Kaala Teeka 22nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Mad says you didn’t let my wedding happen. You did this delibrately. You have lost your mind. Kali says mad mama don’t be mad at manji maa. We planned all this. i just wanted them to marry so everyone can stay happy in this house. We did this from our hearts. Mad says shut up. you are lying now. Don’t fool me now. I know everything that you three can’t make such plan. Manjiri did had part in this plan.
She gave you instructions. Kali says i am not lying. ram ji helped us. Mad says shut up or I will slap you. And don’t involve gauri with you. she is about to slap her vishwa says stop it mad. What is this. haven’t you read all is well, end is well.
Kid planned all this so we can live in peace with manjiri. Doesn’t she have right on

me like you do? So they got her, her rights. Kali you dont have to stay hre among elders lets go from here. Manjiri says to Mad Vishwa loves both of us. You are my sister.
Jethi says what a game you have played. She leaves.

Scene 2
Manjiri does arti, vishwa take arti. He says bride is given something first morning. she says i dont need anything. He says I know this all doesn’t fascinate you. See what I have brought for you.
Kali comes in and says manji ma bady papa will send me to school. manjiri says thank you so much. She is really happy. he says she will get right and love. Vishwa says from now on you both will go to school together. Manjiri says can she wear good clothes like other kids?
Mad comes downstairs with her bag. Everyone is dazed. Vishwa says what is all this?

She says I am leaving this house with gauri. I and my daughter wont live here.
Kali says no please gauri wont go anywhere. She says please dont do this. Manjiri says what stupidity is this. she says I was stupid when I loved your husband. What did i get? A kick. Come gauri. Kali says gauri wont go. Vishwa says stop. Look madhuri when I got married you knew that I have a wife and i loved her then why are you so troubled now? What do you want? She says can you give me?
She says name everything after my gauri.
He says this is all for gauri. How can you talk so small. Mad says when she does its not small. He says what manjiri has asked for can’t be given and what you are asking is already gauri’s. You have showed that you dont trust me. get papers ready I will sign them right now. Mad says okay then I am not going.

Manjirir says we always were used to share. How could you give up on trust between us. Tell me if I have hurt you. Shout at me, be mad but don’t turn your face to other side. i am so alone without you. Mad says done? now go from here. Manjiri says we are sisters. Mad says dont say that. I have meditation time go from here now.
Jethi says I have made her your husband’s second wife.

precap-Lawyer says I have written Neel’s namd on the papers and put a magic tape on it. Once Jha signs the papers take the tape off.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Y is jheti doing this manajri have happiness in her life now n they want to ruin it i think she want everythi vishwas own

  2. Jethi Babi is always interfering in other lives. She should just get married to Vishwaveer, because she controls him. Poor Madhuri she is innocent and they are getting the wrong impression of her. Somebody make Jethi mute in the series and criplized.

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