Kaala Teeka 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Chtuki falls on Naina’s hand and Badki’s mehdni gets spoiled. The women say this is not right. One says show me. She says its just spoiled from above. Its not a bad sign.
Naina sees Krishna’s bike outside palace. He is talking to Thakurain. He says amma you know she ride bikes. Thakur says NAian you are here. This is my son Krishna. Naina is dazed. He says soon I will give him all responsibility of the village. He will handle everything here. Thakur says even you believe in our rituals now. Naina says yes of course.

Krishna comes in palace. He pulls Naina in room. Naina says how dare you? You hid your identity form me because your papa plays this game. This is sick mind game. He says shut up. He holds her hand. Krishna says I am martic pass but I spend two years in

each class so don’t speak so much english and don’t come close your honeycomb hair scare me. He says my intention was something else. Here are you going back tickets you have to run form here. You are messing with the wrong person. I hate this ritual too but I don’t say anything because people blindly believe in it. I know you won’t trust me. I didn’t tell before because.. She says what? Some guys came here too to speak against this but they ran away. Naina says I do what I says I won’t run away and I know that for sure. And you wasted your money on tickets. I will buy them when I save badki. GO and tell your dad. I will save badki anyway. She tears the tickets. Naina leaves.
Krishan says never saw a girl that blunt.

Scene 2
Badki is writing money’s calculations for doctor and Chutki’s education. Mai brings in Chutki and says work in the house you always play. Mai says to badki show me what were you doing? SHe reads the calculations. Mai says didn’t write anything for yourself? You are handling whole family. Chutki says who will care for me when you leave? Badki says mai is here. Everyone loves you. Chutki says you save me from mai’s scolds. Badki hugs her. She says do some miracle God.

Naina comes in Krishan’s room. She says there is no switch in my room but I am sure there would be one here. And he isn’t here. She goes to washroom and straightens her hair. Krishan comes to washroom. He says you.. Naina says you.. He says what are you doing here? He slips. Naina laughs. She says I am going. He says wait. Show me your face. He says you look different. She says are you flirting with me? He says yeah maybe. She says see your face in the mirror.

Naina teaches the kids. Chutki says more people want to learn from you. Chutki says didi you look different. Naina says I have straighten my hair. Chutki says no more honeycomb. Naina laughs.
Naina teaches all the girls. She says promise me you will come here to study every day. A girl says but we all have to go to asylum one day. Naina says in heart I won’t let him sell them. Naina says tell me if I come here at 10 every morning will you all come here? The girls say we have house chores. Chutki says we can come at 2. Naina says okay done at 2. Promise? They all promise her.

Precap-Chubs says to Dimpy take me to Naian. She hears something singing. She stops. Its Badki. CHubs recalls Kali.. She says Kali.. is that you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. i am sure it is the same song that kali use to sing but what i cannot understand how come naina cannot remember kali she was old enough to remember her face never mind

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