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Scene 1
Kali goes from there and washes her face. She sits to feed the baby food. The family is busyt doing arti.
Manjiri sees Kali and says Kali.. Kali runs from there. Manjiri stops and hugs her. Manjiri says I knew my daughter was alive. Kali says I am alive. This child gave me a new life. I am her mom. Except her I have no one in this world. Manjiri says how can you say that. I am your Manji maa. I looked so much for you I cried so much and you are saying this. I am your Manji maa. Kali looks away. Kali says don’t give clarifications.
She says mama loves you baby. The love she never got herself.
Manjiri says who was it? Tell me. Kali says I can’t lie and you can’t bear truth. So let me go. Manjiri says I can bear anything. Tell me. Vishwa? Kali nods. Kali

is crying. Manjiri hugs her. Manjiri says this time is not to cry. I am with you. Kali says then why are you in tears? Manjiri says they are tears of joy. Joy of seeing you. These don’t bother me. Kali tells her everything. Kali says God saved me but I lost my child. Manjiri says I ashamed to call him my husband. Enough of this injustice. I will fight this for your justice? Kali says what justice? Who will give it? The father who considered me daughter? The sister who never considered me sister. The husband who forgot his wife for his inborn child. He believe in superstition now.

Kali says this baby is my life. I will live for her. Manjiri says when she grows up will you be able to tell her that you compromised? Don’t be weak. fight for your life and marriage. One more battle. Battle of justice. Kali says I am tired. Manjiri hugs her and says we will fight. Kali says okay but for this child. I have condition.

The pooja is over. Yug says where is Pishima? Leela says she was here. Yug says her phone is off as well. Chulbuli says she must be around. Yug says neel lets go find her.
Kali says I don’t wanna be part of that family again. Badky papa will try to kill me again and can harm her again. You won’t accuse him. Manjiri says but if we don’t expose him how will you get justice? Kali says thats my condition. I don’t know anything else.
Raghu and neel look in one direction, Yug in another.
Manjiri says I accept your condition but you have accept one thing as well. You will tell everyone that this is your child. Kali says I won’t lie. Manjiri says won’t you tell the world when they try to snatch her? That she is yours. Promise in front of God that you will consider her yours. Kali says God gave me this child. Manjiri says God took one from you and gave you another. Kali says I vow I am her mother and I will always be. Manjiri says you have to say that in front of family. Manjiri says if you want me to accept your decision. And this isn’t a lie.
Raghu and Neel say we couldn’t find her. Yug says her phone is off as well. Chulbuli says she might have left home without disturbing arti. Lets go home.
They all are leaving.

At home, Yug says what is police doing. First we lost the child and now my wife. Manjiri comes in. Raghu says we were looking for you. You could have informed before coming. Kali stands up. Everyone is dazed to see her. Yug says Kali?

Precap-Yug says happy to know you are not dead. You have no shame. What you want from here? Kali says I am her mother I can bring her up. Yug says we can keep the child but not Kali.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate Yug!He is not Ram but Raavan

  2. rekha vaghela

    Shameless yug!!! Die!!! Die!!! Die!!! U deserve gauri and only gauri

  3. i’m happy to see that idiot yug and devil gauri crying ..

  4. What is this rubbish? Why manjiri is pushing kaali to fight 4 that marriage again…please stop this stupidity. Dont want kaali to go back to that house again no matter what reason. Please show kaali as a more powerful woman and can live independently without them.

    1. She is telling to fight for her self respect not for her shaadi.

      1. U r right… She told manjari she care about Yug.

  5. Fir wahi drama pehle nafrat fir pyar or fir nafrat oh my god .

  6. Yug is bad I think kali should move forward in life

  7. YUg is shameless…
    Kali should show anger towards him rather than helplessness…
    She should teach them a lesson..
    Stop crying kali.

  8. Yug i thought u loved Kali but you r the same as the others..hope there is a leap n the baby is the Kali that will avenge evil deeds by vishwas n family

  9. Yug is the ultimate loser. Not sure why Indian girls are shown so weak in these serials. But one of the actresses said that this is not a show where there is any kind of message…just drama

  10. These creative idiots don have any other work apart from writng and showing SHIT!! If they really cant think of a better storyline…if they admit ki they are dumbheaded stupud with empty skull by showing dis shit on d tv…They can atleast copy some series from outside india…I have seen many English and korean series…short sweet and more than anythng else Sensible and they are useful!!

