Kaala Teeka 23rd April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
kali calls doctor he checks vishwa up. Kali gives him juice. Vishwa says you are doing responsibility if a daughter. Kali says what if something had happened to you. Why you think that bowing down to leela will get gauri her married life.
Gauri comes and says papa you can’ rest. We have to go to yug’s house. Kali says gauri are you.. gauri says I am not talking to you. She says lets go papa.

Yug comes and sees Manjiri crying. He asks what happened? She says I am not alive for anyone. Kali tried to take him out but I couldn’t do anything? Yug sas what? Manjiri tells him everything. Manjiri says I am mad but he is my husband. I really love him. I want to kill his beliefs not him. Yug says now I know why was I snt out.
Yug asks why you did this dadi?

Leela says because I have experience. I lost my husband. Yug says I wont let you do this to vishwa. He did the same to a girl. Asked her to clean 100 temple stairs. What if he had died? You couldn’t tell law that you lost your husband that is why you were doing this? Vishwa is standing on door. He says I heard that people reap what they saw, I think same is happening to you.
Pandit comes and says all the fruits to you sent to temple were rotten leela. Sh says these are the same gauri touched and sent. Chulbul says she is so cursed. Leela says we don’t want a daughter in law like that. Leela says she has such a bad kundli how did she survive all these years. Gauri says because I have a kala tekka. Leela says what is she saying? What kala teeka? Gauri says won’t you say anything? Gauri says Kali is my kala teeka. Everyone is dazed.

Kali tells manjiri that Vishwa called her daughter. Manjiri says I can’t believe that. Kali says he called me daughter.
Leela laughs and says now I know why you kept her with your daughter and gave her so much importance. So okay listen my decision. If she wants to be daughter in law of this house, she has to bring her kala teeka with her.
Kali says manji maa please come back. You promised you will come back if he calls me daughter. Manjiri says I will come. I wanna see you being daughter in his eyes. Kali hugs her.

Vishwa says what happened? What are you thinking? Now tell me who is more important gauri or that so called daughter. Kali has to come with Gauri. Yes or no? Gauri says papa please don’t say no. Say yes. Kali is my kala teeka. Leela says you don’t have an option. Give me answer within an hour.
Kali comes home. She is so happy. she says someone is coming who will change the environment of this house.
Manjiri takes out her saris. She packs her stuff. Yug comes in her room. He says you are leaving? Manjiri says yes yug. I am going home. To my husband. The wall between us is broken. So I am going to him. Yug hugs her. He says you will leave me? Manjiri says no. I am not leaving you i am just a call away from you. Yug says I will take you there. I want to see the happiness on kali’s face. She has always wanted this.

Leela says she wont live in house. She will live in out house. Chulbul says will jha say yes? I dont get why is he so stubborn. He is daughter of such unlucky girl. Break this relation. Leela says what should we do? Send sharmila to banaras? Chulbul says but jha is not saying yes. Leela says he will call before 12.
Kali has decorated whole house. She says its such a good surprise for bady papa. I should call gauri, They come in. Kali says oh they have come.
Vishwa says what is all this decoration? Kali says its wedding house. Gauri says stop this drama. No one wants me to get married. Neither you nor your bady papa. Only 5 minutes are left to call my marriage off. You two will be responsible for it. Kali says what will happen in 5 minutes? Gauri breaks all the decorations. Gauri says my papa doesn’t consider me his daughter anymore. He considers you. Why should I call him papa then? Gauri tries to break a pot. Kali stops her. Vishwa says stop. I have decided. Kali’s life. you have to do your responsibility. You have to go with gauri as her kala teeka after her marriage.

Precap-chulbul says you have taken out these clothes for that servant? Gauri’s kala teeka? She will come with gauri in this house. Yug and manjiri are dazed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Where is the slap?

    1. She didnt mention bt there was.. bt i wonder did manjiti mention it to yug abt slap

  2. So sad for kali …. What s gonna happen kayu or yug gauri marriage …any guesses guys ….

  3. I don’ t like todays episode..gauri kya samajti kya hai apne aapko..aur vishwa gauri ki khushiyon ke liye sirf aur sirf kali ka istamal kar raha hai..

  4. what bullshit is this. Gauri is a idiot, she herself will ruin her marriage.

