Kaala Teeka 22nd December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Devri stops the car and does his tap. Naina is walking towards the idol. Devri creates a cyclon around Manjiri. she falls. Devri’s horse comes running towards him. Manjiri sees it. The horse goes towards temple. It comes near naina. Naina screams. The horse wants to attack Naina. Kali and Manjiri run towards Naina. The horse jumpes in front of her. Naina has kalash in hand. She is scared. Pavitra takes the kalash from Naina and shoves her. Pavitra gazes at the horse. The horse stops jumping and Devri falls down with a shock as well. Kali hugs Naina. The horse calms down. Everyone is dazed. The horse returns from there. Kali hugs Pavitra. Prohit says she has a pure soul. Lets complete the pooja by showing the shivling through Naina’s hands. Naina pours water on shivling.

Manjiri says thank God nothing went wrong. Manjiri says Devri sent that horse. Nandu says what are you saying? Why would he hurt naina? Leela says Devri had been helping naina and he was with you. Manjiri he left me and ran away with the car. Manjiri tells them everything. Nandu says this is all lie. He can’t do this. Devri comes and says Nandu.. He is injured. Nandu comes to him and says are you okay? How this all happened? He says some men had a fight with me. Devri says I am sorry Manjiri I had to leave. The people asked me to take the car forward and I didn’t so they started hitting me that is why i had to run. Kali says how do you know we are in temple? Nandu says you said Manji ma would come here with him. Manji ma would have told him. Manjiri says I was about to but i didn’t. Kali says then how you got to know? Devri says I went home from there. The watch man told me you people are here. I got worried why everyone went to temple that is why I came here I forgot that I am not part of the family. Nandu says you are my brother and will always be, no matter what they say about you. Manjiri says pardon us we doubted you. Devri says it’s okay. Nandu says let’s go brother I will dress your wounds. Naina says uncle is this aching? He says no I am fine.

Scene 2
Manjiri sees Naina staring at her doll. Devri says in her room, Nainalook in my eyes, he has another doll. Devri says come here Naina I am calling you. Naina keeps looking at the doll and starts walking. Pavitra touches her and says didi.. Devri feels a shock.
Kali comes in the room. Devri is doing his tap. He says Naina you will have to come here tonight. The girls are asleep. Kali recalls prohit saying it’s not easy but you have to do this to save Naina from that Evil. Prohit says go kali you have to do this. Kali takes off the locket from Naina’s neck. Kali says I removed Naina’s locket nothing would come between you and Naina now. Devri says now

Devri is doing his tap. Manjiri, Kali and Prohit are looking at Naina from behind the curtain. Naina wakes up. Naina starts walking outside the room.
Devri floats up in the air. Naina floats too. Everyone is dazed. Kali runs towards Niana. Naina disappears. Manjiri says calm down. Kali says she is my daughter. Manjiri says I know but this is more important for her.

Precap-Devri says to Kali have you fed Naina? Then why you call yourself her mother? You have no right to be called her mother.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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