Kaala Teeka 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Gauri says Kali please make parsad and alta.
Leela says bring parsad. Chulbuli bring flowers. Sharmila comes, Leela hugs her. Manjiri hugs her. Manjiri says in hard times you get to know about a person. I am proud of you. Yug say I did it for the sake of humanity.
Chulbuli asks sharmila how you got this bruise. Leela says what happened? Show me. Leela says how did this happen. Sharmila says please don’t say anything if vishwa gets to know then.. Leela says then? Sharmila says it happens. Chulbuli says see mata ji what has been done to my daughter. We take care of Kali and Gauri and they do this to Sharmila. Do something. Leela says we will answer this. How they dared harming my daughter.

Gauri says how are these bangles to girls.. Leela says come with me. Gauri

says what happened? Leela twists her hand. Gauri says leave me dadi. Leela says I am doing what your parents have been doing to sharmila. If anything happens to her I won’t let you live here. Gauri says what are you saying? If you wanna send a message to papa then hurt kali. She is papa’s favorite. Papa loves her, torture her. Leela says where is kali?
Leela sees kali and manjiri and says so parsad is being made here? In your house daughter in laws are tortured. Manjiri says what happened. Leela says say one more word or we will kick your daughters out. Don’t ever harm sharmila again. Manjiri says what are you saying. Manjiri says I am giving you warning. She leaves.

Sharmila says lets see more. Chulbuli says me have to fuel the fire more. Dadi says to gauri what are you doing upstairs. Gauri says where is agabati? Leela says I don’t know. Gauri says must be in kali’s room.
Gauri says found it. Gauri says dadi there is something in this alta. It has burnt the cloth. There is some chemical in it. It can burn anything.

Chulbuli says all women will apply alta now. Kali says let me bring it. Leela says stop. She has mixed something in alta. Kali says there is nothing like that. There is no chemical in this alta. Its pure. Gauri says then apply it on your feet. Kali says sure, I have fasted with my heart. Manjiiri says but kali.. Leela says are you involed in this too? Apply it right now. Kali applies the alta nothing happens to her. Kali says see it is pure. What were you saying gauri? Say it again. You have that mental condition I know. Leela says what mental condition? Kali says she used to make stories in her head and consider them truth, SHe will be normal after taking med. Leela says oh God.. what else is there in you that I don’t know. You have ruined the day.
Yug says to gauri I am warning you I will throw you out of this house if you do something like this again. Kali says what happened gauri? Hubby will kick you out. Gauri says what magic was that? Kali says I started using brain. I changed the alta you put there. You applied it too. It can be the one you placed there. Gauri says my feet.. Kali says there is a difference between me and you. I can never harm you. But I will make you so helpless that you will accept your sin.
Gauri says I will never let you succeed. I didn’t learn how to lose.

Gauri meets prohit. Prohit says that kala teeka has ruined our lives.gauri says see my kundli and tell me what can be done. Prohit says give me some money. Gauri gives him money, he says now see what I do. He explains her the plan.

Precap-Kali places something in temple and says I have written everything in it. Take it to yug. Gauri sees her and says now see what I do. Kali sees her changing the chit.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. ?………..?

  2. I am fed up of this gauri i am glade kali see her changing the chit i wish it back fire on gauri and she get kicked out of house.

  3. maria chenelle

    I hate gauri more n more … I hope she will kick out from yug house .. always make trouble .sharmila also ..hate u gauri n sharmila

    1. Me too, I hate gauri and sharmila. They both mental.

  4. What is this?… Why there is so many villan in this show… There is no one there help Kali.. Why is this stupid sharmila want hurt her???? Manjari and Kali r so innocent but I don’t get it y sharmila is want to punish them… Sharmila suppose to take revenge on gauri.. Not Kali? What is this writer trying tell viewers.

  5. Sharmila and gauri are metal…???

  6. I hope sharmila realises at she’s doing otherwise she too, like gauri, will be thrown out of her in laws. Why can’t manjri use her mind to expose sharmila’s misdeeds? She’s giving advices to her daughter then she can also set things right in neel’s life.

    1. Majari doesn’t know what’s going on??…if she knows she might’ve do something about it I guess.

  7. Soo true maria totally agree

  8. Thank God that Kali came into the house to save Yug but what I don’t understand is why Gauri cannot just get kicked out of the house already I just cannot wait for Kali to show Gauri her real place. I really hate Gauri so much. I think that later on in the show Sharmila will accept that she made a mistake and will live happily with Neil. But all I know is that Kali and Yug are meant for each other.?

