Kaala Teeka 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update


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Vishwa picks up Shiv ling and stands on one foot. He starts the mantra. Kali keeps ringing the bell in temple. He says no matter what happens I wont leave you alone.
Mad says gauri give this coconut to darling ji. She says no I have headache. Mad says okay go rest. Its starts raining.
Next morning, Vishwa gets done with his tap. Kali is still ringing. Gauri comes and says thank God papa you did it. Vishwa says all night someone kept ringing the bell so I don’t fait. It must be kali. Kali’s hand is bleeding.
Leela comes with pandit. She says I did as you asked. Leela says lie. Gauri says he did as you asked. Leela says thats a lie.
Vishwa says I did tap all night. Leela says but you had to do it without help but someone helped you. So this tap won’t be considered.

Now I have to think again about it. Vishwa says i will do it again tomorrow. Pandit says thats not possible. Leela says there is one thing you can do dharti tap. Gauri says papa please don’t say no.

Yug calls kali. He says I am sorry. I said sorry. He says I talked to dadi. Kali says what she said? Yug says she said she wont do anything that bugs me. Kali says means she has accepted gauri? Yug says you are worried for gauri all the time. Kali says what else can I think other than her marriage. Yug says yeah why will you. Anyways I am going to patna. Will be back by evening. Kali says was in a hurry.

Vishwa is taken down in a grave. He struggles to breathe. Kali comes running and says where is bady papa? She says gauri how can you do this with him? you are so concerned about your wedding? She says please leela ji I touch your feet. Please tell me where is bady papa. She says quite. You come to tell me all the time what should I do? I don’t like talking to servants. Go from here. Kali is crying. She says I won’t let this happen. she starts screaming bdy papa.
Kali sees the dig. She runs towards it. She starts digging to take vishwa out.
Gauri stops her and says stop. what are you doing. Kali doesn’t listen. Gauri says my wedding will be called off. Don’t do this. Vishwa is faint inside. Kali takes him out.

Precap-Gauri says why did you have this? He wont have died in a few hours. Why you care so much about him? Kali slaps her. Kali says cares about your happiness so much that he is ready to risk his life. Gauri says I will answer this slap.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hate gauri …. What the f**k …. For het happiness all should suffer … Kali and yug should get married… And bring gauri jha from sky to ground

  2. I love the slap scene she really deserve it gauri you are really prove in this ep that you are a crazy

  3. i believe vishwa is inclining towards kali…kali slapped gauri..gosh….bt this will go on like any other show like ema n all those…if they convey their feelings and agree to be together b4 gauri n yug marriage else i think yuka..

    1. then i will quit

  4. Gauri shld be shot to death. ..

    1. I agree with u!…those mentality people don’t deserve to live!

  5. Gauri is a friggin self centered spoilt brat!! Cnt she think abt any1 besides her slf!?!?! Anyways I luv Kaali n dats all dat really matter so I dnt give a dmn bout Gauri or whoever!

  6. I hate guari…go hell gauri why cant she try the test stupid gauri…..after all this if gauri gets marry yug..there is no point watch is stupid show….no values…..I wish kali marry yug from of her and want to see her reaction….this all bullshit!….how come no one cant make understand that f+#kin bi**ch gauri….

  7. Guys plz help me out.. Did Yug say that he’s going to patna ?? Don’t u guyz think that he’s gonna meet with an accident then ?? It’s been mentioned in a spoiler and it’s when kali rushes to hospital being severely tensed about yug’s condition…n finally confesses her love ?? Plz reply.. Will yug have n accidnt??

    1. Don’t know but if that happen it’ll be great…..I’m eagerly waiting if something could have happen or not…let’s wait and wait watch?

    2. Even i thougght the same..n vishwa n manjiri will reunite…finally i think manjiri is 1 to unite kayu

  8. Nice precap!gauri really deserved slap.

  9. Its wonderful precape gauri really deserve it.Anyhow what is spoiler


    Finally vishwa will realise soon that all this superstitions are just not worth it.. and dhe soon realises that all these things he is doing for gauri is just waste real daughter and kali being neglected since childhood is actually adopted daughter.. kali is the one whom he should listen..
    And I liked the precap gauri deserve more than these slaps, instead she should be inside mud dig, gauri is just selfish for herself, she not even thing about her father…

    1. she obsessed over yug….just like pakhi was over raghav i’ve been reading comments where people are comparing the 2 all the time didnt think nothing of it till now….whats sad even kali win over vishwa completely she would still be missing something and that will be yug and not to fall in vishwa eyes she ll continue to push for the wedding to happen. ..really still hoping for a difference in this show compares to the typical storyline they all seem to adapted too

      1. *compared to


        Right…. and i don’t know gauri is obsessed with yug or not but i know that gauri do not want that what is given to her goes to kali; in that way i consider her selfish..
        And for kali she will be quite about her love for yug as always…

  11. gauri is so selfish…..manji ma needs to let vishwa know shes alive atleast leela will stop making him out to be a liar all the time and maybe gauri attend would change a bit towards him….who knows

  12. Spolier
    Kayu’s love confession.
    Yug soon met an accident.
    Kalibgets tensed knowing about it and it rushes to hospital to know about the yug.
    Kali will soon confess her love for yug in front of all and will tell that she loves yug.
    Gauti will be irked seeing all this and will warn kali yo take revenge for snatching away her love.

    1. Thanks for spoilers ritual. I think not manji not kalyani not gaur I of course, but the one to unite kayu will be one and only vishwa I m having this gut feeling

      1. Thts sur gauri n kalyani won’t..bt i think maniri n vishwa will since they ll reunite

  13. I hope vishwas realized it kali who love him n not gauri

  14. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Gauri cnt even act let alone be a princess wit poise…kali you are just no words I love u so beauty simplicity n pls do sumting for u…n yug….

    1. I agree with you…she only how dress up …he acting really bad and irratate people

      1. Oops she acting really bad!

  15. I hope so too leila

  16. What the heck…… Guari is so selfish… and Kali.. she is too naíve.. ughhhhh… but that slap though???

  17. Vishwas is reaping the monster he sowed. Not a princess but a spoilt rotten brat who needs not one slap but a few slaps well to come to earth. Her mad mother is just as stupid, She actually deserves Kalyani.

  18. Instead of viswa burying in that box… They should put leela and gauri and bury them…hell with gauri she doesn’t even tiny bit care for his dad…b***h.

    1. hahahaha. same pinch. gauri bahtu bo lrh ithi ki mar nhi jate ye , kali ko ise hi box me band krke dafna dena chaiey tha ki ab pta lagega tujhe :D. wese b shadi teri h na tu hi box k ander band ho

  19. This gauri is so selfish she doesn’t even cares about her dad crazy girl good job Kali really gauri deserved this slap. Gauri now your this foolish step will indirectly unite KaYu 🙂 hate Gauri a lot man she is worse than kalyani

    1. How will this indirectly unite kayu

  20. Gaurie deserve that slap good job kali!lol????

  21. Viswa should call Gauri Devil?…Kali Princess?

  22. gauri ne kaha, ku6 ghante band rehte to mar nahi jate, me hoti kali ki jagah to bolti chal thik hai tujhe me sirf 1 ghante k liye band kr deti hoon fir dekhti hoon marti hai ya bachti hai, 3:) 😀

  23. Good thank god kali slapped her!!!☺?????????

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