Kaala Teeka 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Vishwa says then find some solution prohit ji. Whoever has casted eye on my house, at least blindfold them with money. What else have i kept you so long for? Vishwa leaves.
JT says I said that he has to throw away that Kaali. Now where will she go? She has no one. She is a kaala teeka.

Madhuri says to JT come here do meditation with me. You might lose some weight as well. You will lose cholestrol as well. JT says you brain has fats they need to be reduced. She says where is vishwa? Vishwa says i am here.
JT says I understand all this stress on your face. I am a mom like figure for you. Manjali thinks that I don’t have heart. I do, but its small. It has captivated my family in it. It doesn’t have place for all orphans around the work. This kaali is here, our family will keep having problems. She can be a misfortune for us and we’ll all burden down under it.

Manjali sings Kaali a lullaby about princess. Manjali asks is it hurting? Kaali says a little. Manjali says you tell me everything? tell me whats going on in your heart? Kaali says Gauri is the princess. I am no one’s princess and nor are you my mom. I don’t have anyone thats why JT punishes me? Manjali says its not like that. Kaali says don’t I have parents? JT said I am an orphan. I asked everyone no one told me who I am. Manjali says you are a bud, my rosebud. Kaali says but you are not my mummy. Who are my parents? Manjali is quite. Kaali says please tell me then I will sleep.
Manjali recalls vishwa saying that her parents wanted to kill her, they burried her. She will stay alive as kaala teeka of my daughter gauri.
Kaali says don’t cry manji. I wont ask you anything. Just don’t cry. Manjali hugs.
Manjali goes out and cries.

Precap-Manjali says to vishwa kaali asked me something that i dont know. she wants to know who she is? Who her parents are? Vishwa says don’t waste my time. Because of her problems are increasing. Cops come to arrest vishwa. They say come with us or we will drag you out.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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