Kaala Teeka 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Dewri’s childhood laughs and says you might lose this time. Gauri couldn’t take Naina from Kali and Kali and Manjiri are friends too now. Devri says I never lose. I will convince Kali to do tap anyhow as that would increase my powers.
Leela is doing arti. She sees a weird thing with a pot on their gate. She drops the arti plat and screams. Everyone comes there. Yug says where did this funeral stuff come from? Devri says this is the funeral of the baby. They hear Naina crying. Devri says go and check if she is okay.
Naina throws up and is crying. Kali says what happened Naina why did you vomit. Please don’t cry. I should call the doctor. Yug comes and asks what happened to Naina?
Devri is doing tap by standing on knife. The child says devri more you

bleed, more powerful you will be. Your blood is getting black.
Doctor checks Naina and says I dont know why is she not well. Kali says how can you say that. Check again. Devri says its not your fault. Somethings are beyond comprehension but I can understand them. This doctor can’t do anything. If you wanna save her life agree for tap or soon this girl would die. Kali says shut up nothing would happen to my Niana. Yug says don’t scream. Scream on her funeral. Leela says Kali for heaven’s sake agree. Manjiri says why should we trust this man? Devri says test me once, as a bitter medicine. I won’t disappoint. Manjiri says Kali won’t do.. Kali says I will. Manjrii is dazed. Kali goes in the room and hugs Naina. Kali says I will do this tap. manjri says what are you saying Kali? Kali says as a mom I have to protect my baby. Tell me devri what to do? Manjiri says don’t do this.. Devri says stop it. Don’t persuade her. It won’t go in vain. Wear a yellow cloth.

Kali wears a yellow sari. Manjiri says you have started walking on the path of superstition. Kali says I want to prove devri wrong. That is why I agreed. I want everyone to believe that Naina is medically not fit. Iron cuts iron. We have to pretend to show how wrong he is.

Scene 2
Devri sets fire. He says we have to bathe kali with that ghee. First you will have to take 11 steps on these coals and Yug would be standing in middle of them with Niana is in hand. You have to take naina from him. yug cant come out of that circle. If he does her life would be in danger. Can you do this? Kali says yes. Yug stops Kali and says it is so dangerous. Yug says yes kali it is dangerous. Anything can happen. Kali says I am ready. Yug says you can say no. Kali says don’t worry about me and do as devri asks. she gives Naina to him. Nandu stops Kali. Devri says if you care for her then help her. Nandu says yes I will tell me what to do. Devri says come with me. Devri says you start the tap we are coming. Nandu says where are you taking me..
Manjiri says to kali don’t risk your life to prove devri wrong. Kali says nothing would happen to me.

Leela bathes Kali with the ghee. Devri takes nandu to temple and says sit here and pray for her. He locks Nandu there. Kali starts walking on the coals. Nandu says move forward. Kali is in pain. Her feet are burnt. Nandu is praying for her. Kali is almost fainting. Manjiri says stop all this devri I beg you. Devri says move forward Kali. Kali keeps walking. Her sari catches fire. She screams and everyone is scared.

Precap-Devri says yug don’t come out of the cirlce. Kali’s sari is on fire. Devri says these are all conspiracies of the evil forces. Kali move forward. Nandu breaks the door and come out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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