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Scene 1
Jethi comes to room and sees them both sleeping. She says I have kill one of them. Which one should I kill? She has a knife in her hand. Kali is in corridors. Jethi comes closer to the foreigner girl and says I have to kill her. She is about to stab her suddenly Kali comes in. Both of them wake up. They asks what are you doing here? jethi says this knife has to be placed beneath the bride’s pillow. That blesses her life. This is a ritual. The foreign girl asks what’s she doing her? Jethi says kali is my little girl. She comes with me. The foreigner says I dont trust in all this. I will take it as a respect to you. Give me. She takes the knife and places under pillow.

Jethi says to kali why did you come there? Kali says in heart I felt like jethi ma wanted to kill

Sarojni. but why does she want to kill sarojni didi.

Jethi says to kali stay around me and don’t go here and there. And dont say anything to anyone. Baba ji is hidden behind the plants. Jethi says I will take you to ram ji, you go in.
Baba says to jehti time is leaving. She says its about my son. I wont let the time slip. Kali sees them talking. she says there is something jehti is upto. She keeps troubling everyone in the house. I have to tell didi.
Baba says bring one thing of that girl the one you have to sacrifice. Like her hair, or bangle.
Jethi sees kali and says kali saw us she might tell someone. Do something.

Manjiri says where is my kali. I am really worried for her. Kali calls Manjiri and says there a sweet shop near house. Maniri says I will come to you. Stay there and take care of yourself. Kali says i am standing here.
Jethi comes and sees Kali. She says whose phone is this and what are you doing here? Jethi says manjiri maa is coming to take me.
Come with me.Manjiri hears all this. Manjiri says please take care of my daughter God.

manjiri is there. she is in market looking for Kali. Manjiri says please take care of my daughter God. jethi locks kali in the back of the car. She sees sarojni and says what are you doing here? Come sit in.
Sarojni asks what is hitting the back? Jethi says this is this baba’s car. I dont know what he has placed in the back. Kali says no one can even hear me now. What should I do now.
Manjiri asks different people if they have seen kali.
Jethi hits sarojni in the temple. The wig falls off her head. Jethi is dazed. Baba says go get her ready. Sarojni is faint.
Saorjni opens her eyes a little and says what are you doing? Jethi says this is for a good cause. Sarojni says I wont help you. Jethi says you wont be alive. Jethi says you blood will color my son’s life. I am sending you to devil. Sarojni screams for help.
Sarojni screams for help kali hears her voice.
They take Sorajni near the fire. Kali finds a panel and opens the back of the car with it.

Precap-They are about to kill Sarojni. Kali comes and stops them with trishun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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