    Idiots i thour they will show kali to b a stronger women atleast now…i thout nandu wuldb d newlead!! But no…they wanted kali to b a shameless woman who wanna fight for her wife ryts…wife of such a dog like yug…oh sorry dogs have faith in their owners atleast…yug tho kuttha bhi nahi hai!!!

    So now if at all they again show kali fighting to b yugs wife…then am done wd this kala teeka…and with zee too!!!

    aaj ke episode dekhne ke baad aisa man lag raha ki creatives ko maar dhu!!!

    1. Mona146

      even I expected nandu to be main lead. But makers have proven themselves stupid.

    2. Totally agree with u shresta…dont know why they introduced nandu. I also thought he ll become an important character in this drama but this cvs has a narrow minded na, n they only want the lead that is spoilt to be paired again even if we people hate it to the core.

    3. Hahaha 100% agree Shresta the serial is now SHIT written by dumb headed stupid people with empty skulls – guaranteed DUMBOS working on KT

    4. Serioulsy nia and mona…nandu ko lead banaye tho acha hoga!

    5. Seriously hema…Zee tv ke prob kya hai yaar??? Why don they hire good writers and telecast some good stuff!! But sadly or mayb funny thng is trp ke top karnewaale serials zee ke hai…it shows we viewers are encouragmg them?

  11. I agree nia jb tak ye log Kali ko lachar btate rahnge tb tk ye sab hota rehega .Kali ko independent hona chye taki yug ko pta chlale ki usne kya khoya hai .

  12. I hate hug he’s so bad I hate him….whys the behaving s???

  13. It’s very cheap…….wht d wrtrs thkngggg…..yug does u hv ny persnltyyyy….cheap ithi bura strory…

  14. Yug kitna bada ravan hai Jo gauri ki hazaro galtio pe bhi uske sath reh raha hai aur Kali ki ek galti Jo usne ki bhi nahi uspar bhi usse maaf nahi kar raha itne months ke baad bhi usse apne biwi pe daya nahi aayi …aur iss serial me ye bhi batana chahiyeh ki gauri ka baccha kisi aur ka hona chaieh like…kumkum bhagya Tanu..tabhi sab sudhrenge..

  15. Nonsense crap. I know marriage is sacred but this is madness. What marriage should she fight for, let Kali live alone and raise her child for a few years. Show that she is not weak, Kali has struggled all her life we thought loved her but how can you love someone and have no trust that person. A lot of people believe what they see on TV and from where I am if I was a young girl in India no one could tell me about marriage, you people portray women to be weak. Kali got married to Yug and had all sorts of problems, Guari got married to him and everything went smooth. Zee do something or your viewership will hit rock bottom, people are losing interest.

  16. ye yug to Kutta se bhi worst hai . yug ek number ka looser or idiot hai. he deserves that shaitan gouri not kaali. I hope kaali has to move on and independent. writter can show that kaali as a successful singer because she has a great singing talent in this serial and nandu to be a normal gentlemen and they will be life partners and loved each other. kaali will snatch everything from duffer yug, evil gouri and whole family. please writter is kaala tika serials ki story ko or boring mat banao please please please barna bout jald is serial ko band karna parega.

  17. Shame shame yug. You don’t deserve to be with kali

  18. OMG next to kali, yug is the only other character that has no back bone.

    Do you think that gauri will rise Kali’s child with the same love and devotion that she will give her own? Writers should we all be happy that yug not questioning that the child Kali has is his?

    Why the hell is vishwa not in jail? Kali asking to be killed right now.

    Kali needs to rip that piece of crap from her neck that symbols yug love.

    At least leela gets a next grand child
    I hope kali does not allow yhose monsters near her child.

  19. What the hell wrong with you writers? How dare you allow manjima to tell Kali to fight for her marriage? What marriage you talking about? Go to hell, for what Kali is going thru, worthless husband, psycho sister who didn’t grow up but was dragged up!!!! I hate that whole family…..morons!! You see how yug greeted Kali? That’s what you made her come home for? For heaven’s sake, give Kali a new life, wealth, status, good husband and a fighting spirit, if ONLY to bring down that whole family. I’m so disappointed and disgusted.

  20. Now seriously, they couldn’t send a MAN for Kali, had to send a mad one, seriously? Zee…….. Why don’t you showcase strong women in your serials? If you can’t, please take off ALL serials when seasons end, don’t prolong ,not worth it it for me. I’m sure all viewers will find some other serials in other TV stations to be worth watching….including me. From the whole line up on TV, I zeroed it down to etretr and kt, and this is what I get. I absolutely don’t watch the others. I’m giving begusarai a chance coz it depicts a village way of life. Hope zee can read our frustration.

