Kaala Teeka 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Naina tells kali she saw a cat and she followed it. Kali says then? Kali says in heart there was no cat in the house. Kali says why did you stop devri uncle? Naina says because he is my uncle I like him. He is papa’s brother. If anyone loves Pavitra I like it. So if we love papa’s brother papa will like it.
Manjiri says what does he want? He took naina but he brought her back here? What did he do? Kali says that’s what we have to find out. Manjiri says we take him somewhere adn see how naina behaves in his absence.

Kali says to naina and Pavitra have breakfast. Kali says dadi are you donating? Leela says its important. Leela says you have to pack all this. Kali packs stuff. Devri says in heart naina saves pavitra last time. no one will save her

this time. Manjiri convinces him to go to lake.
The water itself pours and naian says mama my feet burned. Kali runs towards her. Devri says in heart why Naina’s feet burned instead of pavitra.
Kali takes naian to room. devri stops the car and says I have to check the engine.

Devri says how is this possible. how did naina get burned. his Shadows laughs at him.

Manjiri and kali tell prohit that Devri is back. Prohit says he is calling out for naina. and he wants to make Naina part of this mission. He wants her to be devil’s follower and that is why he filled his blood in naina. you thought he died but he didn’t.

Scene 2
Next morning, Leela asks whom are you waiting for? Kali says I was waiting for you. We have to go to temple for pooja.
Manjiri is driving with devri. She says in heart i have to take him away. He says you look worried? manjiri says just thinking about the social problems. Manjiri says look there. There are some thugs. Devri says let me go and check.
Everyone else is doing pooja. Devri says to the men don’t do this. The men beat devri a little. Devri holds his head he says my powers are weakening. Someone is doing something against me. He says manjiri ji I wanna go home I forgot something. Manjieir takes him to the car. Manjiri says we cant go home. I am matadesh. I have responsibilites. We will find another way out. Kali is doing pooja.
Manjiri drives. Manjiri says in heart the pooja has started working on him. Devri says i need water.
Manjiri stops near a shop and says I will bring it. manjiri goes out to buy water. Devri takes the car. Manjiri runs after it but she can’t. Manjiri says I need to inform Kali. kali is busy in pooja she doesn’t check her phone.
Manjiri calls Yug. No one picks up. Manjiri says I think devri knows.

Precap-Devri does his tap, winds start blowing. Manjiri falls. Devri’s horse comes running. Manjiri sees it. He goes towards naina and tries to hit her. Naina screams.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Story Kai se bi ho,bacche tho bahuth koobsoorath hai,naina is more beautiful than pavitra.naina is looking like yug

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