse and no one can fix it. Kali is dazed. Yug says everything is over. He sits there in distress. Gauri comes in. Chulbuli says you.. Leela says don’t even enter this house I will cut you into pieces. Gauri says cut me and get over with this. that might be necessary for this house. I can’t live with this burden. Chulbuli says what are you talking about? Gauri says the burden Yug has given me. That night.. Kali drops the arti plate. Leela says don’t dare accusing Yug. Gauri says punish me but before that ask your grandson. Why are you quite yug? Speak up. This is about my dignity. I am a girl, don’t do this with me. Tell them what happened between us. Kali says what is this new story now? I know that nothing happened between you and Yug. Gauri says I was shocked too, Yug lost his mind and did what he shouldn’t have with me. Kali says what you mean. Gauri says someone sent me pictures and in those Yug was.. I even feel shy to talk about it. Yug might have deleted it. I did too. but someone sent me them. She shows a picture to Kali in which Yug is lying on Gauri. Kali is dazed. Gauri says now tell me where should I go and how should I show my face in society? Kali slaps Gauri on the face. Gauri says this was your proof? you want to create distance between me and yug with these? I was always your sister. I protected you all my life, I went against yug for you. And now you want to prove that yug.. Kali holds Yug’s hand and says even if Ramji says Yug did that I won’t believe it then these pictures are not worth anything. Yug can never do that because he knows what a woman is worth. He himself is like Ramji. Yug says I made a mistake, I am sorry. Kali says enough. Kali says to Gauri listen it one last time, my and Yug’s relationship is eternal. Don’t try to break it now. You called me Kaali right? For my husband I can even become Kaali maa.

Gauri swipes her tear and throw it on Kali. Gauri says sorry, no more tears. Glycerin is over. You know what you have no worth still. You can never beat gauri jha. I am a spark and people sitting on explosives do not mess with sparks. Kali says if you are a spark then I.. Gauri says let me complete. Just one report. A woman who was alone was made a victim of desires by her own sister’s husband and you all will end up in jail. And your husband, your ram ji, he will be executed.

Precap-Police comes and says who is Yug? Yug says I am. Inspector says there is an FIR against you. Come with us. Leela says he didn’t do anything. We will talk. Inspector says come to police station if you wanna talk.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. No peace for Kali !steupsssss

  2. Shameless gauri…how low can she get????????? Feeling very sad for yug.
    Was waiting for the stupid black magic track to end and something new to watch, but never expected this molesting track….. Hope kali exposes gauri soon

  3. I need to find something else to watch

  4. oh enough .. now the story is so much cheap/ I knew it. And yug was a fool. he ate dinnerwhich was brought by stupid gauti. didn’t he know how much cheap is gauri. she can mix anything. yug n kaali character is very much cheap…I only watch this show for yug n kaali. the history is becoming cheap day by day. I will never watch this show again until there is a good history.

  5. I loved this show but from todays episode i have decided that i will not watch it anymore

  6. Wat does she wants now n i don’t think yug did anything with her a black witch

    1. Please writer do us favor…. End this show…or let Kali and Yug die…give more chance is to gauri and enjoy urself…seems like ur favorite is gauri…. But no one likes that witch?????

  7. Guys watch the show ishqbaaz in star plus so far it’s going well.. I loved it…… I can’t watch witch gauri face yaar… I can’t tollerate it anymore… I think this writer r in love with gauri…that’s why they want bring her back into that house.. It suck and disgusting to watch???????


    1. 1000% I agree with u

  9. O my god problem again, why like that ?must give happiness the viewers first before another problem.

  10. what’s up with Yug????????doesn’t he has self confidents that he would never do such thing?????? he acting like he made a mistake?…. I hate yug when he act weird to kali…..if gauri is front of I will kill that bi**h….disgusting idiot…..characterless bi**h…I hate you Fenil for choosing these type of character…

  11. leave kali alone you annoying freak, gauri

  12. Day by day story goes very bad..stopped watching written episodes also

  13. Very bad story

  14. Change dis channel and watch Sony TV dramas like kuch rang piyr ki…. Its going well

  15. Yes Don’t watch Zee TV serials…. We will get high BP for sure….

  16. i hate gauri…..always looking for attention!!! poor yug….i feel that gauri should just die..

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