Kaala Teeka 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Manjiri comes and sees Swami doing pooja. She says in heart maybe he knows something about the certificate. She sits next time. She says should I help you. So much has changed since you have come and Kalyani is so nice. She takes care of everyone. Elders are very good for us. Swami says this is all because of kalyani. She convinced me and told me there is no religion without family. Manjiri says she much be from a really good family. Where is she from? Swami says I never asked. She was so upset when she became my wife. Her husband left her and she lost a child right after birth. She doesn’t have anyone. She got me and I got her. Manjiri says he knows about the child then why is she hiding the certificate.

Manjiri comes to room and sees kali isn’t there. Kali comes

from under the bed. Manjiri hugs her. Kali says when can I meet Gauri? Manjiri says I know you wanna meet gauri. but this is not the right time. We are doing this all for Gauri. Kali says did you find anything? Manjiri says some papers you can’t get it. Kali says are they not enough to tell the truth? Manjiri says they are useful but Swami knows about it already. Kali overhears talking in manjiri. SHe says who is there in the room. Manjiri says we have to hear it form her. We have ti find another way. Kali says in your wedding when we made jethi maa drink something. Then something like that? Manjiir nods. Manjiri says we will save gauri. Kalyani peeks in, she sees manjiri only. Manjiri says do you need something? Kalyani says i felt like there is some thief in. Manjiri says i was resting. Kalyani says yes please do.

Swami says today was really good. Mad says I heard mom in law liked dance like me. Vishwa says shut up. Manjiri brings in sweets and says swami ji, see the sweet mother in law liked the most. She gives it to swami and then vishwa. She gives it to mad, she doesn’t take. Manjiri says its parsad. Mad takes it. Manjiri gives it to kalyani.
Kalyani says in heart I am sure something has been mixed in this. Swami says take it kalyani. Kalyani takes it. She says manjiri eta half with me. Manjiri is reluctant. She takes the half sweet. Someone throws a ball at kalyani’s hand and the sweets falls down. Its kali.

Kalyani comes to temple at night. She says whats is going on in heart of manjiri. First she stole my paper and yesterday she wanted me to eat the sweets. manjiri and kali try to overhear. She says why didn’t manjiri say something?
There is smoke. Kalyani runs outside. Manjiri says where are you going? Kalyani says out in fresh air. Manjiri says don’t go out, its late. Kalyani says my head hurts. Come with me. She takes manjiri’s hand.

Kalyani takes manjiri out with her in the jungle. Kalyani starts dancing. Manjiri says how did scorpion come? Kalyani says he stepped in. Manjiri says how did it bit Gauri? Kalyani says from his mouth. Manjiri says your brought it right? Kalyani grasps her and says yes. Kalyuani shoves her manjiri falls down.
Kali comes running to manjiri. Kalyani laughs and says one with another. She takes out a dagger. Kalyani grasps kali and says don’t come near I will kill her. Kalyani says you thought you can fool me? I knew all this. I had a herb in my teeth. You thought I was high. The game is mine. Now there is no rectification for this mistake. Manjiri says please forgive my kali. Kalyani says forgiveness? I don’t know what it is. I believe in punishment.

Precap-Kalyani says to Kali your bady papa was dragging me with a rope that day right? How will you save gauri now? She shoves kali form the cliff.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Omg but kali can’t die ram ji will save her the little boy

  2. what the hell kalyan alwys i knw ma kali is best she cant die easy bt plz dnt mak kali suffer sh stil child as gauri

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