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Scene 1
Kalyani says I will ruin this marriage. She comes to leela’s place and leaves the kundli there on table. Manjiri says yes who are you? Kalyani is dazed to see her. Manjiri says namasty. Kalyani sits with fear. Manjiri says are you okay? I brought water for you. Chulbul comes and says are you okay? What is wrong with you. she says bring her something. She is yug’s mother in law. Manjiri goes in kitchen. Chulbul asks are you okay? You know what I have prepared a dance for sangeet. That will cheer up your mood. she starts dancing. Klayani says very good. Kalyani says who is she? Chulbul says Mukta. Kalyani says your kala teeka? Chulbul says oh yeah. Kalyani is in a shock. Chulbul tells her everything. Kalyani says how long was that? She says 14 years. Kalyani says Kali has some

idea. Or she would have told Vishwa. I have to do something.

Gauri says yug has still not talked to me. Did you really meet him? Kali says can I lie to you? yug comes in with flowers and says hi gauri. I think I have really hurt. He gives her flowers. Gauri says I am sorry. I never wanted to hurt you. Yug says we should prefer truths from now. Gauri says I will never lie to you. Yug says hi kali. Are you okay? You look tensed? Kali says in heart should I ask hikm about manji maa?

Vishwa comes to yug’s place and says bhabhi what are you doing here? Kalyani says came to ask about clothes that we have to gift them. He says I came to show hjer the shagun list. Manjiri is coming out with tray. Kalyani pretends fainting.
Gauri says no one is home. She says Kali make coffee. Yug says sit with us. Gauri says Kali makes best coffee in world, you should try it. Gauri says lets take a selfie. Our engagement ones were not that good.
Yug says lets go help kali. Yug helps kali while gauri decides her clothes and stuff.

Kalyani says thank God manjiri doesn’t remember anything. Lela comes downstairs. She says jha didn’t come? Chulbul says yes he did but had to live. Kalyani says chulbul told me about mukta. I heard she doesn’t have memory. Leela says it was written in her fate to be here. Kalyanni says yes about fate. you believe so much in everything. Leela says we have kept her out of humanity. She does little work. Kalyani says yes but keep her a little away from wedding. Leela says what about the kali you have kept. Kalyani says if I could I wont let her come near gauri. Leelaa says vishwa said she is like gauri’s sister. Leelaa says if kali doesn’t come I will make sure that mukta doesn’t come in the wedding too.

Yug says this is really good. Gauri says I told you. Kali you helped me too. It was your magic touch. Yug says yes thats right. Gauri gets another call. Kali asks yug to clean his upperlip. He asks kali too. He teases her. Kali keeps cleaning. She smiles. Yug says gauri was right but pishimaa makes better. You are much like her. It is because of her that we are friends again. He says wait let me show her picture. Gauri says to kali lightly you should give us privacy. Kali says I have some work, you guys carry on. She leaves.

Kali waters the plants outside. She sees yug. He gives her chocolate and says this is because sweetness comes back in our friendship. Kali says wait bady papa must be coming. He says I met whom I wanted to.. I meant Gauri. You like plants? Kalu says manji maa made me their friend. He says pishimaa likes plants a lot Kali gives him a small plant. He says thanks. Yug says I like talking to you. I don’t know I am not that comfortable with gauri. We dont have common topics to talk about. Kali says I hope i am not coming between them.

Precap-Kali calls yug and says where is pishimaa? He says I just gave her your gift. She asks can you send me her picture? He sends. Kali sees it and says my manji maa is alive.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This show is soooooooooo slow!love it but ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

  2. not bad… keep moving…

  3. today’s episode was nice

  4. Nice episode
    I didn’t expect in an episode the writers will give us this much surprises.
    I thought the writers were little slow, if they are slow also they upto the point

    The best thing about today’s episode is Kalyani manjima meeting
    Kalyani drops gauri’s kundli in yug’s home
    Kaali comes to know that manjima is alive
    And the most important thing is yug started to realize his love for kaali
    Yug says he is not comfortable with gauri as he is with kaali , which is the first time yug is comparing gauri and kaali
    I hope yug will soon realize completely abt his love for kaali

    This episode was really good thank you writers

  5. i really love yug and kaali pair.they are amazing.

  6. Soo nice episode I love yug & kali chemistry oo God soo nice & stupid gauri is changed in bachpan she is so polite toward kali but now she is soo bad??????????

  7. Very slow… Don’t know y they making Kali so slow… She is quite okay but at least she’s not as bad as Rachna from Sapne Suhaane Larapanke …. Kali is very annoying… Yug is crazy over a voice but at least now he is starting to fall for Kali…Love Gauri although they both beautiful… Good story but…


  8. Lifñâ ñàväZ

    nyz episode

  9. Nice episode now finally Kali got to know her manji mom is alive

  10. Finally kali knows her manji maa is alive kalyani get to meet her

  11. Cannot wait to see the next episode!! !!!!!!!

  12. I love yug and Kali pair

  13. Kayu rockzz
    Guari u give them privacy and get out of their life

  14. I hope kaali & Manjari meet ?

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