Kaala Teeka 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Naina and Dimpy are in the boat.
The servant wakes up Thakur and says I heard some voices alsp I found this chain on stairs. Krishna says I was eating something in kitchen. It was me. Thakur says you don’t know anything about our lands and work though. Krishna says this chain is mine. Thakur says when will you have manly choices? He leaves in anger.
Krishna says I think this is Naina’s. Where has she gone though? His friend says at Badki’s maybe. Krishna says lets go. They are leaving. THakur says where are you going? He leaves without saying anything.
Naina says to Dimpy I think we are on the other side. The boat has stopped.
Mala stops the boat and goes towards the jungle. Dimpy and Naina sneak out too and follow him. A man meets him. He says

so you are here mala? Mala says to give grocery to asylum that was never there. They both laugh. Naina says its a bigger scam than we thought. They are directlty sent to red light area from here. Badki wants to come here. She will be sent to red light area and sold. And she thinks its a ritual that saves her village.

Badki says to chutki why are you still up? Bakdi says I didn’t tell you anything about Mai’s meds. She starts telling. Chutki says I won’t do this and you wont go anywhere. I have told God I have nothing to do with this ritual. Badki says this is to make God happy. Chutki says we can find another way to please God. Badki says shut up.
Krishan and his friend sneak in their house.
Badki says I heard some voice. The peek in. Krishna says no one is here. BAdki comes from behind and says you came to steal? She hits them. Krishan says no no it is us. Badki says I am sorry. What are you doing here so late? Krishan says I came to ask rat bitten remedy. Badki says whom did it bite? Krishan says no one. our guests are not there in the house. Badki says where are they? He says I don’t know. Badkit gets worried.

Mala says to the man, this optium is very good. It keeps the girls in control. Otherwise they make so much noise. Badki and Naina keep following them. She sees pictures of girls before and after. they see face blackening cream. Naina says this is so their can’t be recognized. This is way too much. She sees drugs as well. A man comes and says is someone there? Naina and Dimpy hide.
Bakdi and Krishan are looking for NAina. Badki says she doesn’t understand. Why did she go out so late. Krishan says you are right. Badki says its your mistake. I thought she is in your house you would take care of her. Krishna says she has feet that are not in control. He says I am worried. Krishan says to bablo you look there. Badki you look there and I will look in this other direction.
Badki says I hope they are fine. Mala comes in and sees Naina and Dimpy. Naina and Dimpy are scared. Naina says you know we were here? He says lets go we have to go back to village.
The thugs come and say we heard something. He says it was me. They leave. Mala and girls leave. Naina says to Mala in boat please tell me what happens here. There is no asylum here. He says I have been paid for this, I can’t tell anyone. My daughters won’t be part of this. This is how they keep my mouth shut. I can’t tell anyone but you both are brave. You need to have heart to enter lion’s place. Naina says Thakur is part of this? He says God knows. I am being guided by Mahant.

Scene 2
Naina and Badki come to village. sOmeone hits them with a small ball. A man says you two won’t back out? they get scared. Naina turns back no one is there. Krishna comes out of stones. Krishna says you two are doing sin.
Naina says you are hitting girls with this fruit? He says and what about you spying in this dark? I was scared. Naina says who asked you to come after us. What news have your brought? I saw you with Mala and heard talking as well. What did you see that side? Naina says there is no asylum there. This is a scam and hoax and I will expose it.

Precap-Chutki comes and says Badki didi.. Mai.. They all run home. Mai is not well. Naina says she will be fine. Mai says no daughters can come back to meet us. Naina says but you can go there. Lets request that Thakur at least allows mothers to go there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. these writers always changes d story and d concept that it starts with. rana ji and rani gyatri ,king and queen, ok u killed them off. rani princess u killec her off soo wat is dis show about now eh…d only real connection there is raj mata not even raja. everyting i looked forward to in dis serial dey destroyed. these writers r a waste of time no longer r there happily ever after with original cast couples soo dey go through trials and nevrr get rewarded….is dis wat zee writers really want to portray…d gd always loses after suffering of course and d bad always triumph

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