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Vishwa and Swami reach there. Kalyani says she has fainted. I forgot my phone home. We came here for pooja. Vishwa says that guard told us. Swami says you should have told us.
The car would have taken you. She says I am sorry I didn’t kno manjiri would faint. Vishwa picks up manjiri and they leave.
Kalyani says in heart manjiri will tell erveyone what she saw.

At home, Neel says what happened to chachhi? Gauri says is she okay? Vishwa says Gauri you should rest. Did someone give her medicine? Dahi says yes mad did. Gauri says kali isn’t here that is why this is happening. If she was here this wont have happened. Vishwa says for Gauri we should bring Kali back.
Let me call the warden. The warden comes in and says I wanted to talk about kali. SHe fights with other


Swami is out with Neel. Neel says in temple, the idol looks like kali. It feels like she was framed here.
Swami says then lets buy this idol. Swami buys the idol.
A girl hides in their car’s back. she says I think I fainted. Neel and Swami sit in the cr. Neel says I wish you were here kali.

Kalyani asks dahi to leave manjiri alone and go to temple. She says to fainted manjiri, you shouldn’t get up. So I have a solution. We have to keep you in control.
She takes out a tranquilizer and puts it in manjiri’s mouth, there is a fire in her sari. Kalyani screams. She drops the tranquilzer too. Kalyani gets too busy in blowing the fire. She says how this candle came here.
Her hand gets burnt.

The girl comes out from the back of the car. She says I will hide in this house, charge my phone and then call sarojni didi.

Swami places the idol. Manjiri says my kali is back. She says to kalyani you know my kali is back. Everyone is dazed. Vishwa says what are you saying. Manjiri says yes kali. She takes off the cloth from the idol and says this is my kali. Who leaves manji ma? Kalyani says in heart she has lost her mental balance.
The girl comes in the house. Manjiri says my daughter is back. I was so alone without you. Vishwa says control yourself. What are you doing? Vishwa says I need to call the doctor.

The girl comes in and hides behind a door. she says I should stay here. But how to charge. Kalyani says is there a better doctor than God? God helped gauri as well. Leave this up to me. Do not call the doctor.
She says dahi take her to room. I will start pooja for her. Manjiri says to kalyani to seek revenge my daughter is back.

Kalyani comes towards the store room. The girl is hidden behind the door. She says here is where they put pooja stuff? The girl says I got the charger I should charge my phone and talk to sarojni. Suddenly Kalyani sees Kali in seeta’s attire. She is dazed.
Kalyani is in store. Someone locks the door. she says who has locked the door. Open in. The light goes off.
Kalyani is shocked. A flash light blares on her face.

Precap-Kalyani says when Ram ji comes to save Gauri I will handle him too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. nonsense what became of kali when kalanyani threw her off the cliff stop all this mind games and tell us the truth DID SHE DIE?

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