  5. Now i dont think manjiri will go..n she will put all efforts to make kayu marriage happen..n kaali expression at the end were like wtf bt she might agree..bt yug was already very angry in precap…now i wonder what is going to happen..what r they trying to show. Will kaali go n story eill go further like..blah blah….
    I wish manjiri send kali n yug to vanvass where they cn live peacefully n togethr bt no raavan or i should say gauri should come..she is extrelely bada**, ….sorry fr using such wrds

  6. what nonsense i think leela is crazy compare to how vishwa was…now that he agreed manji ma wont come

  7. Didn’t they show Kaali slapping Gauri I was waiting for that , okay Gauri is planning to bring Kaali as her Kaala Teeka to her sasural, Gauri do one thing let your Kaala Teeka marry Yug then no problems will come tum bhi khush, Kaali bhi khush, Yug bhi khush πŸ˜›


      Or dekhne wali public bhi khush…

  8. Gauri is foolish hate her character ,everytime Kaala Teeka Kaala Teeka , but if Gauri do like this okay if my Kaala Teeka marries yug I will get love from him okay Kaali marry Yug then there will be no naazar in our married life that will be the most foolish thing but I will love Gauri for that πŸ˜›

    1. haa even i think that this is going to happen or first kali will marry n then gauri will…n yug wont let her live in the out house or he will start living with her….n she slapped u must see the epi.

    2. n dont u think the show is getting a bit too slow..not in the terms of marriagw if its yug n gauri getting married bt in term of revealations…so many truth have come out..kaali is a little chnged only..its high time,her character should start getting bold(it get irritating seeing so much goodie to shoes) n now its enough…kaali should be seen telling yug that she loves him n yug should reciprocate…
      though twist is gud bt i wish tht leela wud have lept kaali proposal for yug to marry n then only gauri…
      bt if they show yug to be ramji..he ll marry kali n wont even come near to gauri…cuz ramji was pure also thts why he didnt marry 2x…acc to ramayana..
      wht do u think fatarjo

      1. Actually I don’t have much idea about Ramayana as I m not an Indian or Hindu, but yes show is going very slow already two weeks ago I switched back to watching colors at 7pm. And when there is ad I watch Kaala Teeka and after that I read updates if I like the episode I watch recorded episodes

      2. That’s what I have it in my thoughts too.. When they portraying Yug as ramji…ramji love is pure he love and marry only one women….

        Let’s see what this writer going show us…and if marry first gauri and kaali…really dont know why this writer portray him as ramji????

  9. What’s all this bullshit… That’s it I’m quiting watching this drama…it all heading to Gauri marriage… So Kali going remain kaal teeka… Really really this is going mad….is this writer giving favor to gauri???? Hate this

  10. Omg.. things are so bad for kali. That witch Gauri has to pay for this.

  11. Uhm i couldn’t really understand the episode and if I’m right there wasn’t any slap also but still thanks for the upload.


    Vishwa ne bolne ke liye kali ko beti to bol diya but manna nhi hai… vrna kabhi bhi aisa nhi krta ki kali ko gauri ka kaala teeka banna kr uske sasural bejne ko ready ho gya!!! Vo bhi uss ehsaan faramosh beti gauri ke liye jo sirf apne liye apne pita ko tak marne ko ready ho gyi, so mean??????????

    or kali to gauri ko slap krne wali thi uska kya hua???

  13. Uh?…How come without any hesitation viswa saying after gauri marriage kaali will go with her as Kayla teeka….this is stupid kali has to say no for that…or else it’s Not worth it watching this show…, everyone are helpless..so, who’s going unite Kali and Yug.

  14. I think Yug and Gauri may end up marrying and Kali going with Gauri after marriage then ……………it will be like Yug will be defending Kali and all that .
    Also they may show kayu scenes even after Yug is married and Gauri getting jealous..??.
    All I hope is that Yug stands firm and States that he is in love with Kali??.
    The thing is that Dadi knows that Yug loves Gauri bcoz of her voice but when she gets to know that Yug doesn’t love her plus her kundli is weak that’s a straight rejection or what do u think guys?

    I think the writers are taking long to unite kayu BCOZ maybe they think that there is no story after that but there is lyk
    *Kali being treated lyk a servant
    *Gauri turning to being the villain
    *Manjiri and vishwa
    *kalyani’s exposure e.t.c

  15. I said 1st only this will happen

  16. Stupid leela and gauri…. Hi guys . Today is my birthday.. i am 21 years old ☺

    1. Happy birthday

    2. Happy birthday


      Belated Happy birthday…

  17. There was no first part dr atiba… Anyway again kala teeka drama started…

  18. whats this?My comment was no considered.

