Kaala Teeka 23rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manjiri prays for Kali.
Kali and Yug come home. Yug takes her out of Doli. Chulbul does their arti. Chulbul says why don’t you look happy maa ji.
Chulbul says enter the house. Yug picks her up. Kali says what are you doing. He says this is my right. Leela says come to temple and touch your forehead there. Kali is not feeling well. Leela says yug ask Kali to come to temple as well. Kali is suddenly fainting. She tries to keep control on herself. Kali faints.. yug says Kali.. What happened to you. Everyone is worried. Leela says call the doctor. Yug says Kali open your eyes. I won’t let anything happen to you. Doctor comes in and checks her. Yug sayswhat happened? Doctor says I am sorry.. I am sorry she is no more in this world. Everyone is dazed. yug says this can’t

happen. Doctor says she is dead. Yug says she was doing pooja this is not possible. Raghu says Yug calm down.
Yug sits next to her and says Kali get up we waited for this moment, You can’t leave me like this. Please get up. Leela says in heart what has gauri done. I didn’t know she will do this. Chulbul says let me call Manjiri.
Manjiri gets the news. she drops the phone and screams. Everyone screams. Manjiri starts crying.. Vishwa says what happened. Neel says who was it. Manjiri keeps sobbing.
Vishwa comes and hugs Yug. He says please control yug. Yug can’t stop crying. Manjiri caresses Kali’s faces. Sharmila says to Yug has Gauri done all this?
Yug recalls that woman at the wedding. He says yes Gauri has done all this. I won’t leave her alive. Sharmila says Yug stop but he doesn’t. Leela says stop her go.

Scene 2
Yug comes to Gauri. He slaps her hard. He says I know you did all that. Because of you Kali is no more in this world. You murdered my wife. Gauri is dazed. She says but.. Yug drags her out.
Yug brings Gauri home and says she has killed Gauri. Gauri says I have not done anything. Kali please open your eyes.
Yug says don’t touch her. Gauri says papa at least you trust me. Gauri says in heart thank God everything happened on right time.
Gauri says if you people don’t trust me I will place burning kapoor on my hands. Till Kali’s breaths are back. Yug says stop this drama. Gauri says I have a heart too. I will do this for Kali’s life. Gauri places burning kapoor on her hands. Gauri says I applied chemical on my hands, that is why they are not burning. But what happened ko kali? Why is she not getting up? The medicine had to affect for an hour only. Suddenly Kali starts coughing. Yug picks her up. Leela says this has all happened because of Gauri.
Gauri says Kali will always be my sister. Vishwa says thank you gauri. Are your hands okay. Manjiri says thank you Gauri. Kali says what happened to me? I can’t recall anything. Chulbul tells her everything. Chulbul says there is so much power in your prayer Gauri. Gauri says no it was kali’s. Ram ji sent me as a medium to save Kali. Leela says gauri proved her innocence. Gauri says Kali’s life is saved what is more important than that. I should go now. Stay happy you all.Kali says thank you Gauri. Vishwa says stop. He says this means my up bringing wasn’t wrong. The mistakes you did for you anger but you are soft inside. Your morals are strong. I am proud of you. gauri says I don’t deserve your pardon. My punishment is left. Gauri leaves.

Precap-Kali says see bady papa could someone else do this for me? Yug says I can’t digest that Gauri saved Kali’s life. Kali says but.. Yug says enough. This is day is special for us and I want to make it memorable.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Chaitali


    |Registered Member

    Now gauri is trying to be mahan!! i thought now good tracks will start..but no!!This gauri drama will continue!Uff i can’t tolarate gauri anymore

    • L...

      me too…I really cant tolerate gauri….I don’t why this writer giving favor to gauri….I really wish this writer get her out of the show or change her really into good person.

  2. D

    Kali and manjima. ….please please don’t fall into gauri’s trap…..I am sure she is going to cause misunderstanding between yug and kali……..

    • Nh

      I’m also afraid too….but Yug promise that he will keep her happy… Let’s see… It’s all upto him now…. Even Kali or majari believe gauri… Yug won’t believe her… It’s seems like the plate turn other way around… Let’s see

  3. Mukta

    Thanku thanku thanku so much Atiba for such a fast update…..plz update it fast daily….my TV is not recharged so I am unable to watch the serial…..thanks once again…….

  4. sri

    suddenly shocked o lot ‘omg’ thank god .i can’t see this show without kali luv kali very much.but don’t trust gauri.

  5. anu

    Guys iam so happy nothing will be happened to my lovely kali.guys that stupid gouri doing such a stupid thing every one believe her but yug won’t believe iam happy about yug. Be careful. Yug

    • K..

      U r right anu….I hope Yug stick with not believing gauri…..I’m pretty sure everyone will be fall into gauri trap…If this has to end leela need to be expose… I don’t know how they going expose leela… Still it’s ?????????

  6. K...

    I was wondering what is up to leela now??? …. Why is she praising gauri??? Something is fishy?????….I’m afraid leela might up anothe drama by bring gauri back into that house… Let’s wait and watch…. I wish leela get expose soon too or else she will deffenetly will create trouble for Kali.

    • K...

      This all seems like leela and gauri drama to me… To make everyone believe gauri again and to start the game?