  21. You are right deviga he is ravan

  22. Omg wat the hell is wrong with yug n i want vishwas to see her n the baby

  23. So I wish that Kali tells yug that he means nothing to her then rip the ring from her and fling it at him.

    He needs to be reminded that she is his legally wedded wife and entitled to half of his property. She also there to see her other daughter and ask them to produce her. Then tell him, he can’t be a her child’s father because he may lose her daughter too.

    Yug needs to be reminded that he is not a man but a coward whose is incapable of protecting his so call love one.

    What happen to the days when Haiti wanted to abort the child? God answered her so why act like you wanted the child. It was a means to an end.

  24. Very happy to see yug and gauri crying

  25. I think we need to teach Zee a lesson because we have the power to do so and we should. We need to stop watching these serials.

  26. actually if kaali doesn’t fight …one day…they might label her as a kidnapper of yug and gauri’s child. if she faces them and fights for her rights…she will show even a kaala teeka deserves a life with all the rights like a normal person…i think thats the whole point of this drama…THE LIFE OF A KAALA TEEKA ….something that still happens within the indian community???Just an opinion..btw…yug please have a stand!

    1. Agree with u 100%…if she back up…no will know the true color of viswa and gauri… So why she has stay with that name “murderer”….she has prove her innocence not for Yug.. For her self respect.

  27. Toya,that won’t happen. I used to look at kkb and that story was seriously screwed up, everyone would complain,day in, day out and it was all in vain. Few times I called for viewers to stop posting comments, just to teach Zee TV and production house a lesson and you know what happened? Viewers posted even more comments, that call fell on deaf ears. That’s why Zee gives shitty storylines, they don’t care because there are those who watch the crap nevertheless and all they do is whine and complain. I no longer watch that serial, everything and everyone is boring in that serial, so monotonous, I’m fed up seeing their faces. Look at what is happening in KT, it’s not too bad after all ,it’s just that we need to see Kali in a stronger role now, high time that happens.

    1. Naz all the ZeeTV serials are turning out shitty storylines – the champion stupid serial is KKB and yet have TRP ratings that justify ZeeTV continuing to stir some more bakwas!!! Afraid KT is also going down the drain. ZeeTV writers think they are God’s gift to the planet – Shresta’s description is justified!!!!

      1. U are ryt hema…kumkum bhagya ke dragging storyline ko bhi log dhekte hai…isliye tho trp topper hai kb!! Stoped watchng dat shit Kb an year back itself!! In idiots ka motto sirf aur sirf Serial ka length hai!!

  28. Why so much change, hate and anger towards Kaali. She should not live there, she should not allow chaudhry familiy to hold her baby
    And please change Kaali’s ways, she needs to say NO and make some demands…

  29. I think kali should b strong enough. She shouldnt even allow gauri to touch her daughter, if gauri n leela do so much overreact she should slap them. It will be best. so much respect to this people is follness.

  30. Hahaha this is not the story of sita and ram ram never saw other girl as his wife other than sita he oly loved sita and when she can’t bear the people’s bad words so she want into earth for that sake ram kept sita in such good near by ashram. For her sake (dont tell this idiot yug as Ramji he is not ram ravan yak…)yea ram take care sita only sita can’t bear bad people words so it might affect the child ..so he sent her to ashram that ashram’s good thing will give good condition for the pregnant and child rather than good palace’s bad people bad words..oly for that condition.
    Oh this manjari is so annoying u thought kali will become strong business woman/great singer and when buisness of yug got fall down she will help and teach the lesson for all of them that the lady can do anything..but this is diffrent always manjari put kali to make crying woman ?? no can’t bear this idiotic story yak…

  31. samjh hi nahi a rha ki kahan se hsuru kaha se hui or a kaha gyi :/ itni achi kundali hone b baad b kali ki bhikhario jesi durdasha, or itni kharab kundali k hone k bawajud gauri itni khush or princess jesa g rahi h :/ . or kali k bina pehle yug or gauri dono me hi marne me lage rhete the ab in 7*-8 mahino me kisi ko ku6 nhi hua :/ fir to yahi matlb hua ki kali hi manhus thi, or iski kundali gauri se badal gyi ho . ku ki scrpit ka iski achi kundali se kahin b meil khata dikhta hi nahi :/

  32. I hate yug . He is very rude to kali. plz make that old women and gauri out of the house.It will be nice after that 😉 kkali u r so cute.

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