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Scene 1
Manjiri says please leave my Kali. Kalyani says i don’t believe in pardon i just believe in punishment. You thought you brought me here. This was my plan. I brought you here. Now stand up. Go stand with the tree. Manjiri does it. Kalynai says should i kill you kali? Manjiri says please no. She says leaves kali and says I will manjiri. Go from here. Kali walk. Kalyani says i have prepared everything. She asks kali to pick up rope. Kalyani ropes manjiri with tree.
She grasps kali’s arm, Kalyani says I am taking her away from you. Go hug your mom last time. Kali hugs manjiri and says please save me manji ma. Kalyani takes kali with her. Manjiri screams please save my kali God. Kalyani says why are you crying? Kali says i know you wanna kill gauri but I wont let anything

happen to her. Kalyani says oh I am scared of you. She says show me this tantrum later. Kali says bady papa is there. Kalyani says don’t pull same trick twice.
We dont have time. You both have to die and then I have to go home and work.
Manjiri says if something happens to kali i will kill myself as well.

Kalyani drags kali. Kali says in heart I wont give up.I will save manji maa nad gauri as well. Kali bites her arm and runs. Kalyani runs after her.
Vishwa hears kali’s voice. He opens the door of gauri’s room and sees her talking to kali’s photo. He says what is this? Gauri says when I and kali play game I used to record it. I am watching it. I miss kali. bring her back please. I couldn’t talk to he when she came. Gauri says I have a little fever too. That nurse will give me injection but i will be okay when kali is here. You remember when kali left i couldn’t see. I will be okay when she will come back.

Kali is crying. She looks for manjiri. Kali runs. Kalyani sees her running and says she is going towards jungle. Manjiri finds a piece of glass and tries ton cut the rope with it.
Kalyani throws a rope in kali’s neck. she says your bady papa did the same and dragged me. You were in jail. But no you wanted to do this. I will throttle you with it.

Vishwa says how can I convince gauri that kali will one day steal her fate from her. I have to find a solution to this. With which she can just stay like gauri’s kala teeka. But never dreams of becoming greater than Gauri.
Manjiri cuts the rope. SHe says where is kali. SHe runs. A guard sees her and says madaam. He says what is she doing here? I have to inform Vishwa.

Kalyani says you bady papa did the same to me, now I am dragging you. She takes kali near the cliff and releases the rope slowly.
Manjiri is looking for kali.
Swami asks vishwa where are manjiri and kalyani. The guard comes in and says i saw manjiri in forest and she looked worried. swami asks where you saw her? He says near the cliff. Vishwa says come with me. swami says i am coming as well.
Kali says save me Ram ji please. Kalyani says you are going to ram ji very soon. My heart is crying but I have to do this. You got to know a lot. Kalu says you can’t harm Gauri. God will save her Kalyani laughs. Kalyani shoves kali. Manjiri comes. She sees kali falling down. Manjiri screams kali’s name.

Precap-Manjri falls on the ground. Kalyani says now you have to go to kali as well. Vishwa and swami come.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. utter nonsense too like I said this is going on in all the serials because children are writing the storylines to suit themselves

  2. I hope vishwas see wat kalyani is doing to kali n manjari

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