  7. Sweena

    Worst episode I had ever seen and Gauri is so shameless she is doing this because she want to gain trust of all and thank god yug doesn’t believe Gauri and looking forward for this serial

  8. laura

    Gauri injection knocked kaala out . So it would appear that she saved Kali. She wants kali to trust her so later she can kill kali.

  9. PAYAL

    The suspense was not as good as expected. Hopefully the pin is found or the doctor re-examines kali and tells about the short term poison. Please don’t drag this out

  10. K...

    I think gauri is trying to be Kali kaala teeka so that she can stay in that house take revenge… I just hope this writer show us kali being happy always…no gauri in between them and screw things up…

  11. Shivanie


  12. K...

    I watched full video…. Yeap I’m right gauri and leela r planning something…. I hope they reveal old hag or else this drama will be continue…. Stupid leela and gauri:… Like Yug said ram ji saved her not gauri… It’s all acting….so, now what ???? How long they going take expose leela… Months??year???i really want that old hag go hell…

  13. PAYAL

    I just hope kali doesn’t start believing Gauri. Kali and Yug should not believe Gauri. Hope Yug finds the poison soon.

  14. shardha

    Can anyone pls tell me who was wearing red suit..I have just started watching this serial …the girl in red suit looked amazing I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life…she has so pretty voice

    • 86

      U mean bridal suit.,. If that is then it’s Kali… Her real name is Simran … Yes of course she is pretty…she is our favorite in this show cos of her I’m watching this show…

  15. 96

    gosh…why cant we even be happy for sometime…that stupid gauri always there to frustrate us….why? why? so much favor to this gauri…half of episode full of gauri drama….then why kali has to be in that show?….this is pissing me off….really now this writer going make kali as dumb….like b4 believing gauri….that is stupid ….hope yug doesn’t believe gauri….god knows what more scene she going to create separate kali and yug……..yug said he will keep happy and safe…let see if he keep the promise or not??

  16. Vk

    I wish they took some photo graph… So that if by any chance gauri attampt to put injection shows… Then Yug will more wake up and protect Kali … Gosh this writer giving us so much frustrations…there is so many thing gauri done didn’t even get expose yet…seem like incomplete… Everytime when I watch this show I can be happy… Even Yug and Kali reunion…I get more afraid then happy…

  17. Anonymous

    I don’t get one thing in this show….day b4 shows gauri said kali is maid…..bla bla bla….and today episode gauri saying kali is my sister I don’t harm her….how can everyone believe her???? don’t they have common sense?…can they recognize that she is playing double game?? and can anyone change in two days?…..this all bullshit…and we have to see all this gauri’s grap..gheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I couldn’t take it anymore……please writer don’t bring this into other zeetv dump show like tashan e ishq, jamai raja…..where is our culture going? really?….tashan e ishq her husband is alive…all of a sudden they made that stupid uv into good guys got marry to twinkle but her husband alive….jamai raja….same shit…roshini married to other guy…sid pretending he’s married …..gosh…what wrong with this zee tv?….r they enjoying by watching these type of drama……will they be enjoy if something like that happen into their life:/…….I’m really really mad and disappointed.

  18. Lisa

    What the heck
    Again and again
    Gauri, i cant belive u for after all kali done for u u distroyed kali life.
    U need atention ? Go fire truck your self !

  19. Suvrota

    Hlww shalini..how many times u change ur name??That too using same gmail??U were bashing in swaragini page using different names like shalini,rinky,pinky,prani,radha..Gosh!And now u are commenting in Kaala teeka page using navin and nancy both name?Do u think people fool that they won’t recognise ur logoo??

    Do u have amnesia that u forget ur name??Waise..what is ur name actually??r u a boy or girl..first of all r u robot or human??

  20. Suvrota

    Guys pls be aware of this navin n nancy commenting here..he/she is a basher and bashes in different page using different name with same gmail and same logo…just ignore him/her…He/she is a basher

  21. Payal

    Please writers, don’t make Gauri a cry baby and let her get away with her evil deeds. she is already warming up with all the leads; vishwa, manji maa and others.
    All the zee serials are following ea other. what’s up?

  22. anu

    Guys don’t worry. Yug will be there with kali
    Nothing will be happened to kali. But yesterday episode is not good. This story also like other zee tv serial.in every zee tv serial always evil win. In this serial also evil thought persons never exposed.

  23. Mariam

    Please directors get Guri and Leela out of this show they are so evil
    Leela is to old to playing dangerous game like change her to good or kill her in the show. Guri and Leela are alot like may that why Leela hate Kaali is good person, Kaali and Yug are good match, I want the truth to come out about Leela so Yug, Kaali and everyone know about them poor Yug thing his Grandma is good person and she is nowhere near a good person reveal the truth about Guri & Leela

  24. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    what kind of episode is this kali died :O later she become alive luckily, and I m sure this must be another evil plan of gauri jha hate her and love kayu i think now gauri will create MU between kayu, after Kayu marriage till date kali’s character is awesome for her strong personality I hope she doesnt melts for gauri now that will spoil her character again

    • Masz


      |Registered Member

      Whatz wrong anu????leela chaudhary stil doesnt accept kaali as bahu dat one we obviously know.anything happened anu???

  25. Kavi

    She will never accept her as long as she knows gauri trying to separate yug and Kali.She hated Kali from the beginning !
    Waiting for update plz anxiously?

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