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Scene 1
Kalyani is in the store, someone locks the door. She says open the door whoever is doing this. She lits a matchstick. She says what voice was that? In the light she sees Kali there in seeta’s attire. Kalyani is scared. A light flashes on her face.
She says no it can’t be kali. Kalyani runs out.
Prohit has arranged a pooja. Everyone is there. Gauri says I wish Kali was here. Neel says Kali is here. Kalyani says where? Neel says in our hearts and look at the idol. It looks like Kali. Kalyani is scared of the idol. Manjiri comes and says my kali is here. Vishwa asks dahi bundi to take her back. Manjiri says my kali looks so good. Dahi takes her out. Sarojni’s sister is there too.
Vishwa says in heart I did all these pooja for gauri before but that kaala

teeka worked always. Does this time too? Do we need kali for gauri’s health?

Manjiri says to the guy looking for Sarojni’s sister. She says this is my kali. She shows him the doll.
Kalyani recalls shoving kali off the cliff. She sees a girl who has same hairstyle as kali. Manjiri throws color on kalyani’s face. Kalyani says are you out of your mind. she sees kali there.

Kalyyani cleans the red sindur from her face. She sees idol being lightened.
Swami comes to kalyani, he sees all those black and red on her face. Vishwa says your face. Swami says why is your face black? Go wash it. Kalyani says yes I am going. Sarojni’s sister comes in the pooja. The person looking for her is there as well. Manjiri comes and throws color on his face. she says holi. He shouts are you mad. Sarojni’s sister sees her. She leaves. Kalyani comes and says is this really happening? She looks at her black face. She says what is wrong with my face. Manjiri comes and says Kali. Manjiri says I told you devi would come. See she is here. Kalyani runs.

Kalyani comes to her room and says she is mad. She sees Kali in her room in seeta’s attire. Kalyani says who are you? You are scaring me? I know you are not kali. Kali is dead. Kali shows her trishun. Kalyani says I have not done anything. don’t scare me. Kalyani collides with Sarojni’s sister. She runs. Kalyani gets her hand cut. She says if this girl is not devi then she would bleed if I hurt her. I will know.

Saorjni’s sister says to neel I have to call home but my phone is not charged. He says that is our home phone you can use that. She says thank you. She calls sarojni. Manjiri comes and asks are you sarojni’s relative? She says yes. Manjiri says don’t worry I am here. She asks but aren’t you.. Kalyani comes and says what is happening here? Manjiri is dazed. Manjiri starts acting again. She says am I mad. I dont know but my kali is coming back. She says I was just calling. Kalyani says are you done then go.

The pooja is on going. Sarojni’s sister calls sarojni but she doesn’t pick up. Manjiri keeps the guy busy. He says why is this mental annoying me.
Kalyani comes downstairs, she says I have to see what manjiri does now. If that Kali look alike devi is seen now I know what to do. She has a pistol in hand.
Manjiri comes near Sarojni’s sister and asks her to follow her. She does. Kalyani follows them. She sees kali’s devi again. Kalyani takes out the pistol.

The pooja is on going. Majiri is trying to hide sarojni’s sister. A woman comes and drags her towards the pooja. He sees her. He is coming towards her. But manjiri shoves him on a girl. The girls start beating and bashing at him. Manjiri looks for kali.
Kalyani comes near kali devi. Manjiri is looking for kali. She says where is my kali. Kalyani points a gun at Kali.
Manjiri says in temple where is my kali. Manjiri says nothing should happen to my kali God. Manjiri says nothing should happen to my kali.
Everyone is doing pooja outside. Suddenly something hits Kalyani’s hand and the pistol falls from her hand. Kalyani falls down herself. She is scared.

Precap-Gauri says I will only be okay when Kali comes back. Swami says she will come back. She is not your kala teeka but because she loves you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Earlier on. I never used to like this show but now i love it. It is getting very interesting day by day. It is different from other shows. And those kids know how to act very well for their very young tender ages. They will be very great actors in the future. 🙂 When this show takes the leap and show the kids grown up . I will miss these youngers ones alot

    1. They deserved the Awards from ZRA this year for best child actors….but instead they gave it to the Satrangi kids who doesn not even act convincingly even in the least. Zee Cheats!

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