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Jethi takes the papers from the lawyer. He shows where the magic tape is. Kali collides with Jethi and water spills on the papers. Jethi says I will have to get new papers.
Kali goes to neel and says we are waiting for you. We have to draw. Neel says I am writing my name on the fridge with magnets. Kali reads Gauri. Kali says its gauri written. Neel says this is neel. Not Gauri. He says chacah kali says n for gauri. N is for neelkand. Kali says I saw it. Neel says no. Vishwa says N for Neel and G for Gauri. Vishwa says where you read it? jethi comes and says kali come here.

Manjiri says to mad whats wrong with you. Mad says I have opened my eyes. Manjiri says please stop. I know from childhood, you cant say something like this. Who asked you to say that. Mad says dont irritate me.

comes to Vishwa. He is reading a file. Manjiri says I just met mad. I feel like she has changed. I dont get it. Vishwa says we all know that this all belongs to Gauri. Mad said this and it was offensive but it is what I wanted in the end. Manjiri says she wants you to write will from now. Vishwa says there is no issue in making will. Don’t worry about it. Manjiri says I feel like Mad didn’t think about it.
She says I think someone provoked her. vishwa says who could do that? Manjiri says maybe Jethi bhabhi. Vishwa says she is like my mom. I trust her. She has become tough with time. but dont say anything against her. i cant believe she can do this. Manjiri says in heart I know that she doesn’t want peace in this house.

Jethi says to Kali you have disease it will infect everyone if you come out of this room. Kali says okay i wont come out of this room. She says to kali sleep.
jethi says to manjiri kali has got chicken pox. Manjiri says but she was fine. Jethi says you can’t see. She says this has happened to me. I know.

Manjiri is worried for Kali. She says i dont get it. Vishwa says dont worry jethi bhabhi will take care of her. Vishwa says let me see her. Vishwa says its contagious. It can affect you and then gauri.
Jethi says to kaai sleep.
Jethi says I am really worried for this family. Something wrong keeps happening. Didi says everything will be fine if you do a havan. Jethi says no I will have to go and talk to ramji. Only he can do something. Don’t tell anyone that I am going there. Didi says okay I wont tell anyone. Kali says I want to meet ram ji as well. Jethi says you wont be able to go. It will hurt your feet. Kali says I will go for my family even if it breaks my feet. Jethi says he will make you all right as well. Didi says yes you will be healthy once you go. Kali says yes I will go.

Precap- Jethi says in heart I will take her where i wanted and i will get rid of her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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