Kaala Teeka 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update


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The episode begins with Yog giving tulsi plant as a gift from kali to his pishi ma
Manjari is very happy to get this gift from him n kali
She wonders what was Yug’s rishtaa with Kali .
Manji gets s letter written by herself Adressed to Acharya ji She reads her letter that Kalyani was responsible for all the troubles in their life and their daughter Kali was not responsible for any of this, manji wonders who might be this manjari ?.
At Home Gauri asks Kali how to please Yug , what he liked?? What should be topic of talks between them etc
Kali Suggests he liked Classical music , Gauri does not like the idea. She says he is today’s guy .She feels she will understand him better .

Manji calls up Jha house and asks for Kali , the servant picks up the call Manji

asks for Kali , the servant puts the call on hold and goes off to call Kali , Kalyani wonders who was trying to talk to Kali ?. …, then kalyani picks up the phone kept on hold. She asks who was talking. Manji says she was Mukta and asks who was Manjari, and wanted to know about it from Kali ., the letter was written by some one named Manjari adressed to Achrayaji , kalyani asks to meet her at certain isolated spot to discuss the matter with Kali , Manji agrees .
Manji thanks Kali for her gift .

Kali comes to the phone and is confused to see kalyani talking on the phone she wonders why was kalyani talking when the call was for her ?.

Kali calls up Yug and asks about his pishi ma
He says she had lost her memory 14 yrs back and come to their house and his father had made her his sister, Kali gets s doubt and asks him to send her His pishi ma’s pic , Yug sends it to her and kali is surprised to see it was her Manjari ma .
She tells Yug she has to save Manji ma as her life was in danger .
Yug wonders why was Kali So worried about his pishi ma ?? What was the connection between the two ??

Manjari reaches the secluded spot and wonders what was there in that letter that Kali wanted to tell her ?? What was the name Manjari so familiar ?? Who was acharya ji ?? She waits for Kali’s arrival . Soon Kalyani confronts surprised Manji That why had she come to meet her again after 14 yrs ? Was she not satisfied after dying at her hands last time ?. Manji Is unable to understand what kalyani was talking , kalyani laughs that how will she understand ?. She was having memory loss, the letter she was holding was her death warrant . Manji realizes her phone was lying in the car . But near by Manjari’s phone is seen lying on the stones by the road side

Kali ‘s auto breaks down on the way to the Ram temple
reaches Ram temple running all the way and looks every where and wonders where could she find Kalyani and Manaji ma ?.she prays to Ram ji for showing the way. Right then she notices a poster saying no one could kill the person whom the lord saved, jako rakhe sayiya maar sake na koye …kali smiles …

At the secluded spot Kalyani shouts at manji saying she did not let her in peace even after her death. She left her baby snake Kali after her!! Where did she get that kali from ?? But kalyani will kill her too !! Kalyani addresses her as devrani and manji is more confused Kalyani says she was preparing for killing manjari again

On the road Kali is seen running as fast as she can
Whole in the secluded spot in jungle Kalya drags Manji by the arm to push her to death.
Manji protests.
As Kali is running she notices a phone lying on the road side. Is belonged to Manji ma
She answers the cal, and it is yug calling his pishima
Kali gives yug the location and asks him to reach fast .
Kalinis shocked to see kalya about to stab Manji Maa with a huge sharp knife , next moment Manjari falls to the ground lifeless. Kali Gets a shock

She screams MANJI MAA !!

Precap for tomorrow
Kalyani pushes Kalini to a deep pit and is burying her alive ,… She screams MANJI maa ,, Near by Manjari recovered from unconsciousness and hears the familiar shouts of MANJI MAA !!!

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    I hope manji maa gets her memory back and she reveals truth fast and unite kali and yug…

    1. true u r right shraddha

  2. Too bad not kalyani and murder thing again

  3. Well at least it going a little faster now!but my hope is that kalyani will finally be for exposed good after all that even though in a way she was helping kali

  4. I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen tomorrow.

  5. I thuthink kali shouldtell vishwas to reach her there to see for himself n I hope yug see wat kalyani is

  6. Nice episode….pls update the episods as early as possible..we love this very much and love the cute pair of kaliyug:):):)

  7. I hope in tomorrow’s episode we all get to see manji maa gain back her memory!!!! After this I hope that the friendship of Kali Yug will turn to love……….:):):)########

  8. Waiting for next episodes

  9. Superb episode , but only kayu scenes were missing

  10. I hope as the story is moving fast there will be more kayu scenes #love kayu??

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