  9. This show really was my favorite show on zeetv but the way its going now I’m getting to hate it!steupssssssss can’t stand dadi ,gauri and shamilla!actually is only kali and manjari seem to be the only ones who has some sense!!!

  10. Hi guys today episode is so good but yug didn’t understand kali feeling. He taught about humanity. That means he didn’t understand truth. Atleast he didn’t try to find truth. What is this writer? Sharmila doing very too much so worst than gouri

  11. Gosh I hate sharmila now.. She is over acting… I don’t get why she has punish Kali and manjari.. She is stupid.

    Gauri she is such b***h doesn’t even know how to act?….other then the make up.

    Yug… I can’t understand wheather he believe Kali or not????

    Leela …. Really if she near me i will put some bullshit into her mouth and such tape it.

  12. Why can’t Yug think if majari say something there must some truth in it???

    Please writer atleast let Yug find about the truth and fight against leela.

  13. No worries frenz… our kaali is getting smarter n smarter… we wil see next how our kaali defeats all evils in da house.Yezzzzz… juz Yug open ur eyes wider plz…?????.

  14. It’s totally waste of time guys. In this serial heroes are looking smart but they didn’t use their brains. How many times manji ma told truth to yug. But he can’t identify the truth
    No use of hero in this serial.
    Heroine play a hero role in this story.
    When yug know the truth? Atleast yug know the truth then kali prove herself very easily with the help of Yug. What is thinking writer of this story? I can’t understand. Pls reveal the truth Atleast next week

    1. Anu.rilex yar.itz not heroes in de serial fault to be blamed of… de writer n director want him to act such a way… so far i think all de casts are acting so well until we feel like wana kick gauri out of de house straight away, wana slap yug so dat he faster awake n realize bout de truth.as well as leela dadi with de outloud speaker sound of voice.hahaaha.so far im really enjoying de show of kaala teeka even hindi is not medium language in my country.keep it up kaali n Yug.. fight for u both love.. ram n sita

    2. I agree with anu… Majari told Yug indirectly so many times, Why can’t he think about it for once that if majari is believe in Kali then there must be reason behind…he like his pisima right… I saw yesterday episode after Yug answer manjari face turned little sad…majari is helpless she believe Kali but she doesn’t have prove show to Yug about the truth.. So she couldn’t defend for anything. It’s better Yug find about the truth soon…..this show has full of villan and I hate it.

  15. Hate Gauri scenes love KaYu scenes today saw 3 consecutive episodes of KT and skipped all Gauri parts but couldn’t resist myself when I saw the part Leela tells Gauri she must fast n Gauri is like what? Lol I bursted out laughing the way she say what n leela’s expression was too funny

  16. I know masz that is writer fault. But when iam watching that serial yug behaviour is so disgusting that’s why iam feeling like that.thanks for Ur reply

  17. There must be some wrong casting in KT
    Coz here Kali does the Ram’s role whereas Yug the Sita’s role
    Here Yug is trapped by Ravan(Gauri&Leela&All the other villains of KT) in the Lanka of mis understandings,sugary words and falsehoods
    And Ram eka Kali has to reach the truth & fight the Ravans to get back Sita (Yug)
    Manji ma acts as the one and only hanuman,laxman and the entire vanarsena
    Really Ram Sita Jodi of kaala teeka

    1. Hahahaha????? well said and it is true Yug is Sita and Kali is ram.?????????????????????????????????

  18. There must be some wrong casting in KT
    Coz here Kali does the Ram’s role whereas Yug the Sita’s role
    Here Yug is trapped by Ravan(Gauri &Leela&All the other villians of KT )
    Ram eka Kali has to reach the truth fight the Ravans to get back Sita eka Yug
    Really Ram Sita Jodi of kaala teeka

  19. Any body pls tell me guys. On 19th may of kaala teeka serial played one song guys when kali and yug together. Pls tell me what is that hindi song

    1. De song dat while kaali was laying on de bed with Yug sitting beside isnt anu????i also like dat song but not sure wht is de title…. anyone plz help anu!

  20. I agree with juhi

  21. Thank goodness Kali mouth getting hotter by the days…better than other heroines in other serials.

    1. Exactly naz.totally agree wth u! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. Yes masz that song only I want.no one are tell what is that song



      1. Oops I meant promo…I miss spell

    2. TQ for de updates. De proms r not showing on tv channel in my country Malaysia… at least with ur updates i know whatz gona happen next in de epi.Never missed watching diz serial episodes so far! 🙂 🙂

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