  19. Another twist.

  20. what said on the spoiler are all lie…now seems like gauri is going marry yug….whats the point why is the writer making everyone fool…I just had little hope that yug will marry kali but I guess its not going to happen…uniting them at the end is usual story…im not going to watch this show anymore…

    1. no they wont since they r portraying yug as ramji

  21. why? why this channel trying to separate the loved ones……..they supporting negative charactors…..it’s frustrating…..can ANYONE KNOWS WHATS GOING HAPPEN IN THIS SHOW???????????????????????????????????????????????GAURI




  24. One I don’t get it….whats the point of reavealing the truth????nothing positive happen anyways…

  25. Why did leela do this to kali. Very bad.


    Atiba you missed 5 min episode in start i am updating here…

    Kali holds hand of bade papa and tak him out inspite of gauri asking her not to do.. she take kalash of pandit ji and give water to drink to him. Vishwa have some air and wash face with water..
    Behind tress Manjri is shown tensed and when kali see her she make her sign that bade papa is fine. Manjri relexes…
    Gauri comes to kali and hold her and say what have you done? Leela ji asked him to be there and you digged him out??
    Kali says to gauri are you blind that you can’t see what is going through bade papa..
    Gauri says what if he was there? He would there only get faint, he would not have died?
    Kali see her in angry look..
    Gauri says further that atleast after this my marriage will happen with yug, he must have done this? He would not have died? Why you are always behind bade papa bade papa…??
    Vishwa and all looks gauri…
    And kali is this much angry and she slaps gauri hard (which was shown trice slap).
    Gauri and everyone looks kali and screen freezes for 1 sec..
    Gauri say how dare you??
    Kali says you are so mad behind your marriage that you can’t see what is wrong and right?
    Gauri says this slap will cost you kali and I will answer you this? (Yani yeh slap bhut mehnga padega or iska answer me tmhe jaror dungi)
    Kali says give it back with pleasure ( shok se dena)!
    Right now i am taking bade papa home.
    All leaves from there..

    This much was missing i saw in morning…

    1. Hey thanks for the update one again Shraddha btw what shows do u watch currently quite curious to know πŸ˜›



      2. Areh wow somewhat similar to mine
        Mostly: dehleez, EDKV, KRPKAB, BHRk
        Sometime: IKRS, TPK, KT, TEI, YVR(depend on updates)
        When bored: Udaan, Kasam, Tamanna, MSM
        Weekend shows
        Both comedy nights, Kapil Sharma show, IGT(gonna watch tht), BCL
        And nowadays I barely watch hindi shows that’s why m more active here due to IPL


        I also watch BCL but IPL (only scores dekhti hun)?
        Can you tell me who won last week pune warroirs or lucknow nawab that match was missed by me..

      4. Lucknow nawab won the match, Pune lost

      5. what’s tkss???


        The kapil sharma show , started yesterday only….


    And i think due to this gauri decided to take kali as her kala teeka at yug’s house and made everyone ready due to her selfishness and knowing that she will get what she wants..


    1. After majari got her memory back … Kalyani hiding somewhere in the forest but still she is planing to spoil viswa, Kali and majari… There is so many thing she did but she failed…but still she want get ride of majari and Kali.

  29. I don’t get one thing this show…. Everyone knows gauri is selfish and do anything to get what she want…. Why these people can’t understand that if gauri get marry to Yug…she will give trouble in there family too…even if leela support her to get marry I don’t think gauri treat leela nice…she doesn’t even care for her father and how will see care that leela and their family…really this all stupid I wasted my time watch this serial…which don’t have any values?

    1. No not like dat …u dint waste ur time …lets see wat will happen next…plz don’t tell like dat…!

  30. Looks like most Kaala Teeka fans here love numbers hahahha I love numbers too πŸ˜›

    1. 271868 but ny name is nit thisq

      Lol only some like to put their real names

    2. Hahahahaha but this is not my real name lol

    3. Yes Fatarajo not everyone like to put their names …

  31. I don’t think badey papa will accept manjri ……but kali is gng to gauri’s house Na then she can easily manage the relationship between her and yug….

  32. Hey frnds ….im new here…inz the conversation of urs….

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