Kaala Teeka 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Vishwa says to Prohit I couldn’t do it. I tried it. Prohit says what you did? Vishwa says I left her in the river, Prohit says you did wrong. You wrote your death plan yourself. Vishwa says she is a kid what can she do. We will see what happens. Prohit says it is written right. Nothing could stop what has to happen.
Yug says on call I don’t wanna hear a thing inspector. Inquire about all the kids that have been born in two days. Manjiri says doctor will help making sketch. Yug’s car hits a vegetable seller. Kali is walking past there. Yug comes out and fights with the keeper. He says I will break your face. Kali runs from there. Yyg throws cash on his face. Manjiri apologizes the keeper. Kali says you have changed yug. My Yug could never do this. Well our ways

have parted.
Manjiri and Yug come to hospital. They check footprits and Yug calls the inspector. He says I am coming with the foot prints.

Leela is praying. She says God bring my daughter back. Yug comes home. Gauri says where is my daughter? How can you come back without her? Where is she? yug says I have given police foot prints. Gauri cries and says I want my daughter. I will die without her. Someone bring my daughter back. She cries and sobs there.
Vishwa and Leela come to temple. Leela says its festival God, how can you do this to us.
Vishwa comes out and sits in his car. Prohit says I was coming to see you. Vishwa says could you find Kali? Prohit says I know a man who saw Kali drowning in water. Vishwa says I hope this is right. I can’t kill another time.
I hope Yug owns Gauri. Prohit says Kali’s game is over.

Kali stops rickshaws. She asks cars to stop for lift. Kali says the baby has fever. No one stops the car for her. Kali says I won’t let anything happen to you. She runs on the road. Kali is fainting herself. Kali says help me God.
Some people doing pooja in the truck, take her with them. Kali wakes up and says her temperature is better. Thank God. I haven’t decided your name yet. Its Naina. Thats one to Seeta’s name. You will be like her.
A woman says sister today is janmashtami, wear this red chunri. Kali covers it as well. Kali says my Naina is protected by God as well. A woman asks is this your child? Kali says yes she is my reason to live. Woman says she is really pretty.
Prohit and Vishwa come where Kali is. Kali is walking with the people.
Kali comes to temple.
Kali says thank you God for giving me Naina. You gave me a reason to live.
Vishwa leela and Yug are coming upstairs. Kali asks pandit ji for milk. He gives her the milk. Kali says my Naina will drink milk now. Naina is hungry right? Mama brought milk for her. Yug and Vishwa are walking right behind her. Leela says please do something God. Give us our daughter back. Don’t do this to us.
Whole family is in temple praying. Kali goes downstairs.
Leela says where is my daughter. Please God. Vishwa’s hand catches fire. They all try to extinguish it. Kali sees them and says I have run before someone sees me.
Kali runs downstairs. She collides with a woman. All the sindur in the woman’s hand falls on her. Vishwa says was Prohit right? Is that child a threat to me still?Vishwa says carry on with the pooja.Kali turns back. Her face all covered with sindur. They all look at her.

Precap-Manjiri runs after Kali and says Kali. Kali stops. Manjiri caresses her face and says I knew my daughter is alive. Kali says I am alive. This child gave me new life. There is no one mine except her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks maam

  2. Thanks atiba dii

  3. Saasha123

    Great epi…

  4. Are yr fir wahi drama.

  5. Maybe yug is possessed or has split personality disorder, Kali even thinks that is not her yug, glad to hear her say that their ways have parted,hope it means that they wouldn’t get back together. I agree with few of the comments yesterday, maybe the child is Kali’s, the thought did cross my mind fleetingly when I saw the episode but I said….nah! I see others have deduced that as well, anything is possible in SOAPLAND! Interesting precap……

  6. Sanjanaagrawal

    First kill this vishveer jaa …. I just hate him … accha hua haat jal gaya ….. and today our kali was looking sooo cutie pie …. and naina is also so cute ….. and this gauri showing fake concern towards naina …

  7. Kaali and manjiri is ok for me but if kaali and yug again go to hell u writer. I hate ur story line. Dont wanna watch this stupid serial anymore. I know its a bit harsh but I just cant see they continuously show the weakness of a woman for sake of love…

  8. Yayyyyy manji ma found kali!!!!

  9. These writers…whats wrong with them!!! What are they trying to show us??? Seems like we are not gonna witness any good episodes in coming days also!!

    Whenever i see that gold chain with yugs ring around kali’s neck it just irks me!! Whats wrong wd kali…mahaan si baagein karti thi na…ab jab samay aaya himmat dikaane ka tho kyun halaathon se baag rahi hain??
    Damn upser with the creatives…cant they show kali to b a strong woman???
    Shame on their parts…If someone sees our serials they wuld pity on indian serials and women…why cant they show some positive things!!! Chi!!

    Serials like diya aur baati hum,tammanah etc wch have got some good content end up… And shit loke saath nibhaana..Zee serials…colors esp they run over years!!
    Indian Tv esp colors and zee is all about Trps and Length is what i feel!!

    Creatives get a life…itz not late…plz show some positiveness and good content!! Dont torture us with this useless shit!!

  10. Chalo ab atleast manjimá toh Kali ke sath hai chahe usse koi pyar Kare ya na kare.ab yeh dono hi kafi hai sab ko maza chakhane ke liye

  11. Its just a stuped serial

  12. i completely agree with shreshta……”just cut the crap”…….hahahah

    1. Haha hai na..Oh just cut the carp ? Lol…Gauri ka signature dialogue! Nice!

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