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Scene 1
Kali and jethi are or their way. Jethi asks kali to sit somewhere. She says I will go inside an do pooja.
Jethi comes to a baba. He says you came? I was looking for you. she says you knew i was coming?I have a small wish for my son. and whenever i am near destination something happens. I am sure you must have a solution. He says I have a solution. He says a bride has to be sacrificed only then you will have a solution. SHe says this is complicated. He says before the day after tomorrow you have to this or it is useless. Jethi finds the marriage house of sarojni and enters there with kali.

Manjiri says open the curtain let me see Kali once. Didi says I am here I will take care of her. Manjiri says no please open the curtain I want to see her. Didi opens the curtain. Manjiri sees someone on bed covered with sheet. Didi says are you okay now or should I wake her up? Mnajiri says no let her sleep.
Kali sneaks in the room. She sees sarojni and says hair on hair? Sarojni says shut the door or someone would come.
Kali says I am looking for ram ji when I find him I will go back. Sarojni says you must be calling me a liar. Kali says manji ma says lying for good purpose is not a sin. Sarojni says how you know I am good? Kali says because you are sweet and nice like Manji maa. I will pray for you. Sarojni says this will stay between us. She says whats your name? Kali says I am kaala tekka. Sarojni says what kinda name is that? Kali says i dont know. Sarojni says its not like that. Kali says it is. Kali syas i am going to look for ram ji now. she leaves.

Manjiri is worried. Vishwa says you are really worried? Manjiri says I haven’t seen Kali. She must be in pain and jethi bahbhi went for pooja. Vishwa says medicine doesn’t works in this. You have to wait for her to get well. Manjiri says in heart you can’t understand a mother’s feelings.

Jethi wraps something. Jethi says to Sarojni your dadi maa sent it. She says I will check it later. Jethi says open it once. Kali is coming there as well. Jethi says you should do a havan here in this house for the peace of this house.
At night Jethi sees Kali asleep.

Precap-Pooja in on going kali is there as well. Sarojni screams for help kali hears her voice.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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