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Scene 1
Gauri says he has not called me back by now. Kali comes in. Kali hugs her. Kali says you know what.. Gauri says yug agreed? I knew he would. Gauri says then why are you so happy? Kali says its something else. Gauri says right now only important matter is yug. Kali says we should give him time. I want to tell you something. Gauri says I wont listen unless you sort everything out. you know what happened.. Manji ma.. Vishwa comes and says kali get ready for wedding. The date is confired.

Yug sits with leela, she which one do you like? He says I? Leela says this is your wedding. Choose a card. yug says whatever you like. Sharmila says maa see, they have taken our happiness. Yug has to make this compromise. but not anymore. I will ruin their lives. Chul says very good.


says unless I am not sure, I can’t tell bady papa about this. i am sure manji maa is alive and I will meet her. But I can’t se gauri like this.
Kali asks Vishwa for Yug’s landline number? He says but why? She says there is a truth that he didn’t know and now he knows. He is really upset. Vishwa says what is it? Kali says he saw me singing for Gauri that day. Vishwa says how could you do this. Why werent you careful? Kali says it was not intentional. Don’t worry and trust me, I will talk to him. This marriage will happen.
Kali calls yu’s place. Manjiri receives. Kali is shocked by her voice. Kali says manji ma.. Manjiri says yes who? Whom do you wanna talk to? I think its a wrong number. Kali is in tears. She sees Kalyani next to her. Kali hangs up.
Chulbul says it must be wrong number, hang up. I have to talk to choreohgrapher.
Kalyani says who was it? She checks the number and leaves. Kali calls again but the number is busy.
Kalyani says what am I not getting? What is this kali upto?

Yug sees a little guy and girl. The guy says I am sorry, I will never annoy you again. You are my best friend. She says sure? He says yes. She hugs him. Yug recalls Manjiri saying friendship is a special relation.
Kali comes to yug’s place. She says is it okay to go to Gauri’s in laws like this? But I have to find out whose voice is that. Leela comes and says stupid, what have you done. Kali has stepped on rangoli. She says my knee hurt yet I made it. You ruined it and you know how bad it is to stand on this. How can I tell you when you don’t know who you are. Kali says I am sorry I was just.. Leela says you came here to your sister’s in laws. And who manji? Are you our of your mind. Kali says I a sorry. Leela says i don’t know any sorry, get out of here.

Prohit gives Gauri’s kundli to Kalyani. She says well done. Now see what happens when leela find this kundli. She says this will go with shagun’s stuff. Prohit says it is already sent. Kalyani says I have send it there somehow.

Kali is on her way, she recalls the way leela insulted her. she gets hit by a car. Its yug’s. He comes out and holds her. yug says are you okay? She says I.. He says you came again to apologize on gauri’s behalf? She says it was my mistake. He says what you want? She says please start talking to gauri again. He says i am letting it go this time dont lie to me again. She says thank you so much. He says you are welcome and extends his hand. Kali shakes hand. Kali says I didn’t want to hurt you and neither did gauri. She is really sorry. Yug says okay I will talk to her.
Kali says in heart should I ask him about manji maa? She stops him. He says yes? Kali says nothing. He smiles and sits in his car. Yug leaves. Kali says no in these days I can’t. Maybe I am wrong. She can’t be alive.

Kali comes home. Gauri asks did yug agree? Did you talk to him? Kali says calm down. He said he will talk to you. Gauri hugs her and says thank you I am so happy. Kali says I want to tell you something.. Gauri says oh yes all okay? Vishwa comes and says Kali Leela called, what you did in their house? You entered without asking.
I didn’t get what she was saying, you wanna say something to clarify? Gauri says I sent her there to explain yug. Maybe his family got it wrong. His dadi is paranoid. Vishwa says you have to be careful with her. I don’t want any trouble. Kali says I will take care. Vishwa says okay and leaves

Precap-Kali, Yug and Gauri meet. Yug says from now on try never to lie with me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Today’s episode KaYu scenes were awesome , Simran and Rohan doing a great job as Kali and Yug respectively.

  2. Nice episode :):):)

  3. please make kali meet manjimaa sooooooooon……

  4. fatarajo i think I have seen I in dehleez and siya ke ram forum

    1. I have commented in dehleez forum not in siya ke ram forum

  5. As we thought Sharmila has agreed for this marriage only to take revenge on neelkhand jha and gauri

    I really appreciate Kalyani she is doing her job perfectly but somehow it flops

    Each and every day precap is only good but there is no improvement in the story

    1. agree with u shobana….show is moving in a slow phase……

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Hello guys I have got wonderful news to all. Kaali will find manjuri and she also regains her memory back. Kalyani will come to know about her and tries to kill her. But kaali rescues her. That is it. I have got this news so I thought of sharing u all!!??????

    1. Yeahhh that’s great

    2. Ranaji is this true
      Im really waiting for this to happen

      1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

        Yes yaar I heard the news in tellychakkar

  7. Wait,does it mean Yug hasn’t realised that he is in love with Kali? The story is truly slow.Until now I don’t know the relationship between Yug and manjiri….can someone please explain..

    1. manjiri saved yug 14 years ago she last her memory so yug’s father accepted her as a sister so she is staying with yug’s family……

      1. Oooh so when manjiri was released from da hospital something happened that she saved Yug but how did she really loose her memory?? …

      2. Those things they didn’t show
        Maybe in the upcoming episodes will be having flashback

  8. Ranaji how do u know this news ..from where did u get it…btw precap is awsum how cute kayu is ..I love yug…really his smile. …In precap it was also shown that kayu had a scene also

    1. Go to http://www.tellychakkar.com it’s just there as u scroll down

  9. My Gosh… How can stupid viswa say why didn’t kaali becarefull when she was singing…doesn’t he has commen sense dummy…viswa and gauri alway blame Kalli… They never accept their mistake. Gheeeeee. Whenever gauri scene comes its irratting me… Uh?

  10. I hope kalyani get wat coming to her n i hope kali get to meet manjari maa

  11. Ini our country Ka Yu means stick or wood LOL
    Nevertheless this serial is going good so far hope the maker will not create unwanted twist and overdose certain scenes
    Keeping my fingers crossed
    Let see how long i watch this serial
    Kaali and Yug should get married lets see in the makers mind

    1. Actually KaYu is the name of one of my favorite jam ;P but I love that jan and also Kali-Yug(KaYu) 😛

  12. i love u kali and yug

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