Kaala Teeka 22nd July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Kali is being dragged by the baba’s men. leela says to chulbuli handle here and don’t let anyone know. Raghu too. Manjiri comes, Leela says I am going from back door don’t let her know. Manjiri knows there is something wrong.
Gauri mixes something in Yug’s coffee.
Manjiri says I have to tell Yug. She calls him but he has fainted. Gauri lies with him and says I am not doing anything wrong. I want my love back. What is happening with kali is your mistake, you didn’t accept my love so I have to do this. No one can come between us now. I will kick her out of your life. We look a lot better couple than her. Her name will be removed from your life forever.
Manjiri keeps calling Yug. Bijli calls Gauri and tells her Manjiri is home. gauri says this

plan can’t fail today. You people are going to baba’s place go I will come there and handle everything. Bijli says hurry up. Gauri says I am going Yug to hit last nail on Kali’s coffin. Gauri says to the girl you have to take care of yug I am leaving.

Scene 2
Kali is taken near the fire. Yug gets up, he keeps calling Kali and says why is she not picking up her phone. Is she in problem? Kali is tried with ropes. Yug runs towards his car but his car doesn’t start. Yug steals a bike and rides on it. Leela says pardon me God but this is important for my house. Raghu comes home and says where is everyone? Chulbuli says thank God you came. Maaji took Kali to ashram to sacrifice her. Yug comes and says what are you saying? So much happened and no one informed me? Where is the ashram? Chulbuli says he might be near the jungle. Raghu says lets go there.
Baba lits a stick and gives it to Leela. She says will everything be all right? He says as soon as she is on fire everything will be okay. Go burn your problems. Leela is going towards Kali. Leela is about to burn Kali. Kali opens her eyes and is dazed.
Yug and raghu are on their way. Yug says please take care of her God.
Baba says burn her Leela, Kali screams you can’t do this. She screams for help. Baba says burn her. Leela sets the grass there on ablaze. Gauri reaches there and pretends like she is scared. Gauri says in heart for my happiness your sacrifice was important. Someone throws a stone on the fire and it blows. Its an old woman. Everyone is dazed.
Baba says who is that? Who stopped my solution. Its a real baba. He says yes i stopped you and this is not a solution this is your sin that you were doing. You were using your knowledge for wrong things. You wanted to take life of this innocent girl? This girl is pure as ganga. Innocent like Tulsi. He says to Leela the one who gave you troubles is not this. It is someone else. Leela says how you know? Baba says everyone is not fake like him. There are still people who have real powers because of their pooja. I will show you the real culprit. Baba says to Leela this looks like a fake rest you know. Real baba says we will know who is fake. He reads a mantra to turn real culprit black. Gauri says in heart another fake baba. Gauri burns black. Bijli screams, everyone looks at Gauri. She is completely black. Crows start coming in.

Precap-Kali slaps Gauri and says this for hurting dadi. She slaps her again and says this for my trust. she slaps Gauri again and says this for keeping Yug away from me.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Kanna

    wow..Nice precap

  2. Masz

    Who sent de real baba???????I think it must be manjima who saved kaali.Luv u manjima!! ?????

  3. Yes yes yes finally .

  4. Aishah Farisha nizam

    This series is the best
    Love u manjaiii maaaa

  5. Waaw kali your amessing I can’t wait tomm

  6. Kali is horribly dumb to believe and fall in trap of gauri again and again. No end for gauri evilness nor kali dumbness. They both are setting bench mark in respective fields.

  7. Stupid kali

  8. Great….. Super….finally evil gauri turned black for all to see. She more than slaps.

  9. Gauri deserves more than slaps

  10. Thats great now i will watch this show lol

  11. Finally…sooo happy

  12. Excellent writing. Good thing of bringing in the higher power to let goodness prevail. I think it was yug who asked ramji to help kali is the reason the holy spirit arrived.
    Now writers, don’t let Gauri get away too easily, she needs to have nightmares or something to pay for all her evil doings. Daadi needs to be punished too. Yug needs to put his foot down when daadi keeps Kali away from him.
    Follow up on the the evil and wrongdoings.. Thanks for this excellent episode.

  13. precap is nice guari deserve mire slaps

  14. I think real baba is also fake like fake baba who is involved with gouri. But he does trick on gouri so she convert into black. Someone play gouri’s trick of black magic on gouri. I also think it is yug and manji maa.


      Agree with you… it quite possible

  15. Hi masz anybody please tell me one thing to me. Anything happen between yug and gouri guys
    Pls tell me

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