Kaala Teeka 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

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Scene 1
Thakurain welcomes NAina and others. She says come I will show you your rooms. Naina says in heart I know there is something but I will stay in lion’s house to cage it in.
Badki serves everyone. Naina says chubs you are not okay who will tie my hair. Badki says I will. She ties Naina’s hair. Naina recalls their childhood. When she and Pavitra used to do each other’s work. Niana says badki please get me an idol.

Naina comes out with idol. She says I have to repent for my mistake of yesterday. She comes to mahant and says I brought this as remorse. She places it in the temple. She does all the decorations and does pooja with pandit. Naina says will God forgive me this way? Mai says she sure will. You are doing this with pure heart. Badki says you finally

believe in God didi. She hugs her.

Naina says to women can I ask somethings? Has it always been this way? That a girl will be sent to asylum? Women says we heart years ago girl is drowned in water. THakur’s dad stopped the ritual. then Thakur came and decided girls will be sent to asylum. Naian says you ever saw that asylum? Who knows if thats there? Krishna says we never saw God as well but believe in him. Naina says to women you ever saw a photo? Krishna says this is village. Naina says or someone talked about it? Krishan says no one comes back from there. Naina says shut up.
He says to Naina you are fooling them all? THis was my idea. she says what you want? He says I want your help. My phone is not working. I could only ask you here. She says why should I help you? Karishna says I gave you free idea. She says it needs update and so does your village.

Scene 2
Badki sees a text on Thakur’s phone. She can’t read it. Its Kajri’s and she is begging for help. He comes and takes the phone from her. Badki says I was just seeing if it broke. He leaves.
Thakur says to mahant you are fool. Where did Kajri text from? Our girls can’t type in english. The thug says no Kajri knew. THakur says we have to stop them from being educated.

Naina is educating the kids. Chutki says teach us to use phone.
The pooja preps are going. Naina says can I help too? Badki comes there. Its the doli being prepared for her. Mai says Kajri’s mom sent this chunri for you.
Badki wears it like a bride. Everyone dances on songs ad celebrate. Naina serves juices to everyone. Badki can’t drink because there is mehndi in her hands. Nina makes her drink.
Suddenly juice spills on Badki’s mehndi.. The woman says this is not right.

Precap-Mahant says on call you will get money as soon as you do the work. Chubs overhears his. She breaks a vase by mistake.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. it is such a co incidence that chulbuli cannot see my foot they just love to prolong these serials i wanted her to see pavitra and the expression on her face when she sees her but nooo they got to prolong it

  2. I think naina will disguise n go as badki tho the river

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